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Art Talk – Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ aka ‘WSTD TLNT’


Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ aka ‘WSTD TLNT’ is an American creative machine. A man known to the art world thanks to his sculptural works, most famously his varied collection of marijuana inspired works.

Neil, however, is no mere sculptor. He is a musician, chef, collaborator and all round art powerhouse. Constantly pushing himself and others he works with to achieve a new high with each release.

(Picture below of some Marijuana Medallions by ‘Wasted Talent’)

Nasty Neil - Wasted Talent Marijuana Medallion 002

With a recent move back to his home state of New York after spending 6 months in Oregon, and with a big 2014 ahead, now is a great time to get to know Nasty Neil and ‘Wasted Talent’ by reading the Art Talk interview below…

Basics/Getting to KnowName ?

Nasty Neil.

City, State n Country you’re Repping?

I’m like 45 minutes from NYC… shits wack. I don’t rep shit.

(Picture below of Neil and some of his creations)

Nasty Neil - Nast Neil and Toy Art

Describe – a memory from three stages of yr life ….basically trying to piece together Mr. Nasty Neil’s pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, women, school, college… ANYTHING man.

* age 10 – pre pubes:

I lived in the Bronx.
I was like the only white kid in my school.
I was always in trouble for some dumb shit.
I didn’t have many friends, so I grew to love animals, comic books, transformers, drawing, sculpting clay, painting, etc. I always had a natural love for cool clothes, sneakers, video music box and mtv.
I was obsessed with graffiti, obsessed with girls with big tits, lol, I would like to think I was pretty much like every other nerd around that age…

(Picture below of Neil as a child)


* age 15 – pube rage:

I moved upstate. I made friends. I was partying like I was 30, getting girls every day of the week,
I neglected all my art talents. I didn’t do shit but party, get girls, have fun and get money by selling weed.
I still enjoyed things like animals, nature, comics, drawing, graff, etc in my spare time, but I didn’t create anything myself. Like maybe I’d draw something when I was bored or when a friend asked me to draw something.
I really didn’t even take my artistic ability that serious, even though my high school wanted me to do an art solo show just for me, I couldn’t even grasp that I actually had skill like that, ya know?
My mind was so focused on getting fucked up and getting laid that, that shit was like corny to me.
I just did art for fun.
I could of probably even gotten a scholarship for it, but I just didn’t give a fuck. I mean, I always had it in my mind I wanted to be a clothing designer, but at that age, not knowing shit or anybody in that scene, it was kind of unfathomable to actually think one day I could actually become one and actually use my sculpting and artistic abilities to make money, but I forever had it in the back of my mind.
I used to even carry a book around and draw designs and jot down ideas for jeans, but all in all, I was doing real hardcore kid shit for a 15 year old kid.
If I knew what I knew now back then, my situation right now would be way different.

* age 20 – acceptance of pubes:

After years of repetitive and very noticeable negativity that surrounded me, I started getting bored with partying everyday, watching all my friends turn into animals over drugs, realizing pretty much everything was headed nowhere and it stopped being fun.
It was the same ol’ shit every single day.
I was losing a lot of friends over drugs which made me think back to my dream of being a designer and came to the realization it would never remotely come true sitting around, so I got focused and stayed home a lot more and started getting back into my art and even if I went out, I brought my art with me, (I still do that to this day) I just tried spending every dull moment I can creating and trying to fulfill a dream I had prior to this amateur rock star lifestyle I was living.

(Picture below of Neil live painting)

Nasty Neil - painting titties

Personal motto/quote?


Favorite band(s)?

I love hip hop!
Ironically I love rap with the ignorant lyrics and 808’s the most! I never used to, I used to hate dumb shit, but seriously, the more ignorant it is, the more I’ll like it, plus the beats are so much better. I’m not one of them stuck in the 90’s type of people.
I know real hip hop heads will think I suck for that, but it is what it is, but I do love all types of music. Literally everything! I wont even front, there’s even funky ass country songs I like.
My favorite “band” though, is Deftones. People judge me by the way I dress and wouldn’t even think I would listen to heavy metal.
When it comes to music, I’m more eclectic than you’d think.

