Art Talk – Brooke Krumbeck aka ‘BK DIECI’

Brooke Krumbeck aka ‘BK DIECI’ is an Australian artist creating ethereal colourful works – dreamy landscapes populated with strange monsters, plants, trees and nude human like creatures called Tittafants .

Her work hints at Australian classics such as James Gleeson (see the use of nudes in a psychedelic / surreal landscape), Norman Lindsay (see the use of simple effective lines) and May Gibbs (see the love for the Australian bush and incorporation of strange wonderful creatures) – all filtered through BK’s unique artistic vision.

(Picture below of BK getting her art on)

With BK currently making major waves in the Sydney scene, now is the perfect time to get to know her by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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Art Talk – Ayla Whitney aka ‘Ayla The Caveman’


Ayla Whitney aka ‘Ayla the Caveman’ is an Australian born and based artist creating hyper colored art for the inner weirdo in all of us. She had her debut solo show back in 2015 and has been working on her art at a furious pace ever since – creating paintings, murals, prints, illustration and apparel. With all her work imbued with Ayla’s unique eye.

We stumbled upon her work when out wandering the streets of Redfern, Sydney recently… Popping out from a side alley was a huge hyper colored mural featuring a skull and a rainbow. It was classic, yet somehow different – a digital version is featured above. Just like Ayla.


With Ayla quickly building some major buzz, now is the time to get to know her, by reading the Art Talk interview, below…

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Art Talk – J BUX

We first discovered the work of J Bux when out exploring an abandoned school on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. In a place filled with your usual male rage vandal destruction – broken glass, shitty tags and the occasional pretty good throw up – J Bux’s work jumped out. All pop culture, cartoons and girl gang attitude. Her work was everywhere! And we rushed around the place looking for it all. Our favorite being a mural of a smoking home made plastic bottle bong accompanied with the words “billies over willies.” It was and is a perfect image.

(Picture below of J Bux’s weed over dicks work – featuring that classic Australian home made bong)


With work that references animals, marijuana and both American and Australian pop culture – ‘The Simpsons’, ‘King of the Hill’, ‘Blinky Bill’, ‘Ciggy Butt Brain’ to name a few. J Bux can readily be compared to fellow Australian LUSH. But were LUSH is all cynicism, politics and the male gaze, J Bux brings a sense of fun, femininity and sass – A unique vision from a unique artist.

With J relatively new to the art game, now is the perfect time to get to know her, by reading the Art Talk, below…

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Art Talk – Brad Lonergan aka MONS aka LON

Brad Lonergan - Art 002

Brad Lonergan aka ‘MONS’ aka ‘LON’ is an Australian artist, tattooist, designer, writer and model making enthusiast. Brad is exactly the sort of artist that ‘Art Whore’ loves – he can work in any medium, in any style. With his signature look mixing hip hop flow, outsider art attitude and Australian soul. Work that evokes Big Daddy Roth as much as Norman Lindsay and classic era graffiti.

It is obvious when looking at his creations that Brad has devoted his entire soul and being to creation, becoming a veritable artistic workhouse as a result.

Refreshingly, when asked why he decided to pursue art as a lifetime endeavour, Brad doesn’t mention anything except a desire to create, stating laconically that…

I always have wanted to make things, but itsa fuckload more work building submarines than it is painting pictures of them!!!!

(Picture below of Brad tattooing)

Brad Lonergan - Tattooing 001

With Brad recently returned to tattooing after a brief sabbatical, and constantly making and creating, now is the perfect time to get to know the powerhouse himself, by reading the art talk below…

*Editor’s note: Brad types like he talks, so we have left his answers unedited to preserve his patois.*

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Art Talk – PEACE aka Only Upwards aka The Man of a Thousand Names

PEACE - Blackbook - 006

There are your run of the mill writers and then there are guys like PEACE.

PEACE does it all: trains, walls, canvases, stickers… hell, he’d write on anything. In any style. In any way. At any damn time. And refreshingly, he is unashamed to both follow the usual rules of graffiti and break them as he sees fit. He will paint a train one night, then host his own art show the next. He will gain major cred through one name, then drop it and move onto another to push himself.

(Picture below of some art by PEACE)

PEACE - Art - 001

With ole PEACE constantly moving, changing and as discussed, writing; now is the perfect time to get to know the lad, by reading the Art Talk interview below… Keep reading

Art Talk – Headache Stencil artist and owner of ‘Street of the Third World’

Headache Stencil - Interview Header

Headache Stencil is a Thai born street artist and owner of apparel brand ‘Street of the Third World’.

