Art Talk – Jun of ‘Kearjun’


Jun and ‘Kearjun’ are part of the growing underground art scene in China, recently releasing the Youzha soft vinyl figure to much acclaim.

The Youzha figure is designed and sculpted by Jun in loving tribute to both one of his favorite films (‘Zombi 2’), and breakfast foods (the Chinese fried bread dish known as ‘Youtiao’). Interestingly, Jun chose to have his figure produced in China, as opposed to the usual place of manufacture for soft vinyl toys, Japan. A bold move by Jun which will hopefully solidify China as a reputable place for artists to get work produced, as opposed to the sweat-shop style factories it is famous for.

(Picture below of the Youzha soft vinyl figure by Kearjun)

KEARJUN - Youzha vinyl - 005

Jun’s artistic vision is a mix of pop art and surrealism, stating that, for him,

I believe everything can be art, even my breath at this moment if I’m willing to.

With his Youzha vinyl figure ready to debut in painted mass market form, and lots of other figures and art planned, now is the perfect time to get to know Jun aka Kearjun by reading the Art Talk interview below…

*N.B – the Art Talk with Jun was graciously translated by Jun’s dear friend Gabrielle*

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