Favorite TV show(s)?

I usually have the tv on just for background noise, but I find myself watching lots of cooking shows though.
Over the past few years I been taking my knowledge of cooking very seriously. I’m such a foodie. Plus if all else fails, I can fall back on being a chef.
I watch a lot of documentaries too.
I’d consider myself eclectic with television too. I watch it all.
I always give something a chance. If I don’t like it, there’s a 1000 more channels.

(Picture below of a t shirt by ‘Wasted Talent’)


Favorite sport(s) + teams?

I don’t watch sports, but I’m from New York, so Giants, Yankees, Mets. I don’t really give a fuck who wins or loses though.
Trust me when I say I ain’t losing sleep over it.
I feel like a weirdo sometimes cause of it, lol, I just don’t get that rise from watching sports like some fanatics do.
Like, I can never in my life scream at the television over a bad play or when a team scores a point. That shit is crazy to me.

Favorite movie(s)?

I like ’em all. I love comedies, action, Sci Fi, documentaries, classics, foreign movies with subtitles, I watch everything.
In some weird way, I feel like I’m living a movie.

Favorite books and comics?

I always loved anything by Sam Keith and Todd McFarlane, just their drawing skills alone drew me to those comics.
The Maxx was so awesome! My love for graffiti and monsters drew me to that comic, cause it was like the perfect mesh of realistically exaggerated drawings of weird characters.
I also love anything Aliens/Predator. Those are like the top 2 best characters ever created! I even have every Todd McFarlane Alien/Predator toy.
Back to books though… I like anything about animals, graffiti mags, I dunno, pretty much anything to attain knowledge or is pleasing to the eye.
I don’t fuck with novels and shit though. I can’t imagine myself reading a pictureless book of a fictional story and being able to keep interest; that shit is beyond boring to me. I’d rather watch the movie.

Specifics on Art

Do you consider what you are making to be ‘art’, ‘design’, re-hashed crap?

Yeah, I definitely think it’s art and design.
I don’t think its rehashed crap, caus even if I do a flip on something iconic, I’m usually the first to do it or to do it the best. That’s my opinion at least.
I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I wanna do, so putting me in a genre is pretty much up to the consumer. I don’t really care what they label my work as, I just care about creating cool shit.
When and why did you first start making ‘art’ (toys, drawings, paintings, anything)?
Well like I said earlier, I got bored of the party life and snapped out that cloud of negativity and got focused on pursuing my dream. This was back in like 2006, when myspace was relevant. I would always see my favorite artists with these toys with their signature style on them and I wanted to create one of those characters too, after contacting numerous artists, who most didn’t even respond, but some took the time to tell me what they were and what they used on to paint them, which ended up being Dunnys by Kidrobot.
I ended up getting a Munny and making a custom of the rapper “Paul Wall”.
Now picture this, me pretty much partying my life away, I make it a point in my life to strive for better and more positive lifestyle, but all I know is partying and bitches, but I went ahead and invested a few g’s into starting my own clothing company called “Wasted Talent”.
So now I’m in the process of making my first 2 shirts ever for my company and in the midst of that, I create this one of a kind Paul Wall Munny which I spent days posting up on about 1000+ myspace pages, knowing that for every one page I post it on, at least 10 other people will see it, not really thinking anything would actually come of it, but why the fuck not try? Ya know? I had 28,000+ friends on myspace to gamble with. Fuck if people think you spamming them or what not, what do I got to a lose?
My life was filled with negativity and all I wanted was positivity and success in my life. I wanted to succeed and without no training or anybody helping me, I had to find a way to do what I want to do in life. I had to try and reach people anyway I could.
So then after all 1000 myspace comments were sent out, not long after, rapper “Chingo Bling” hit me up who happened to be searching myspace for somebody to do custom Nikes for him with a Chili Pepper as the Nike check and he came across my Paul Wall toy and messaged me, long story short, I’m now on the phone with him and Paul Wall discussing how much I want to make more. So it’s lil’ ol’ me, party animal turned professional artist in 24 hours? LOL, I’m on the phone stuttering and shit all nervous like what the fuck did I get myself into? How am I on the phone with this multi millionaire rapper who I been watching on MTV for the past year asking ME for something? It was such a mind fuck. I had so many haters show me their true colors cause of that shit too.
Ever since then, nothing has been the same.
It opened up so many doors of opportunity for me and that was my very first custom toy I ever made. It was a very overwhelming period in my life. I couldn’t even ease myself into this life and practice my skills more, I had no choice but to just go full speed ahead.
My first 2 tattoos were a Dunny tattooed on my left hand a Munny on my right hand cause these toys literally changed my life.
Pretty cool story if I say so myself…

