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Art Talk – Mr. Chance Priest of ‘Victory Comics’

Chance Priest is an American artist, sculptor and man of many talents – weapons making, hunting, snake wrangling, antique dealing, law enforcement and a whole lot more.

We fell in love with Chance’s art immediately upon discovering it early last year. We had never seen anything like it: 1960’s bold comic colours, cubist lines, storyboard-style movement, photo-realistic details and a unique singular vision.

As a result, we fell hard into the glorious rabbit hole of Chance’s creations. It’s a whole world – comics, paintings, sculptures and toys. All interconnected yet able to stand on their own.

Simply put? It’s pure art and we have never seen anything else like it before.

As Chance himself states, art for him is an unrelenting force. Something that he can’t ignore and must pursue above all else:

I’m a 100% dedicated to my vision. And to be honest if nobody buys it I really don’t care; I’m at total peace with what I consider success. I will build on “my world” till the day I die, if my art sells then wonderful because I really want to share it. If it doesn’t sell then if will not hinder me in any way except for the time it takes to make end meet.

(Photo below of Chance and some of his art)

With Mr. Priest our new favourite living artist, and the fact that the man himself is always working on something new to blow the mind of his fans – you must, we repeat MUST get hip to the man right now, by reading his Art Talk Interview below…

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

Chance Priest

City, State n Country you currently call home?

Bells, Texas USA.

City, State n Country you’re from?

Born in Dallas Texas raised and lived all over Texas but Canton, Bryan, Dallas, Lytle, have always been most like home to me.

(Photos below of some ‘Victory Comics’ art)

Describe a memory from some stages of your life ….basically trying to piece together some pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, romance, school, crime… ANYTHING really!

* age 5 or so – beginnings:

I have a freaky great memory of my childhood. I shock my family by dredging up things from when I was very little…
Mid 1970’s:
When I was just 3-4 years old I remember my Dad had a Western Wear store in downtown Canton.
My brother, Richey who is 4 years older than me used to walk over to the old drug store where the old man would still make hand mixed sodas and malts. I would live at the comic book rack. Then we would walk over the Western Auto store and go down their toy isle. I remember getting a Weebles Mickey Mouse set from there and playing with it while watching Voyage to The Bottom of the Sea.
I also had Mego’s and 12” GI Joe figures that I played with a lot.
Great memories!
Late 1970’s: At 4-5 my Mom moved with my brother and I to Bryan Texas so she could go to Texas A&M and become a vet.
We lived in a small trailer and I remember watching TV on a very small black and white TV.
I was always a rabbid watcher of TV and I loved it all new, reruns of old 1950’s-60’s TV shows, anything. My favorite at this time was Six Million Dollar Man and Hulk.
I remember playing with all the great toys from the 70’s SMDM, Star Wars, Stretch Armstrong. My brother and I would also play lots of toys soldiers together.
A very poor but happy time.
Early 1980’s: My Dad sold the business and moved to Bryan with us after a year or so and he started building for Oil Companies so we could afford a house.
My brother and I attended Allen Military Academy in Bryan.
Lots of friends, riding bikes all the time, I got more and more into comics and toys because most of the kids there were really rich and they had great toys too. My Granny bought most of our toys on credit but she wanted us to have a great childhood.
I really began to draw and make up characters and stories at this time.
My Mom got into drugs at this time which made my parents fight horribly and my Dad was rarely home. Although he was mean or just hard anyway so it was better without him. He thought kids should act fully grown and be ready for work at age 5. I watched my Mom fall apart and it got very rough. She had horrible druggy friends that were always around.
Once when I was about 9 she left us with one her good friends and this tweaker was paranoid as hell. She thought we stole her cigarettes so she grabbed a butcher knife and tried to kill my brother and I. She chased us through the house for 20-30 minutes and luckily my Mom and her other friends came back. They beat the tweaker up, tied her to a chair and put her in the closet all night.
…So crazy shit like that was happening…not a good time but I could always take comfort with my dog, my toys, my comics, my TV and my drawings and stories. This went on for years and we would spend sometimes half the year with my Granny and Paw Paw who were the greatest people in the world.
My Granny was a doll collector so she always thought it was important that we had a collection of some sort. My brother collected military items and I was toys and comics…and anything cool.
My Paw Paw was a WWII US Marine veteran so he would teach me how be fight and be mean when I had to but also to be good to everybody and always keep a great sense of humor and kindness.
My Granny had two sisters who both married returning WWII veterans and they all lived on the same block in Dallas.
It was great growing up around such patriotic and truly good people. …During this period we saw the evil of drugs; my brother nor I ever have done any kind of drug our whole lives. I drank very little in high school but to this day I don’t drink, smoke , nothing….I do have a bad sweet tooth though!
Side Note: My other Grandparents lived on a ranch and we would spend time with them too.
I had been shooting since I was 8 or 9 so naturally did a lot of hunting. It was really something growing up with country people on one side and city people on the other but in Texas city people are pretty country too!
I was always 100% comfortable listening to country, rock n roll, 1940’s swing, oldies, new music even classical. I was the perfect candidate for a cowboy astronaut that you could get. I was never brought up in church and other than a thank God here and there was never taught religion at all. What’s funny I could always feel God there and I’ve prayed every day since I was very little.
My faith has been a huge part of my life. After all, how can I believe in my imagination if I can’t believe in God.

