Article – Five Artists Involved in Nerviswrek’s ‘Drone Blank’ Custom Show Discuss Their Submissions

The ‘Drone Blank’ is a platform art toy designed and made by American artist Gabriel Rivas aka Nerviswrek. Platform toys are unpainted toys, usually of a simple design, which are made for the purpose of being customised – kinda like a blank canvas in toy form. What separates Nervis’ ‘Drone Blanks’ from other well known mass manufactured platform toys such as the ‘Dunny’ from Kid Robot is that the ‘Done Blanks’ are all hand made by Nervis himself. This places the Drone Blank in a wholly unique position as the only hand-made platform toy! A true testament to Nervis DIY ethic, sense of community, and craftsmanship!

To celebrate the release of the ‘Drone Blank’ Nervis has put together an amazing and diverse group show featuring 46 artists from all over the world. The artists involved all got a chance to custom a ‘Drone Blank’, and present it to the world – with the show happening at this years Designer Con from November 16th to the 18th. It is not to be missed!

In honor of Nervis’ achievement, and the upcoming show, we thought it would be nice to ask five of the artists who are involved in the show to present their works and also answer some questions about their art, their approach to customising the ‘Drone Blanks’, their thoughts on art toys generally, and some general gossip about Nervis!

So without further ado, read our interview with, and check the ‘Drone Blank’ customs from artists Jason Forbes, Under Our Knives, Dr Barbados, Tasha Zimich, and Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’, below…

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Art Talk – Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ aka ‘WSTD TLNT’


Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ aka ‘WSTD TLNT’ is an American creative machine. A man known to the art world thanks to his sculptural works, most famously his varied collection of marijuana inspired works.

Neil, however, is no mere sculptor. He is a musician, chef, collaborator and all round art powerhouse. Constantly pushing himself and others he works with to achieve a new high with each release.

(Picture below of some Marijuana Medallions by ‘Wasted Talent’)

Nasty Neil - Wasted Talent Marijuana Medallion 002

With a recent move back to his home state of New York after spending 6 months in Oregon, and with a big 2014 ahead, now is a great time to get to know Nasty Neil and ‘Wasted Talent’ by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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