(Picture below of Neil’s hands and his Kid Robot tattoos)

Neil - Hand Tatts - Munny n Dunny

Why + when did you decide to go in on the art hustle?

I pretty much explained that already, but the real real reason is caus I refuse to get an average joe 9 to 5 cause I believe so much that I’m destined for this, to create and design. I’m here for just that!
I truly have a rare unique vision that I wish I could just share with the world and make a living off of that, so since I actually somewhat got my foot in the door I made it a point to stay focused on my pursuit to be the most creative person I can be.
I got that think out the box vision like Jeremy Scott.
I don’t consider my work typical at all. Like if you compare my work to other upcoming artists or clothing companies and you notice the year to year come and go trends, you’ll see I’m not following them like they do.
I try and stand in my own lane. I’m far from a cliche. It’s just something I’m really good at.
It would be a sin for me to not actually use my talents to the fullest potential.

Any formal art training? Or pivotal moment/influence?

I been sculpting since I was 4 years old. I just been an artsy person from the start.
It was just something I did when I was bored and when I was younger, I was bored a lot. So naturally, I was pretty good at it and if I enjoy something, I put my all into it and truly focus on trying to do the best I can at what it is I enjoy doing to make that experience as fulfilling and fun as can be.

Company motto?


(Picture below of a custom Munny by Neil – waring an INSA designed hoodie)

Nasty Neil - Kid Robot Munny custom toy wearing an Insa hoodie

Favorite ‘other’ artist(s)?

The graffiti artist named Peeta, that dude is on a whole other level of 3D graffiti, he literally makes his 3D graffiti in physical form.
I also like CES, dude is brilliant!
But there’s so many other artists I like, there’s just too many to name? But those are definitely my top 3 favorite artists that come to mind when I think of my favorite artists.
I been finding a lot of incredible artists through instagram, some that I wish would just partner up with me cause our styles would mesh so well and I truly appreciate their innovation and execution of their work and we can form like Voltron and become a powerful creative team for years to come.
I appreciate all artists though. I always feel like I can relate to a fellow artist more than somebody who isn’t, but at the same time, I feel sometimes, some artists are intimidated by the way I carry myself or how I speak my mind, like I’m some thugged out rude douche bag who can’t be approached or I’m too cool to speak to them or something, when in fact we probably have more in common than they could imagine.
So if you’re an artist and you see me, introduce yourself, cause I love to meet new people and I’m a genuinely cool guy.

Worst aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

Everything is pretty much a gamble, whether you invested money or time, you never even know if one person will fork up the cash to buy something from you.
Things can go wrong while creating and you might have to start all over again.
Projects getting fucked up during shipping.
Reaching as many people as you can without paying to promote.
Hoping that the people who can help get your name out there, personally take a liking to you enough that they will help you promote your work and not be a dick rider who only cosigns already “big name” artists. Like, not even me, there’s underground artists out there, that have skills that fucking blow away some of these big name artists and still they get no shine, cause their either slept on or don’t have the following the big name artists have, so they don’t wanna put their time into somebody who already doesn’t have a huge following, even though they can be the cosign that particular artist needs to put them on to gain that following they wanted prior to working with them cause their work is unmistakably fucking awesome, but like everything, it’s “politics”.
It’s just like the music scene, but with really nerdy uptight people.
That’s why I wish I had a PR, so I can skip all that nerd talk and just do work and build. That’s my forte.
Doing everything by yourself, is probably the craziest shit somebody can do, especially me caus I voice my opinions more than I probably should on social networks.
Fuck it though, if anything I ever said discredited me, at least I kept it real.