(Photo below of Chance and his brother Ricky in 1975)

* age 10 or so – continuations:

1985-86:  We moved from Bryan trying to become a family again and get my Mom off drugs. We moved from Wills Point Texas to Lytle and back again with lots of trouble in between.
I found myself in Will Point in 8th grade and being relentlessly picked on by gangs on black kids. They would try to take your shoes, coat, anything. Nobody, not even the school would help.
I found myself skipping school every day. I would keep my window unlocked and sneak back in after a 2 mile commando run back home. I would be home alone mostly and I play with my toys, watch tv, read comics and draw. VHS was pretty new but I had Enter The Dragon which I would watch and try to teach myself Kung Fu.
I promised myself that I would grow up and be a hero that smashed bullies.
Well after 3 months the cops came and that was that; I went to live with my Granny and Paw Paw again.
The next year we moved back to Lytle and things were going good. My Dad opened a restaurant where the whole family worked very hard and it was great. I was a year younger than everybody else in my grade so bullies were always a problem. It was this year where I met my best friend Tim who was also a teenage toy and comic collector. He was also enrolled in a very tough martial arts school in San Antonio. I started going too and excelled at it.
Tim and I wrote and drew and comic book together and we also started drawing prototypes to toys, even writing movie scripts.

(Photos below of some art toys by Chance)

* age 15 or so – getting serious:

Late 1980’s : I was popular, had girlfriends, my parents restaurant was going great..especially with my brother and I pulling 50+ hours a week!
I had became a martial arts nightmare and after thrashing a few bullies at school I was actually looked at as a tough guy not to be messed with…it was great.
We had a game room at the restaurant to I also became a master at pool and any popular video games.
During this time I fell in love with my girlfriend’s best friend Kerri. I had to chase her for a year but I finally earned the title of boyfriend. We’ve now been together 29 years and it’s her support and faith in my that allowed me to be who I am.
As for high school, I was a horrible student and refused to do most work. They tested my IQ in 9th grade and it was 158 so they knew that I wasn’t retarded. The school basically let me glide through.
I read a lot and I’ve always been a sponge for knowledge but lets face it; after basic math, reading and writing everything else in school is a total waste of time.

(Photo below of Chance aged 17)

* age 20 or so – young adult:

Early 1990’s: After high school I worked hard at the restaurant, did comic book conventions, taught martial arts, shot pool for money, took any job and went on any adventure that came along.
I had to wait two years for Kerri to graduate so I’ve always considered this a time wasting part of my life.
I wanted to join the Marines but I was only 17 and my Dad wouldn’t sign for me so I tried college. The second week the English teacher told us that you were an idiot if you believed in God and that the United States was the greatest evil power of all time. I got up and left and never returned to college after that day.
I went to a 2 week low budget horror movie making school in Pittsburgh PA and was taught by George Romero and Tom Savini. It really got me into the thought of making a movie. By chance I met a guy close to home who was a screenwriter in Hollywood for a while and worked with me on a story which were going to turn into a low budget movie. It was all my story and idea and he was making it flow better for the screen. I managed to piece together a pretty neat studio with cameras, lights, actors, helpers, artists….then he split one day and never returned.
I found out from his uncle that he had sold my script to a studio for $8,000 so that was that. It snuffed my movie ambitions completely out.

