#AWTR – Manjusagi sofvi – Jam Jelly Donut one off (from the Soft Vinyl Sydney Series of 3 One Offs) – by ‘Tovi’

  • Produced By = ‘Tovi’ (Australia)
  • Figure Name = Manjusagi
  • Custom By = ‘Tovi’
  • Release Details = Manjusagi sofvi – Jam Jelly One Off (from the Soft Vinyl Sydney Donut Series of 3 One Offs)
  • Material = Sofubi (made in Japan soft vinyl)
  • Country of Production = Japan w/custom work done in Australia
  • Height = 3cm
  • Length = 5cm
  • Width = 3cm
  • No of Parts = 1
  • Other = Comes packed in cardboard box
  • Released = January 2017 at the ‘Soft Vinyl Sydney’ show
  • Sculpt Debut = 2014
  • Release Price = $ AU 40–
  • Genre = Sofvi

Read the full review and pics after the jump…

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Art Talk – TJ Norris of ‘Go Figure News’

‘Go Figure News’ is an art site focusing on art toys of all types. The site was founded in 2014 by American artist, theorist and curator TJ Norris. It hosts news, articles and thought pieces on everything art toy related – well worth bookmarking.

(Picture below of ‘GFN’ head honcho – Mr TJ Norris)

Well, as art toys are on the rise once again in general pop culture we felt it would be a good idea to have a chat with TJ about toys, life, art and ‘Go Figure News’ – read all about it in the Art Talk, below…

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Art Talk – Gabriel + Rachel from ‘Soft Vinyl Sydney’

The Soft Vinyl Sydney exhibition is the groundbreaking soft vinyl art toy show happening this weekend in Sydney, Australia. SVS is happening from the 21st and 22nd of January at the ‘Lord Gladstone’ pub in Sydney. Featuring over 30 artists from all over the world taking part. It will be a glorious sight to see. Weird monsters of all imaginable shapes, sizes forms and colors.

And… for the uninitiated soft vinyl is a subset of the general art toy scene. With the artists working in it making their own toys, doing customs of existing ones – or both. Sculptural pop art – to find out more about art toys and sofubi, check out the ‘Art Whore’ piece from last year: What Exactly Are Art Toys And How Can We Critique Them?.

So, with the SVS show happening in less than a week now is the perfect time to find out all about it, from the people involved, by reading the Art Talk interview, below…

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What Exactly Are Art Toys And How Can We Critique Them?

Ok guys. So we have decided it was time to start writing some critical articles about art toys. Opinion pieces, reviews and the like. Art toys are dear to us at ‘Art Whore’ – being the very reason the site was established back in 2012 when we interviewed resin slinger Peter of ‘Killer Bootlegs’ fame.

We established ‘Art Whore’ as there was nothing around back then that was online and free to access which provided interviews or further knowledge about the developing resin toy scene, and the greater art toy scene in general. So we started interviewing the artists involved. But just interviewing. Apart from a few guest reviews by Ms. Ramsey and Mr. Kevin Malone we have been reluctant to get critical… We just didn’t feel we knew enough. Had the knowledge.

However, we now feel a similar gap currently exists with regards to critically evaluating art toys – and we are willing to get involved. Yes there are news sites noting new releases, yes there are unboxing videos, yes there are podcasts and yes there are some critical pieces out there – see a list of links to relevant sites at the end of this piece. However most of the currently available media is just lust or hate for a particular piece – with little to no critical commentary.

Now, with that said, so as to not just arbitrarily start blasting our opinions – we felt it was best to start with a general FAQ explaining what we feel art toys are and how we will go about critiquing them.

Read it all, below…

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Art Talk – Paul Schiola of ‘Sputnik Supplies’

Sputnik Supplies - Statue 001

Paul Schiola of ‘Sputnik Supplies’ is an American artist, sculptor and designer toy maker currently bringing innovation to the scene through his DIY Made In USA designer toys.

Paul’s approach to art and life is simple stating that he would most like to be remembered for:

Being a nice person and for making some cool fun toys.

(Picture below of Paul hard at work making his toys)

paul studio 2015

With many figures already behind him, and a growing online presence, now is the perfect time to get to know Paul and his creations, by reading the ‘Art Talk’ below…

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Art Talk – Cory Privitera of ‘Science Patrol’

Science Patrol - Toy Gang - 001


Cory P. of Science Patrol is an American born ‘gajin’ living and working in Japan producing sofubi designer toys, both independently and also as an apprentice.

Cory spent his formative years in the army, then in his early 30’s made the life changing decision to move to Japan to pursue his love for their art, culture and importantly toy scene, full time.