(Pictures below of some recent customs by Neil)

monster squad 2

monster squad 1

Best aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

Being surprised people actually will fork up the cash to buy something from you.
Being accepted and known in a scene with positive people who enjoy and/or create art too.
Meeting new people, doing things I never thought I’d ever do, doing things I never even knew existed, going places I’d… you get the point.
It’s just a whole different world once you cross that line from being somebody who doodled on paper in a smokey bedroom for friends to having somebody be interested in you and your creativity enough to want to interview you. It feels really good.
It’s a naturally fulfilling high and I feel like I accomplished something and I just keep looking forward to what comes next.

Toy Questions

Is the rise of ‘art’ toys an indication of the changing nature of ‘art’? OR just a bunch of nerds with too much $$$ and time?

I think its both, but art has no boundaries. There is no rule to art.
Art will keep evolving, just like music, technology and so forth.
Toys have always been around for poor and rich people though. The only thing that ain’t gonna change is the cycle of marketing.
But I think 3D pieces of art is something so superior than a 2D painting. Not trying to discredit paintings, caus a painting can totally be as mind blowing as a 3D object, but I think art toys/statues are timeless.
It’s like a painting brung to life.

Favorite toy/figure? (I’ll allow self promotion)

I love Aliens and Predator.
I have a lifesize Gremlins statue made by NECA.
I assume its my love for reptiles and innovative imagination that intrigues me to like those particular characters so much. Their just so well thought out and brilliant looking to me.
I like Guyver, Gundam, anything by Three A.
I like Munnys, Dunnys, Qee’s, Mad L’s, the cliche Kaws Companions nobody can afford.
I loved all the toys from the 80’s that I grew up with… Transformers (the metal kind),
G.I. Joes, He Man, Star Wars, Thunder Cats, etc.
Really, any designer toys that have a creative lowbrow or graffiti artist behind the design.
I also like all of my own creations caus they fit what I would find appealing. I don’t have any official production toys yet and I have so many one of a kind customs or ideas that haven’t even been brought to life yet to try and name.

(Picture below of Neil painting)

me painting

What does your wife/girl/woman/family make of the whole perpetual adolescence/Peter-Pan/man-child aspect of toy art + toy collecting?

Believe it or not, I really don’t collect that much.
Most of my collection consists of my own work or half done projects alongside of my Aliens/Predator collection and my lifesize Gremlins statue.
My addiction to buying clothes and sneakers is far more severe than my toy collecting, lol, but I do have one custom Mini Munny by the homie Nerviswrek, which will eventually grow to be a huge collection of custom Mini Munnys from some of my favorite artists from around the world once I have the money to spare for them, cause I would only want customs and as you know, customs can be pretty pricey.
If I had the money to fulfill my fashion addiction and my art addiction, trust me I would have some of the coolest shit ever!
But otherwise, I used to get jokingly made fun of by my friends for customizing toys, but in the end, they supported me caus truthfully, they know it’s dope as fuck!
My parents are my biggest supporters!
My mom used to bring my artwork to her job without asking me to show off to her coworkers, caus she was so proud of what I created. LOL, I had to kindly put a stop to it caus she wasn’t a professional “art handler” and sometimes it wouldn’t come back looking the same if you know what I mean, lol, but I ain’t mad at her, I know she just wanted to stunt on ’em!
After years of giving me shit about getting a real job, they realized the path I took fits me now. They know its what I should be doing.
Most of the people from outside of my general circle enjoy my work, but could really give a fuck less about the toy scene if it wasn’t for me or still just don’t get the whole idea of it. They care more about what lame shit happened on TMZ.
And I don’t have a girlfriend.
It’s way too hard for me to find an artsy girl who has high standard swag to match mine and will put up with me and my eclectic interests and everyday routines.
I’m fucking nuts! lol

Nasty Neil Art Questions

Describe the method of making a Nasty Neil piece? (dot point all o.k.)