Headache first came to Art Whore’s attention back in 2014. He was in town and working with ole YT on a mural in St Peters and we got a chatting. His energy, drive and boundless creativity being quickly evident. We have been following his blossoming career ever since.

(Picture below of some of Headache’s art in the wild)

Headache Stencil - In the Wild Stencil - 001

With Headache constantly travelling and working on his art and nascent apparel brand, now is the perfect time to get to know the man, by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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Art Talk – Amy ‘Bean’ Hanks

Amy Bean - Logo - 001

Australian artist Amy Bean first came to the attention of Art Whore thanks to the ‘Any Thing Goes‘ group show from early 2015 and has been wowing our eyes ever since.

Amy gained her initial formal art experience working as a screen printer in her late teens, and today creates vibrant works with a tongue in cheek feminine attitude – weird eyes, pastel colours, gore and lots of swears.

(Picture below of some art by Amy)

Amy Bean - Art - 013

With a recent move from Sydney to Melbourne helping Amy blossom artistically – with a new job at ‘Too Far Gone Screen Printing‘ and a co-sign by ‘Black Lake Studio‘ – now is the perfect time to get to know Amy and her art, by reading the Art Talk below…

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Art Talk – ‘Moon Lagoon’

Byron - Art 010 Version 2

‘Moon Lagoon’ is the nom de plume of a young Australian artist working with the mediums of photography, street art and fashion. Creating works with chaotic perfection, often portraying scenes of violence, nihilism, angst – and importantly, humor.

Having initially worked on paper, graffiti has been a constant love and source of release for ‘Moon Lagoon’, stating;

Riding the trains in Sydney was a pivotal moment for me, art wise. I was glued to the window watching the graffiti as we sped past, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Seeing those hundreds of tags and pieces and throw ups filling every space gave me this joy I had never felt before, the walls were just so alive with energy…

It was all just so mesmerising and raw

(Picture below of some ‘Moon Lagoon’ street art)

Byron - Street Art - 001

With ‘Moon Lagoon’ new to the scene and already creating unique works at a furious pace, now is the perfect time to get to know them by reading the ‘Art Talk’ below…

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Shop Talk – Brandon of ‘Trippy Pins’

Trippy Pins - Logo - By GimJob69

Patches and pins are 2 classes of pop culture ephemera that have recently exploded in popularity. Cheap, quick to manufacture and with a multiplicity of uses; pins and patches have come to dominate the commercial side of the DIY weirdo art scene lately.

‘Trippy Pins’ – run by Brandon Cohen outta NYC in the USA – is one of the companies at the forefront of this trend, producing high end, limited edition pins, patches and other accessories that have been embraced by weirdos and art fans world wide.

(Picture below of some ‘Trippy Pins’)

Trippy Pins - Pins - 002

Brandon is a man with a long history of hustling – probably the most important ingredient of any successful entrepreneur – commenting in his Shop Talk how,

“I remember going away to summer camp and soda being banned…

I took it upon myself to have my parents to take me to the local off campus convenience store on visiting day to load up on black market soda and unload them to my fellow campers for a hefty profit.”

With ‘Trippy Pins’ having already worked with Art Whore Approved artists like Russell Taysom, Phetus and Grim Job 69; and much in the pipeline, now is the perfect time to get to know Brandon and ‘Trippy Pins’, by reading the Shop Talk, below:

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Art Talk – Gumilar Lukisani a.k.a GINDRING WASTE

Gindring Waste - Painting - 003

Gumilar Lukisani a.k.a GINDRING WASTE  is part of the tight-night contemporary Indonesian pop art scene – including fellow ‘Art Whore’ Approved artists Yahya Dwi Kurniawan aka ‘Yahyatune’, Erick Mahendra aka Harian HarimauChris Tianto, Reza Ray aka @rezarayfajarIcan Harem and Jeritan Rakyat. This scene involves players who are more than your standard artist, being clothing designers, photographers, musicians and general all round multi faceted creatives.

Gumilar is part of this trend, working in paste ups, painting, street art and also digital media – creating works at a furious pace. His crystal skull face creations being an integral part of the current Indonesian street psyche.

(Pictures below of Gumilar with fellow Art Whore Approved Indonesian artists – Roy Adhitya + Yahya Dwi Kurniawan)

Gindring Waste + Roy Adhitya + Yahya Dwi Kurniawan

Gindring Waste + Roy Adhitya + Yahya Dwi Kurniawan 002

With the Indonesian scene currently blowing up, and Gumilar being an integral part, now is the perfect time to get that knowledge by reading his Art Talk below…

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