(Picture of the ‘Science Patrol’ logo)

Science Patrol - Logo - 002

With a fast growing reputation and a new figure ready to be released, now is the perfect time to get to know Cory and his work, by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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Art Talk – Jun of ‘Kearjun’


Jun and ‘Kearjun’ are part of the growing underground art scene in China, recently releasing the Youzha soft vinyl figure to much acclaim.

The Youzha figure is designed and sculpted by Jun in loving tribute to both one of his favorite films (‘Zombi 2’), and breakfast foods (the Chinese fried bread dish known as ‘Youtiao’). Interestingly, Jun chose to have his figure produced in China, as opposed to the usual place of manufacture for soft vinyl toys, Japan. A bold move by Jun which will hopefully solidify China as a reputable place for artists to get work produced, as opposed to the sweat-shop style factories it is famous for.

(Picture below of the Youzha soft vinyl figure by Kearjun)

KEARJUN - Youzha vinyl - 005

Jun’s artistic vision is a mix of pop art and surrealism, stating that, for him,

I believe everything can be art, even my breath at this moment if I’m willing to.

With his Youzha vinyl figure ready to debut in painted mass market form, and lots of other figures and art planned, now is the perfect time to get to know Jun aka Kearjun by reading the Art Talk interview below…

*N.B – the Art Talk with Jun was graciously translated by Jun’s dear friend Gabrielle*

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Art Talk – Adam Pratt aka ‘Small Angry Monster’

SAM - Logo

Mr. Adam Pratt aka ‘Small Angry Monster’ is an American multidisciplinary artist known mainly for his work as the designer toy scene’s go-to painter and custom guy. Originally releasing figures under the ‘Halfbad Toyz’ brand – along with Ahren aka ‘Improbable Cast’ and Alex in 2009, Adam’s reputation has grown exponentially since then and seen him work with an impressive roster of artists and groups such as: ‘Goodleg Toys’, ‘Tenacious Toys’, ‘Forces of Dorkness’, Tim Stephson, ‘Argonaut Resin’, ‘Pickman’s Vinyls’, ‘Miscreation Toys’ and countless others.

Adam has a simple and poignant reason for his art:

“Art is escape for me, it is a way to channel all the howling ghosts in my head in a constructive way. I have fought depression my whole life, and mental illness is no fucking joke.

I think without art to be able to focus me, the world would have crushed me a long time ago.

The truth, to me, is the world and all of it’s unforgiving harshness. It is good to become aware of it and become used to it, but we need to be able to deal with it in our own way.

Some people shoot heroin, some people play video games. I paint monsters and robots.”

(Picture below of an Gergle figure by ‘Miscreation Toys‘ – painted by Adam)

SAM x Miscreation Toys - Painted Staple Baby 001

With a ever increasing reputation and many many projects in the works, now is the perfect time to get to know Adam Pratt aka ‘Small Angry Monster’ by reading the open, honest and very very informative Art Talk, below…

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Art Talk – Zac of ‘Selfish Little’

Selfish Little - Square Logo

Zac of ‘Selfish Little’ is an American multidisciplinary artist who has gained global attention thanks to his pop art and sculptural work.

(Picture below of the Mr Canker resin by ‘Selfish Little’)

Selfish Little - Mr Canker 001

Zac joined the resin scene recently thanks to discovering the work of Art Whore Approved artist, Mike Marinello of ‘Blurble‘, an initial discovery that promptly led to a collaborative figure called Muckster.

Since then, Zac has continued to collaborate extensively with ‘Blurble’ (with Zac telling us they have a sofubi figure in the works) and importantly branch out into his own, self directed creations.

With lots in the works, now is the perfect time to get to know Zac, by reading the Art Talk interview, below…

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Art Talk – Adam Taylor of ‘Slave x One’

SlavexOne - T Shirt Design - 2010 - 002

Adam Taylor is an American artist best known for his work as one half of art group ‘Slave x One’.

‘Slave x One’ began in late 2007 and have been steadily releasing designs, resin sculptures, apparel and toys ever since.

‘Gero’, the debut vinyl from ‘Slave x One’ has generated an immense amount of praise in the scene. With fans and artists alike being drawn to it’s shape, texture and personality.

(Picture below of the Gero vinyl figure – Spectreman edition – by ‘Slave x One’)

SlavexOne - Gero - 001

With new vinyl and art in the works, and many collaborations on the way, now is the perfect opportunity to get to know Adam and ‘Slave x One’ by reading the Art Talk below…

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