– your sculpted works such as your marijuana medallions…

That’s a secret, cause I haven’t really seen anybody texturize or paint anything up like I do and I wanna keep it that way.
I have seen people try and imitate my work, especially on etsy, but aint nobody getting it to the level I have, but I’ll tell ya this, it’s tedious as fuck!!!

– your 2D work such as drawings…

It all depends on what I’m creating.
It can be multi media, from spray paint to marker to paint brush or just pencil.
I can be on my Bob Ross shit or some graffiti style shit or whatever.
It all depends on what I’m aiming to create.
It’s difficult trying to explain how I work, cause most of the time I don’t even know what the end result is gonna be til I’m done, other than knowing what type of thing I’m aiming to create, example: monster, landscape, robot, something with swag, etc.
When I draw up designs for new Wasted Talent shirts, sometimes I trace it over a 100x til I think it’s perfect enough to transfer it to the computer and vectorize it til I feel its up to par to print, which is a whole other crazy tedious project in itself. My attention to detail is crazy. The average person wouldn’t even notice shit I see even if I pointed it out
to them.

(Picture below of a sketch by Neil)

Nasty Neil - sketch

– your custom toy work…

Again, I don’t even know what the end result is gonna be til I’m done, but it depends on what I’m aiming for.
If I wanna just paint it, I primer it and do just that.
If I wanna sculpt, depending on the sculpting style of the piece I either use boiling water or a heat gun to cure my scuper sculpey. Sometimes I do both.
Every piece always feels like I’m practicing something new, cause working on a 3D object ain’t that easy. There’s a lot of before thought you put into it before you start, using your imagination and sizing it up and what not, cause once you start, that’s usually it, no turning back.
You gotta have super attention to detail.
You definitely wanna try avoiding to starting a piece over cause of a stupid mistake at one of the last steps after all that work and you don’t wanna put it out unless its up to par with your standards, even though 90% of the world can’t even draw a stick figure and would most likely be impressed anyway.
Once I’m up to the painting stage, I just pick some colors on the spot. I didn’t have an idea what I wanted to paint it before I started, I just start painting. Sometimes I’ll paint something 3 different colors before I decide to keep it that color.
I also used to not like using sculpting tools. I only use like 3 tools when I’m sculpting.
My main tool is an X-acto knife. Some tools I have are custom made from random objects I found that work better, for example the tool I made to make my texture for my Marijuana inspired art, which is a secret.

(Pictures below showing Neil’s custom process on a ‘Groper’ resin blank from Triplikid)

Nasty Neil - Trilpikid Groper Custom - Virgin Resin

Nasty Neil - Trilpikid Groper Custom - Sculpted

Nasty Neil - Trilpikid Groper Custom - Almost Finished

Nasty Neil - Trilpikid Groper Custom - Finished

What was it like working with SeriouslySillyGirl on the Moose Head Marijuana Medallion you two collaborated on?

It was pretty easy. She’s incredibly talented and hella cool.
I contacted her and gave her the run down on what I had in mind, she was cool with it, she sculpted her signature moose head, mailed it out to me unpainted, I sculpted my signature Marijuana texture on the antlers, lol, in doing so, I even forged her signature on the back of the piece so I could fit my name next to hers, I think she was pretty impressed how it came out after I told her. I mailed it back, she painted her moose head, mailed it back and I painted the weed antlers.
Throughout that we texted each other here and there to keep each other up to date.
I’m really glad I got to work with her, her work is just so fucking awesome and I think our skills meshed very well.
I would like to work with her again in the future.

