Art Talk – Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ aka ‘WSTD TLNT’


Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ aka ‘WSTD TLNT’ is an American creative machine. A man known to the art world thanks to his sculptural works, most famously his varied collection of marijuana inspired works.

Neil, however, is no mere sculptor. He is a musician, chef, collaborator and all round art powerhouse. Constantly pushing himself and others he works with to achieve a new high with each release.

(Picture below of some Marijuana Medallions by ‘Wasted Talent’)

Nasty Neil - Wasted Talent Marijuana Medallion 002

With a recent move back to his home state of New York after spending 6 months in Oregon, and with a big 2014 ahead, now is a great time to get to know Nasty Neil and ‘Wasted Talent’ by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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