(Photos below showing the process of Chance’s colour drawings)

* age 25 or so – adult mode:

Mid 1990’s: I had always been a huge fan of Western movies so I was determined to move away and be a cowboy. My grandfather had passed away and my Dad went to take over his ranch. I followed a year later. I worked cattle, bailed hay, built fence, you name it.
I was also competing in the very early mix martial arts tournaments; called cage fighting back then.
I was hunting in a lot of my spare time.
The ranch was in the bottom lands of East Texas so a lot of it was swampy with big timber. I would spend days out living in the wilds. I really became a great tracker for wild pigs, deer, panther, you name it. After living on the ranch a year I went back down South and married Kerri and brought her back to the ranch.
During the next four years we would own a convenience store, get big in dealing in toys and comics, open our own hunting ranch and other things as well. It was a crazy time but happy.
I had become good at moving exotic animals and while moving some for the local constable he asked me if I wanted to be his deputy. I thought about it for a few days but accepted thinking this was time to be a real superhero; to be able to really do great things for people. I passed the academy with honors and in no time I was already looking for bigger and better jobs because police officers make horrible money.
I did very little artwork during this period.

(Photos below of some art toys by Chance)

* age 30 or so – fully formed:

Late 1990’s: I settled on a police job in South Texas. We were able to live in Lytle again and things were great.
We had just had our first son, Maverick.
Kerri had her hands full while I was working long hours.
I had almost forgotten that a year earlier that I had put an application in with the US Border Patrol. We had only been settled a year when they called me in. At the time you had to have a college degree and I had none. They only grant 2 or 3 waivers a year so why not me! I had to meet before a panel which grilled me about everything in the world. I also had to go through a crazy amount of physicals and metal tests.
They ended up telling me that I had a high IQ (167) and that my real world common sense approach was what they were looking for. They shipped me off to Charleston South Carolina for 5 months of training. I came out and was stationed on the border in Laredo Texas. It was a Hell Hole! I loved the work and soon was put on tracking detail where I would track drug smugglers alone in the scrub desert; sometimes being on a trail 15 hrs+.
My heart broke for the regular people coming in and after less that 2 years of work I just couldn’t do it anymore. I liked the action but not the sorrow and definitely not the government bureaucracy.
I felt like I helped so much more as a policeman. I moved back to Lytle and went to work for a city on the edge of San Antonio.
Side Note: I feel that I was always a good cop because I’ve never been afraid to die. I’ve always felt that death is the BIG adventure at the end of life and there sure ain’t nothin to be afraid of. I risked my life for strangers and I was glad to do it.
Early to mid 2000’s: While there I worked the overnight shift exclusively and that’s the way I liked it. I also revamped and led the SWAT team. Lots of action and lots of fun.
After my second year I had a typical late night disturbance call. I responded with another veteran officer and a rookie that I was training. A big man came to the door and behind him I could see his beaten 80 year old mother on the ground. He immediately slammed the door on the veteran officers head and he went down.
I fought hard with the guy for minutes in a brutal fight which was so violent that the rookie just froze. I tried to shoot him but he had a hold of my gun, I tried to stab him but he knocked my knife out of my hand so when the opportunity presented itself I struck him in the throat which knocked him out. He was holding me in the air at the time so when I came down on top of him I drove my knee into his stomach and when we hit the floor my knee went deep and snapped his spine.
He lived but was paralyzed.
Not long after the incident the Unida La Raza accused me of being a racist because he was Hispanic and I was white. I was also accused of police brutality. They had a lot of support and soon my own police department turned against me just to cover their ass in the lawsuit.
An independent investigator from the state of Texas came in to investigate (he was black by the way).
This was a low time for me.
For one I’d never been a racist, heck my two best friends were both Hispanic. The whole town was against me. The newspaper was saying horrible lies about me. I told my chief that once this was over that I quit because they didn’t have my back.
After it all shook out it was found that I had the largest non Hispanic arrest rate in the entire county. The poor little fella that I paralyzed was 6’5” 280 lbs of muscle who just got out of prison for….shooting another cop. I am 5’9” and around 200 lbs.
In the end I got a medal for bravery and was named officer of the year (actually they made that award just for me). So of course…I QUIT!
Here I was with 2 kids, a wife and no money. I prayed like you would not believe; not for me but for my family. I realized that my family owned an old building that was unused. My wife and I cleaned it up one weekend and put an ad in the paper for an antique mall with spaces for rent.
I rented completely out in two days! 52 dealers!. I had an instant $7,000 a month income. We bought land, built a house, I got into dealing in slave pottery from early Texas as well as making custom knives; both took off.
I was making so much on pottery and the antique shop that I could spend lots of time working on my knives (they were high dollar art knives).
I also ran for county Constable and won. So I was pretty much doing everything that I enjoyed, we had 4 kids by now, traveling a lot, living the good life although a very hectic life.
Side note: my whole life I had a sketch book at my side, always drawing monsters, aliens and characters for a future comic book but nothing really clicked.
In 2008 I had a dream of a WWII hero fighting Nazis, then fighting Frankenstein the going to another world. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote and drew and wrote drew. From that day one I worked on this every day along with my kids who produced hundreds of drawing, characters and stories.
Kids make up the impossible which was just what I wanted.