(Picture below of a collab sculpt by Seriously Silly Girl and Nasty Neil)

Nasty Neil x Seriouslysillyk - moose

How did you come to develop your signature marijuana texture look?

It was actually kind of by accident.
The first time I ever used that texture I was trying to do fur lining for a jacket on 3″ Dunny. A while after that I was given 2 vinyl cupcake toys that I was gonna make into “Organic Space Cakes”, one with a nugget of weed on the head, another with a mushroom on the head (which til this day have never been finished due to my discovery).
I thought back to the time I did the fur jacket and fiddled with this lil’ piece of clay and did something similar to what I did on the jacket, but what really brings it to life is the paint job, which is numerous techniques I’ve learned over the years mashed up into a specific order.
I look back at my early pieces and I think they look like shit, my texturing has gotten noticeably better with each piece I’ve done over the past few years.
Creating the texture is some of the most tedious shit I ever done in my life! Not for nothing, I hate doing it! LOL But when I’m done, I feel a great deal of accomplishment and then I take a lil’ break and not too long after it’s right back into the tedious shit that drives me crazy again.

Nasty Neil General Questions

You have spoken to me about how 2014 is going to be a huge ass year for Nasty Neil and ‘Wasted Talent’… Care to elaborate further for those playing at home?

Well, its a lot easier envisioning it, then it actually getting everything to go as planned.
I was trying to come out with my new clothing collection for Wasted Talent, but the printing company I chose to use took almost half the year to do 300 shirts and wasn’t up to par with my standards which completely threw off my entire plan I’d been planning for almost 5 years prior.
Honestly, it made me wanna give up everything right then and there and I had other situations involving people in my life which all together literally put me in a very depressed state of mind.
I went through a really tough time this year.
It’s very frustrating when you see these companies putting out so much quality product so quickly and creating shit you don’t even know where they go to get it produced while you try and reach that level as a one man team, but over and over nothing ever goes as planned.
That wouldn’t even be the first time I wanted to give up either, but I literally had to convince myself this time how much I don’t give a fuck about failing to save whatever sanity I had left.
Like, at that point I didn’t give a fuck about nothing, even if I lived or died. I just didn’t care.
I eventually accepted the fact I might never reach the level I want and I should just treat this as a hobby, but there’s something that just keeps telling me, “you got this far by yourself, you can’t give up”.
I came into this game not knowing shit or having anybody helping me or financially backing me. It’s very frustrating, but I try not to lose faith in my vision.
It’s funny too, cause I have people telling me how envious they are of me and how well I looked like I’m doing based off my photos on instagram, but I’m like “yo, those are just highlights of captured time that look good, I’m not living like you think, I’m still what they would call a struggling artist” and they wouldn’t even believe me!?
I also moved to Oregon and realized that was a mistake and moved back 6 months later which practically made me bankrupt which put a hold on a lot of things I had planned, but I got a few collaborations with other artists involving the Marijuana Medallions, toys, and music.
I’m gonna be producing a few songs for some mixtapes.
I’m starting to work on an instrumental mixtape with my good friend Gnuskey and I’m gonna start creating a lot of pieces for my long anticipated solo show sometime next year.
I also want to start my own youtube cooking show that will revolve around me and my art, but that’s easier said then done also, being that I now gotta find someone locally who will be dedicated to my vision to film and edit my episodes.
This year has been more just hanging in there and picking up where I left off honestly. I cut a lot of people out of my life this year and I’m now focusing on being more family oriented and myself like I did in ’06 when I started taking my art career serious in the first place.
Nobody helped me get where I am today. I sacrificed way too much on the behalf of other people, so now I’m getting back into my shit and just doing me and moving more wisely.

(Picture below of a custom toy by Neil)

Nasty Neil - custom toy

What role does marijuana play in your personal and artistic life?

