Toy Talk – Luke Jones of the ‘Australian Toys’ Instagram and Upcoming Book

Prior to the 1980’s each of the World’s developed nations had their own local manufacturing industries – a result of globally implemented protectionist economic policy. Under these policies countries imposed high tariffs and other duties on foreign imported goods, preventing imports from being financially viable, so as to protect their local manufacturers. Toys are but one example of this.

Here in Australia, there is one man who has made it his mission to preserve and share the history of Australian manufactured toys – that man is Mr. Luke Jones from Adelaide, in the Australian state of South Australia.

Luke is an architect by trade, and has been collecting Australian toys since childhood; with Luke commenting:

I’ve been collecting antique toys for about 35 years and have always had an ambition to have a carefully structured collection which I could be proud of as a long term achievement.

Recently, Luke began sharing parts of his collection with his ‘Australian Toys’ Instagram, the Instagram page has been so well received that Luke will be publishing a book showcasing his Australian toy collection in 2019 via Melbourne Books.

(Photo below of part of Luke’s collection – a JA Holden Ampol Rally Car & John Sands Garage; 1956 – 1958 and early 1940s.)

With Luke’s book soon to be published, now is the perfect time to get to know about the origins of the Australian toy industry by reading our Toy Talk with Mr. ‘Australian Toys’ himself, Luke Jones below…

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