(Photos below of some Victory Comics art)

* age 3o or so – adult continuations:

Late 2000’s-2015: Obama had gotten elected to president of the US and out of nowhere my knife and pottery customers would call and tell me that he was going to be bad for the economy and that they would be putting their money into gold and silver.
In a 6 month period I lost both of my major incomes. Then one afternoon while on patrol a car passes me and the guy looks at me with “that look” so I just followed him.
Out of nowhere this guy just takes off so I chased him into a very bad area where several year earlier 3 police officers and friends were ambushed and killed. When he stopped we both jumped out of our cars, he pointed his gun at me and mine at him. I just walked right up and grabbed it right out of his hand as it was pointed at my head. This is a very stupid thing to do but I had just been in too many dangerous situations and I just wasn’t scared of anything.
On my way to taking him to jail I called my wife and told her that I was totally done with law enforcement and I was. I didn’t seek re-election the following year.
I sold everything we had (except my comic book and toy collection) and moved to Paris Texas to get into the mini storage business with my Dad. I also opened another antique mall there. I wasn’t making knives anymore so my artistic drive to work with my hands was calling. I had honed my stories and characters so one day I just said …I’m gonna make some toys!
I had never sculpted before, hell I’ve never had an art class before but I was gonna try. From the first time it just came to me naturally and I was obsessed.

(Photos below of some art toys by Chance)

* age 40 or so – meanderings:

2015 to present: I was drunk on art!
Other than making a living I was working every bit of extra time on “my world”.
I had a vision of buying a piece of property in country and making it into an attraction of “my world”.
By a really odd series of events we found 50 acres in Bells Texas which was about 50 miles from Paris. It was night, I turned off on an old highway that we had never traveled and in the dark we caught a glimpse of broken down for sale sign. I turned around and we got the number.
It took days but we finally got a hold of the owner who was an elderly lady. She told us that she really was too old to have that property and that we could have it for $2000 per acre! Land like that brings $7000-$10,000 per acre in this area so we just said yes…the one catch…no money! I sold the equity in my antique mall and we managed to close on the last possible was nuts, NO…it was meant to be!
There was no house there so we moved a huge RV in and the kids started school there the following year.
We rented a large warehouse 10 miles up the road in the town of Sherman. It was here that I immersed myself in art every day. I had been sculpting heads for all my characters and had probably 30 or so made but hadn’t decided on a body type. Then one day I got frustrated thinking what other people would like and I just carved a simple wood body to serve as a maquette. My kids saw it the next day and though it was awesome and the more I looked at it I agreed.
Since 2010 I had been honing my skills as a mold maker and caster. After I cast my first body I knew that this was it! I played with a little; the only moving parts are the arms and I said man, this thing has zero action but a lot of imagination. The ZAPI was born, Zero Action, Pure Imagination.
Not long after I came up with more styles of toys but always with characters from “my world”.
For over 2 years now I have completely dedicated my life to my art whether it be ZAPI’s, PLUGS, LSD’s, WOTU’s, Head Grenades, LT’s, masks, paper mache, paintings, drawings  but all of it is in “my world”.
My lifelong toy collection or hoard keeps the rent paid and food on the table but my mind is made up. I’m a 100% dedicated to my vision. And to be honest if nobody buys it I really don’t care; I’m at total peace with what I consider success. I will build on “my world” till the day I die, if my art sells then wonderful because I really want to share it. If it doesn’t sell then if will not hinder me in any way except for the time it takes to make end meet.
My new endeavor is to get a book out so people can read the story…which is damn good if you ask me.