Believe it or not, I actually don’t smoke that much.
I think people think I’m this giant stoner who smokes like a chimney cause of my weed art and the type of people I surround myself with.
You’d be surprised how little it takes me to get stoned.
I think it’s so lame when people revolve their whole life around weed. Like, there’s so much more to life than weed.
Like, my whole twitter feed is all about people smoking weed, like yeah, yeah, we get it, you smoke weed, cool, is there anything else that you do?
You look like a fucking loser just talking about how much weed you smoke.
Shit gets boring.
It’s like them 14 year old kids being “rebels” trying to be cool and show off still. I dunno what’s cornier, them or the people on instagram who do dabs and blow the smoke into the camera.
Like, they’ll have 600+ posts of straight video clips on instagram of just that! Like, that’s actually a “thing”, where there’s a whole scene of simps blowing smoke into the camera.
I mean don’t get me wrong, I love weed and I don’t think I’ll ever quit and I totally support the legalization of it, but I don’t abuse it and have to dumb my whole life down every second of the day that I’m awake and I’m smart enough to realize posting a video up on instagram of me doing the same exact thing every single day is lame as fuck! Holy shit is that shit lame! Mutha fuckas be having the behavior of crackheads the way they smoke weed.
I have goals and sitting around smoking pot accomplishing nothing ain’t really my cup of tea, but if you ever see me out, blaze me up!
HAHA I sound like such a hypocrite now, lol, but seriously though, I’m trying to live a cleaner lifestyle now. A more “clear minded” lifestyle. I barely even drink anymore, but when I do, watch out, caus I go in!
Most people think I do nothing, but get fucked up, cause the only times I see them is when I’m ripped, but it’s just me letting loose when I go out from being home alone for so long putting in work. I don’t go out often and most of these people don’t come visit me when I’m home, so they don’t get to see the calmer side of Nasty Neil.
I enjoy being sober sometimes.
But yeah, I mostly smoke weed to get me in the zone to do work, I’m not like them people who just wanna sit around smoking pot and watching tv just to get the munchies. I immediately want to do work. I hate smoking and not being able to create something when I’m high and when I come down is when I become that cliche couch potato type and not have the motivation to do anything.
It literally has the opposite effect on me that it does for most other people.

(Picture below of Neil’s hand filled with weed)

Nasty Neil - holding weed

What are your thoughts on Morgan ‘The Sucklord’ Phillps? I ask as I know you have a collaboration in the works with him, appeared in the 2009 Super Suck Off show and you are going to appear in the next episode of Toy Lords of Chinatown directed by Morgan…

He’s an asshole, but that’s why I love him! HAHA
Nah, he’s really not though.
He’s probably one of the coolest people I have ever met in my entire life.
I appreciate people with incredible wit and sarcastic humor. I relate to that type of shit.
We have a lot in common and I admire his work ethic as he is also a one man team and the shit he creates is fucking outrageous.
He’s not scared to put out something extreme or being judged, which is a rare quality in people, especially in this toy scene where I found that a lot of these art people seem to be incredibly uptight and judgmental.
When I first contacted him a few years back to be a part of his Super Suck Off 2 Custom Show, he kind of dissed me, lol, I was like WTF? Is he serious or is he fucking with me? He made me feel like a herb, HAHAHA, but after I met him in person and brought my friends to the show, he got to know me and my quirky don’t give a fuck attitude. We became hella cool and I think we both mutually realized each others true awesomeness, even though I already knew he was fucking awesome just by seeing the recap video of his first Super Suck Off Show in LA. That’s actually the reason I hit him up. After I came across that video, I was like “oh man, this dude is incredible! I have to be a part of this!”
I didn’t even think you could be like that in this scene and still have people fuck with you.
It was so out of the ordinary.
I never seen anything like it.
You have to appreciate something like that, ya know? And out of a whole entire scene, he has his own niche that’s completely his, even if he’s bootlegging a Star Wars toy, you know that shits his! Anything hot pink, you know that shit is his!
You can see his work inspired in so many other artists and the crazy part is like, his motto is that he sucks at art, but yet he has all these people copying his steez along with an incredible following.
He even had that dude when he was on that tv show “Work Of Art”, a real art buyer who said he owned a few Sucklord pieces. Like think about that, somebody who deals with high end art and owns pieces from a dude who’s motto is about being a sucky artist.
He’s the only mutha fucka on the planet that didn’t get a cease and desist notice from George Lucas. LOL, like how do you pull that shit off? It’s fucking amazing!
Sucklord, if you read this, you’re THE FUCKING BEST!

