What Exactly Are Art Toys And How Can We Critique Them?

Ok guys. So we have decided it was time to start writing some critical articles about art toys. Opinion pieces, reviews and the like. Art toys are dear to us at ‘Art Whore’ – being the very reason the site was established back in 2012 when we interviewed resin slinger Peter of ‘Killer Bootlegs’ fame.

We established ‘Art Whore’ as there was nothing around back then that was online and free to access which provided interviews or further knowledge about the developing resin toy scene, and the greater art toy scene in general. So we started interviewing the artists involved. But just interviewing. Apart from a few guest reviews by Ms. Ramsey and Mr. Kevin Malone we have been reluctant to get critical… We just didn’t feel we knew enough. Had the knowledge.

However, we now feel a similar gap currently exists with regards to critically evaluating art toys – and we are willing to get involved. Yes there are news sites noting new releases, yes there are unboxing videos, yes there are podcasts and yes there are some critical pieces out there – see a list of links to relevant sites at the end of this piece. However most of the currently available media is just lust or hate for a particular piece – with little to no critical commentary.

Now, with that said, so as to not just arbitrarily start blasting our opinions – we felt it was best to start with a general FAQ explaining what we feel art toys are and how we will go about critiquing them.

Read it all, below…

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Art Talk – ‘The Schmucklord’

Schmucklord - head shot

All art movements have masters, the Plop Art Movement’s master is ‘The Schmucklord’.

According to The Schmucklord, “Plop Art is art that is intentionally shit, it’s just shit.”

(Picture below of Dungmy Assmaster by ‘The Schmucklord’)

Dungmy Assmaster

The Schmucklord, it must be known, has a nemesis and creative foil; Pop-Art mastermind The Sucklord. Indeed Schmuck’s very artistic drive results from an internal desire to one day hate fuck Morgan Phillips AKA The Sucklord.

Thankfully though Schmuck has recently been through some therapy and is getting in touch with his inner child (who happens to be a 5 year old girl called Nina), as well as his issues towards Morgan. He is back making ‘art’ as a result – though still mainly resulting in artistic attacks on his nemesis and secret crush and other artists from the scene.

Why does The Schmucklord hate The Sucklord? What unique use exactly does he find for his bowel movements? What is “plop art”? Who is The Schmucklord?

Find out, by reading The Schmucklord’s Art Talk, below…

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