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Art Whore Toy Review: ‘OEO Toys’ (Previously ‘Slave X One’) – Ancient Aliens Series – Fun Gus – Soft Vinyl – Initial Release One Off

‘OEO Toys’ (Previously ‘Slave X One’) – Ancient Aliens Mash Up Series – Fun Gus – Soft Vinyl – Initial Release One Off

  • Produced By = ‘OEO Toys’ (Previously ‘Slave X One’) – from the USA
  • Figure Name = Ancient Aliens: Fun Gus
  • Release Details = One Off
  • Material = Mexican Soft Vinyl
  • Country of Production = Mexico
  • Height = 21.5 cm (heads to feet)
  • Depth =  5.57 cm (belly to back)
  • Width =  13.5 cm (foot to foot)
  • No of Parts = 6 (body / torso + neck + two arms + two heads)
  • Released = February 2018
  • Sculpt Debut = 7th October 2017 (in wax form)
  • Release Price = $US 100 + shipping
  • Genre = Soft Vinyl Art Toy

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Back Info

The Ancient Aliens Mash Up Series of soft vinyl figures is a collaboration between American designer OEO Toys (Previously Slave X One), Mexican artist Frank Mysterio and Canadian toy maker Monster Foot Creations. The series of figures exist as multiple heads – at this stage numbering four – that can be added to the basic body.

Interestingly, this figure represents the very first example of a non-Mexican artist, having their designer-toys produced in Mexico – as opposed to being made in the traditional homes of soft vinyl toy production, namely Japan and China. Personally, we love that there are more countries making vinyl toys, and thus more options for artists who want to join the scene and have their own toys made.

For the Ancient Aliens series OEO and MFC collaborated on the sculpt for the body of the figure and a few of the different heads (Fun Gus, Onion God and Aztecoid). Frank Mysterio came on board with oversight of vinyl production in Mexico, and also by sculpting another two different heads (the Mysteriosos).

Visually, the body looks very similar to the old Gero sofubi figure OEO released under their old name of Slave X One a few years back, only larger and with different arms.

The various heads for the Ancient Aliens are what gives them each their distinctive names, and also allows for a whole slew of mash ups and variations – with ours being a duel headed Fun Gus.

(Photos below of our Fun Gus)

The Sculpt

This guy is… well… fucking weird, unique and beautiful.

The Fun Gus Ancient Alien stands. Unsure of you, this universe, life… and even itself. 2 heads, seemingly melting. Each with a mouth barely open. We are unsure if they are about to breathe, chomp or attempt to make some form of sound…

It lurks forward on it’s webbed and padded feet, claw arm slowly pinching, spikey hand grasping…  Bumpy, pocked and cratered skin covers the Alien.

It oozes puss. It smells bad. And yet…. We can’t help but feel that it is friendly and means well.

(Close up photo below of Fun Gus’ heads)


The Ancient Aliens Mash Up Series are all made in Mexico out of soft vinyl.

Our one off is painted on a purple vinyl blank. It’s a dense yet still maleable plastic and feels solid in hand.

(Photo below showing the unpainted feet of our Fun Gus)

The Smell

Organic meets chemicals – what we can now say definitively is the typical smell of painted Made In Mexico soft vinyl.

BUT with our order of the painted one-off Alien also came 3 unpainted alternate heads. Knowing this was our chance to really get a whiff of virgin unpainted raw Mexican vinyl, we pushed our nose into the join-opening of one of the heads and inhaled… deeply… FARRK… ok. Chemicals. Lots of em.

Virgin unpainted Mexican vinyl we can now say does have a chemical aroma. Not as bad as Chinese Vinyl, but very much not the lovely pure organic smells of their Japanese counterpart. It almost makes our head spin… but not quite.

The Custom Work

Beautifully simple – a classic camoflague of green, yellow and black. Then some very subtle purple and silver highlights adorm the mouth and some of the details on the skin.

Finally, topping it off are 2 small yellow and black doll eyes – one in each head.


* Can it Stand = Yes
* Can it Sit = No
* Is it Easily Breakable = Not at all really (though it could be melted)
* Accessories = None

Being able to twist and turn the arms, neck and heads of Fun Gus provides a lot of fun and various poses. However not being able to move the legs or have it sit is a shame. Yes movable legs would have upped the cost, but it would have been worth it, and should have been done.

With that said the various heads – each sold separately – that can be combined and swapped to create new and wonderful versions does add a lot of potential fun and playability.


Whilst our one off stands fine, it can be tipped over backwards a bit too easily for our liking…

We can only guess this is due to the feet not being perfectly sculpted flat, or something to do with the production methods creating extra bumps / ridges on the feet.

(Photo below showing the wax model of the Ancient Aliens figure – ready to be melted down to create the mould for the toy)


This is an art toy. THIS is what made us fall in love with the scene over 5 years ago now. It’s weird, unique and DIY.

Simply put – It’s amazing.

Importantly, through being a three artist / three country collaboration, the Ancient Aliens series also proves just how international and tight-nit the designer toy scene is. And that just feels our cold toy loving hearts with joy people.

Just like ole Fun Gus.


* Art Whore Toy Review art by Galdface *