(Photos below of some sketches by Chance)

In Summery

I’m sorry that I rambled this out but It’s hard for me to me to explain myself.
I left out sooooo much but I could write forever!
My art revolves around my life, my experiences from a little kid to now. I wouldn’t change one thing good or bad about my life because it all made me. I’ve met so many incredible people and done some really incredible things and it all goes into my artwork.
When I was neglected as a kid I had TV and movies and comics and toys and they were my warm blanket on a cold night. When things seemed their worst I could watch Forbidden Planet or something like that and then everything was Ok again.
Without my wife behind me 100% could I have done everything that I’ve done?…I don’t think that I could breathe without her and my kids. They will always come first.
Could I live my life anywhere but the USA?…hell no! Freedom is paramount! Just knowing that I’m free to win or lose makes me strong.
And could I have done anything at all without God?…NO, I feel God’s force in me every second of every day. I sure don’t know much about religion and don’t care to but I know God is there, everywhere for sure.
I’ll try to answer some of your other questions now…

(Photos below of Officer Chance with a Snake and Mr and Mrs Priest on their wedding day)

Art Questions

When and why did you first start making art of any type!?

I was drawing since I could hold a pencil but my heavy art period!
High School: drawing and writing
My 20’s : making ice age weapons, drawing and painting
My 30’s : making art knives and weapons, lots of drawing and painting and some sculpting
My 40’s : sculpting, drawing, writing, painting, you name it !

Any pivotal artistic moment(s) / influence(s)?

I was never taught art by anyone but I’ve wrestled through the years with styles.
In 2008 I decided never to looks at anything for any kind of reference and just let the art flow out of me and that’s the way I’ve kept it. I like it and that’s all that matters to me.

Favorite other artist(s)?

Jack Kirby and Eiji Tsuburaya would be the 2 humans that energize me the most to make art. I look up to what worlds they created but they did it much more as a business than I ever could.
I’ve read a lot on the old masters and by far I feel a kinship with Vincent Van Gogh the most. He had extraordinary impulses to make art and so do I. I also love the fact that he did what he thought looked good and didn’t care about everybody else’s opinion or the fact that nobody bought his art.

Do you consider what you are making to be art, ‘design, re-hashed crap?

I consider my stuff great…high art.
I never put down other artists either because it really is in the eye of the beholder.

(Some Victory Comics art below)

Worst aspect of the contemporary art hustle?

I literally don’t know anything about contemporary art or art hustle. I actually have never heard of that.
I haven’t even read comics since Eastman and Laird quit doing TMNT back in the day.
I tried to read Walking Dead but as a life lived in my situations I just saw the zombies as junkies and all the people at their worst and dysfunctional. In really bad situations it’s not like that. I used to tell jokes before I knocked down a door serving a warrant. We would cut jokes at the most horrific things. There’s a lot more levity in real life and everybody is praying.
I know about some of the new sofubi toy makers and my favorites are Butanohana and Bear Model, I also like Mark Nagata, I’m not into his cats but I love his monsters.
I don’t like a lot of the modern art toys because the artists put a dick on them or something like that and it just looks like somebody trying too hard to be edgy. Like when you just meet somebody and they cuss and talk trash non stop. I call that a poser, all bluster and no substance. If a dick belongs then Ok but I’m just not into that.

Describe the process of producing your art? – Dot point all o.k!

– your sculpting?

Most of the times I get an idea for a character, I go and draw it then sculpt it…all chain reaction.
Sometimes I do the whole process including molding all in an hour or two.
Some nights I stay up and sculpt 4 or 5 new heads.

– your paintings?

With painting I usually get an idea and sketch it on the canvas then just start painting.
I paint sitting on the floor on a pillow with the canvas up against the wall.
I don’t overthink anything; I just let it naturally flow out.
I never did work in high school and never studied but I could go take a test and make a good great. I just used common sense on it….just let it flow. I’ve done the same with my whole life! I NEVER LOOK AT ANYTHING AND I NEVER USE COMPUTERS, STENCILS OR ANY DUPLICATING DEVICES. ALL HANDMADE.
I honestly feel like my art is an art movement.
I’m making comics, artworks, toys from start to finish completely by hand and just me. No computers, no team, no shipping things off to be made, all my thoughts.

(Photo below of Chance getting his art on)

– your toys?