(Picture below of a still from Neil’s appearance in The Sucklord’s ‘Toy Lords of Chinatown’)

Nasty Neil - on set for Toy Lords of China Town 2013

What was it like taking part in the ‘Killer Bootlegs’ Art Too custom series back in 2012?

That was fun.
My favorite part was creating the backing to the packaging.
It’s not often I get to do a drawing and color it.
I think I almost missed the deadline too if I remember correctly, cause I also had so many other projects going on, so I quickly got in crunch time mode and got it finished just in time.
He does some great work too.
I been seeing the shit he makes on instagram and it just keeps getting better and better and more intricate.

(Picture below of Neil’s collaboration with ‘Killer Bootlegs’ from 2012)

Nasty Neil x Killer Bootlegs - Art Too 2012

The Future

Any collaborations on the horizon?

Yeah, I got a bunch of collabs in the works for years now, but the ones that are definitely happening sooner then later will be a few things for New York Comic Con.
I’m doing 2 sets of THC Droplets based from Nemo’s Blood Droplet sculpt for Suburban Vinyl.
I’m doing 2 different collaborations of Mini Marijuana Medallions with Nugg Life (Ian Ziobrowski) and The Sucklord.
I been trying to set up a collab with Nerviswrek for the longest, cause our styles mesh up so perfectly. I can’t wait for that! He’s one of my favorite artists and we both like monsters with crazy teeth and hip hop and it shows in our work.
I will be eventually doing another collab with the Mini Marijuana Medallions with Killer Bootlegs too on some Jamaican shit.
I got some Wu Tang shit up in the air with the homie Shawn Wigs.
I also had an idea for a rap song/video up in the air with Shawn Wigs, Sucklord and Tone Tank, but it’s difficult trying to get everybody together at once, but I will eventually make it happen, cause that will be fucking awesome!
I’m gonna be working on an instrumental mixtape with Gnujskey. I got hella underground artists from all over the country that I’m gonna produce tracks for.
I got a few clothing brands I’m gonna eventually collab with too, but I’m not naming anybody just yet, but trust its coming.
Just stay tuned and watch as I keep building and creating cool shit with people who appreciate my vision.

Any major projects you want to hype man?

Go hit up the “Suburban Vinyl” booth, the “Nugg Life” booth and Sucklord’s booth at New York Comic Con and show support by buying a Marijuana inspired collaboration piece so I can continue to create more cool shit.
I will also have a bunch of other Marijuana inspired art at the Nugg Life booth. I should be there too, so come by and introduce yourself, take a pic with me, give me a hug, a high five, whatever you want.

There’s a possibility I might have my very first production toy in the works soon, but that’s as much as I’m telling about that for now.

I have more clothing and hats I want to produce.
I have my next series of 3″ resin casted Marijuana inspired Dunny’s I’m going to release alongside the first of it’s kind weed wax Dunny’s and other weed wax inspired art.
I will have new types of handmade jewelry.
My acting debut in episode 4 of Sucklords “Toy Lords Of Chinatown”.
My art / cooking youtube show if I manage to get that all situated.
I mean, any project I do really, just keep up with my work.
Follow me on instagram or twitter: @WSTDTLNT
Also, if you wanna see my comedic side, follow me on vine: @WSTDTLNT
And follow me on tumblr,, I will eventually revamp it and clean it up and post things properly on there, instead of using my apps to post shit.
I’m only one person yo…


Nasty Neil - Wasted Talent BANNER LOGO

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