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Art Talk – Brad Lonergan aka MONS aka LON

Brad Lonergan - Art 002

Brad Lonergan aka ‘MONS’ aka ‘LON’ is an Australian artist, tattooist, designer, writer and model making enthusiast. Brad is exactly the sort of artist that ‘Art Whore’ loves – he can work in any medium, in any style. With his signature look mixing hip hop flow, outsider art attitude and Australian soul. Work that evokes Big Daddy Roth as much as Norman Lindsay and classic era graffiti.

It is obvious when looking at his creations that Brad has devoted his entire soul and being to creation, becoming a veritable artistic workhouse as a result.

Refreshingly, when asked why he decided to pursue art as a lifetime endeavour, Brad doesn’t mention anything except a desire to create, stating laconically that…

I always have wanted to make things, but itsa fuckload more work building submarines than it is painting pictures of them!!!!

(Picture below of Brad tattooing)

Brad Lonergan - Tattooing 001

With Brad recently returned to tattooing after a brief sabbatical, and constantly making and creating, now is the perfect time to get to know the powerhouse himself, by reading the art talk below…

*Editor’s note: Brad types like he talks, so we have left his answers unedited to preserve his patois.*

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

Brad Lon……

City, State n Country you’re from?

Sydney, Australia

City, State n Country were you currently reside?

Geelong, Victoria

(Pictures of some graffiti by Brad below)

Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 005


Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 006

Describe a memory from some stages of yr life ….basically trying to piece together your pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, girls, school, crime… ANYTHING man.

* age 5 to 10 – beginnings n continuations:

I don’t remember much frm when I were very young, best bit was visiting my Pop in Sydney, he used to make-up the greatest stories about his real & imaginary mates.
Grow’n up I was pretty normal, played soccer, loved fuck’n around….(still do!)….things changed going to high school, where I found out about “cool things” like music & stuff…..
Otherwise school were a total waste of time, I attended less & less the more I worked out how to.

(Picture below of Brad as a kid)


* age 15 – getting serious:

Left s’cool & started a fitting machining apprenticeship & wasted alllllllll my money & time on stoopit cars 1st was an HT Monaro…..i was totally hopeless with gerls, so I figures if I had a saucy car…..y’know……pffft, another dumb idea…..
By the end of my teens cars & chicks had busted my pooor lil heart…….awww….i started playing w’th drugs & th naughty boys…….& got in a bit of the trouble, was really the best thing for me……..i got “straightened-out”!!!!!!

(Pic of Brad in his younger days)


* age 20 to 35 – young adult, some meandering n adult continuations:

I moved down to Sydney from the Central Coast to attend a Graphic Design Course suggested to me by my cool auntie. A year before I had no idea what a “graphic design” was….best thing I found out was that young ladies like artistical types (even if they’re gronky)….tops!!!
I loved learning how to do commercial art properly, I worked at a t-shrt place fer a few years doing crappy arsetraliana stuff…
Did some illustrating work for games mags, that was awesome, they loved th violence (& bigg boobs)..
I started tattooing at home at 25……been doing that since then really…… im “old”………..

(A recent pic of Brad below)

Brad Lonergan - Pic of Brad 002

Personal motto?

“Only 2Pac can Judge Me”

Favorite band(s)?

SOOOOOOOO many, im a scatterbrain so it changes regularly, lately Voi Vod, Electric Wizard & Slayer (of course)…

Favorite TV show(s)?

That one where a buch of priveliged yuppie types sit around talking shit……….haaa, nah T.V.SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
I do like watching them show serieses though…….& The Thunderbirds is thee greatest!!!!!

(Pictures below of some art by Brad)

Brad Lonergan - Pen and Ink 002

Brad Lonergan - Art 001

Brad Lonergan - Pen and Ink 001

Favorite sport(s) + teams?

I “go for” th Magpies!!!!!!

Favorite movie(s)?

Return of the Living Dead, Mars Attacks & now Pacific Rim. + about 500 others!!!!

Favorite books and comics?

Anger is an Energy by John Lydon, Lobotomy Dee Dee Ramone, Neuromancer William Gibson & many many more……..
Mad Magazine & 2000ad were my faves, I mostly like the art in comics, but I find a lot of the stories bleeccchhh, especially stuperheroid shit……

Art + Graffiti Questions

Favorite other artists and why?

So many again, Mucha, Robt Williams, Mobius, Ralph Bakshi, Glen Barr………lots!!!!!!

Worst aspect of the art hustle?

Is that I am totally useless at any kind of “hustling”…………& getting rorted!!!!!

Best aspect of the art hustle?

Ladies!!………..well it used to be, now its about doing whatever I like to…….best thing about tattooing is people!!!!

(Pictures below of some graffiti by Brad)

Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 008

Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 004

Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 002

Do you consider your work as ‘art’, ‘design’, vandalism, re-hashed crap?

Ahhhhh……..tattooing is design & craft id say…
Painting is more like “art”, it is self expression I figure, I like to do what I like to do with it.
I occasionally cop a commission, not often though.
I do hope my “art” is seen as being as original as I think it is!!!

In the graffiti scene there is a friction between what seems to be a desire for recognition – namely placing stickers and art all over public spaces – and a reluctance to be interviewed, set up an online presence and all of those other ‘normal’ art hustle things… 

…Care to explain and elaborate this for those at home?

Well if you do take it seriously & get out there & get up, it is still illegal.
Not my kinda thing, but good on ‘em, I looove seeing it!!!

Describe the method of making and materials used for a ‘MONS’ work? (dot point all o.k.)

A lot of the time I have drawn something 10 times before I paint, then sometimes I show up half drunk & wing it!!!
With smaller paintings i draw lots, get it right then execute it!!!!
I like to “have a go” with any medium & any “style” (I have none).

(Pictures below of a bus Brad painted at ‘Casula Powerhouse‘, showing Brad’s progress)



When and why did you first start making art?

When I learned ladies liked it!!!!
I always have wanted to make things, but itsa fuckload more work building submarines than it is painting pictures of them!!!!

Any pivotal artistic moment/influence?

Record Covers & T-Shirt art…….& panel van murals!!!!

What are the best and worst parts of living and being an artist in Australia?

I like living here, seems we have a pretty ace lifestyles here…..& I wouldn’t know any different anyway….

What are your thoughts on the general Australian scene today?

There seems to be more & more really good artists doing amazing stuff!!!……
I really don’t know much about “scenes”……im a bit’ve a hermit really.

What does an average day out getting up involve for you?

I never really did it much at all, I liked the adventures into shitty places the most.

How, in your opinion, has the rise of platforms such as Instagram impacted the life of a street artist, and the scene in general?

I LOOOOVE the social medias!!!!

What do you think the general public’s perception of graffiti is and why?

I think a lot more people see really good art instead of scribbles on colorbond.

Back in the Day Questions

Please describe the sights, sounds, smells etc of the late 1990’s n early 2000 graffiti scene in Australia.

Again, I was never heeeaps involved, but I recall fondly fun with mates, proper good drugs, mad raves, chases, tomfoolery & shenanigans aplenty!!!!!

What did an average day out getting up involve in those pivotal times?

Long necks & cones & GO!!!!

(Pictures below of some graffiti by Brad)

Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 003

Brad Lonergan - Graffiti 001


I know that back in the day there were major limitations placed on writers due to available tools (spray paint colors, nozzel limitations, having to hussle shoe repair places for paint etc) in the early days – please explain these limitations, and how they were dealt with.

Yeah was a thrill finding paint that worked well, its sooo good now!!!!!

Worst memory from back in the day?

My worst mems are always of some shit thing I did or another…..

Best memory from back in the day?

Best………..nah dunno……

Funniest memory from back in the day?

I think toooo many things are funny.

Tattoo Questions

Worst tattoo customer ever and why?

Nah, all my customers are loverly!!!!

What are your top 5 personal tattoos and why?

Skulls, skulls with flames & knives in their eyes, stupid cartoon anythings, oriental dragons & eagles!!!!

(Pictures below of some tattoos by Brad)



Thoughts on the rise of facial tattoos?

I certainly don’t want my face tattood, mum would kill me……….
Mums oughtta be tufferr these days….

What are your favourite tattoo machines to work with and why?

My favorite machines are made by Rolf Kauffmann @steeldemon….

(Picture below showing some of Brad’s favorite tattoo machines)


Thoughts on the rise of home tattooing?

Y’gotta start somewhere!!!!!!

Thoughts on the recent laws in Australia and also internationally that are bringing a level of beurocratic oversight and regulation previously unknown to tattoing?

They SUCK!!!!!……
I don’t like laws & rules & shit much,,,, s’pose we have-to have them……..

Odds n Ends

What role did toys play in your childhood?

Always loved ‘em & still do!!!!
I’ve always been fascinated by train sets & dioramas, I still love making model kits……..

Who was your 1st crush and why?

Belinda Holscamp, she showed me how to tie my shoes….

(Pictures below of some art by Brad)

Brad Lonergan - Sketch 002

Brad Lonergan - Sketch 001

Does sex change everything?


Please describe your latest dream in detail…

Cant remember any……..they tend to be pretty boring……I used to dream about dying a lot………glad that’s gone…….

Have you ever tried psychedelics of any sort? And what was the experience like?

Yes please!!!!………haaa,,,,, sometimes theee most amazing times & sometimes th worst………

(Pictures below of some tattoos by Brad)

Brad Lonergan - Tattoo 003



What does ‘lad’ culture mean to you and why?

Nothing really………I grew up in the country so I never realy understood th subculture business.
Why would anyone want to fit themselves into a mould?????
I find most people too involved in that type of thing to be narrow-minded snobs.

Please describe what you think the Australian Psyche/Zeitgeist is today?

Hmmmmmmnnnn……..(had to look up “zeitgeist”)….ahhh dunno, my psyche aint the greatest so its probably not fair for me to say, I don’t feel much in common with much of society…..

Which 1990’s era cartoon, would you most like to see in a tribute sex toy, and why? 
(Please sketch a prototype as well.)

“90”s cartoons were awful…….im old y’know, we had cartoons that were “funny”……
Inspector Gadget would be a ripper I s’pose..

(Picture below of Brad’s tribute ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Mojo Jojo sex toy)


Who would win in a fight and why: an tatted up Australian bogan on his way home from the pub Vs. A rowdy lad with backpack full of cans? 
(Please draw the battle in all it’s violent beauty!)

Ahhhh greif, I don’t know………so long as they leave me the fuck alone, I don’t care!!!!

(Picture below of the epic battle)


The Future

Any collaborations in the works?

I’d love to paint with some lad’s down here, anywhere.
Hopefully ill get back up Syd’ soon & have a squirt with me mates up there…

Any major projects you want to hype man?

Nothing specific, I do want to try to do an exhibition of new paintings down here sometime……I have a gazillion projects in my mind……..we’ll seeee……………..


Brad Lonergan - Tattoo 008

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