When I first started I decided on urethane because it allows me to do it all myself and make each one individual…add to and take away.
After I’ve painted an initial ZAPI I do high artists to do paint jobs but they sign those so they are painting on my canvas. I just like everybody to get their fair credit.
I also have one artist that does the ZAPI art package art for me. She’s talented and fast. It frees me up to create more new stuff.
All parts of my toys are high impact urethane so they are tough. I drill the body for an aluminum rod which runs completely through then the arms are friction peened. Nice and tight and forever.
The head is put on with an aluminum post but also fused back on the body with more urethane.
A very tough figure meant for a lifetime of being played with although I doubt these will ever be played with.
We use paint, markers, anything to color/paint them then they are triple sealed so the paint job is incredibly durable.
All pieces are signed and numbered.
Each head sculpt only gets 100 or less castings then it’s tossed and I sculpt a completely new sculpt for that character. This makes every piece pretty darn rare.
I have over 15 body styles and sizes from 3” to 33” but 8” is pretty standard. Over 30 different arms as well.
I have over 160 different characters for the ZAPI line and I make over 250 different toys. All boxes are adorned with our artwork (I slap a high grade sticker on the box) and the boxes are numbered to match the figure.
Every one of my creations is like a child to me.
It’s hard to even think about selling them.

Designer Toy Questions

Why the name ‘Victory Comics LLC’?

Well I’m a huge student of history and especially WWII since it was the biggest thing to ever happen on planet Earth…that we know of. You had all of these poor countries being oppressed and Victory was the motto and the V symbol (reversed peace sign with your fingers) was the most common hand sign on Earth.
I think of how important Victory was and it hits me that’s my life.
I stand for victory. Victory over everything bad and if everybody had that simple motto there wouldn’t be all this hatefulness and depression that I see everywhere.
My original concept was comics so Victory Comics  …the LLC is just limited liability company (legal crap).
I copyright all my creations under victorycomicsllc.

Are art-toys for the kids?

I personally would give my kids any of these figures to play with but I also live in the real world. I explain how eating a toy will kill you and eating paint will retard you or make you sick as hell.
I have raised great kids and I did it by not holding anything back. Just telling them the truth about everything.
Now of course I have to say that these are adult pieces of art not meant for kids so some grubby lawyer doesn’t sue me. It’s just the world we live in.

(Some Victory Comics art below)

Is the rise of art toys an indication of the changing nature of art? OR just a bunch of nerds with too much money and time?

I recently saw a fine art critic say that 500 years from now the art that will stand out from our era will be Superman, Batman, Spiderman, TMNT, etc and I agree.
Granted there will always be what is referred to as fine art but I really believe the Toy, the lowbrow art, the comic art, etc will overtake it and be the predominate art. It’s already the top art for people who allow their emotions and feeling to just run free and not try to be ….mature.
Art is a feeling.
Yes I see Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s that bring out my emotions but not like a Basil Wolverton Sci-Fi splash or a Jack Kirby collage or a shelf packed with awesome kaiju…or how bout and killer display of just good ol action figures.
I think toy art is actually in its infancy to be honest.

What role did toys play in your childhood?

Toys in my childhood were my best friends. They were everything to me. They were always good to me and there for me.
I actually get teary eyed just thinking about it.

What are the top 3 toys you don’t own?

I would pick a vintage ray gun more than likely from Italy or Spain, Guerreros De La Manana which are MOTU Knock-offs from Argentina, and Butanohana kaiju monsters.
To be honest though; ever since I started making my own toys I would definitely pick 3 ZAPI’s

(Photos below of a Head Grenade art toy and packaging – by Chance)

What impact do you think 3D sculpting and printing is having, and will continue to  have, on the art toy scene?

THE DEVILS WORK!!! It is a profanity to me.
The toys made using it have no soul whatsoever.
I’m like the vampire ghouls in the movie The Omega Man. People that use that 3D crap are the children of the wheel.
I do believe in freedom and differing opinions and I know that there are a lot of people who like that shit but not me…not ever.
It’s already the mainstay in commercial toy making but when you take the human hand out of the sculpt then you do not have art and therefore you have no art toy.

If people wanted to collaborate, work with you or just buy some art – how should they get in touch?

I had a website for a while but I just let it peter out because it seems like I get so much more out of instagram and facebook.
Instagram: victorycomicsllc
Facebook: victorycomicsllc or facbook group Priest’s Monsters Aliens and Superheroes.

Odds n Ends

Please describe what you think the American Psyche/Zeitgeist is today?

More and more people are becoming a victim society…oh boo hoo, poor me. This is not the attitude that founded America.
We need positive, productive attitudes…QUIT FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!!! You’ve got it better than any other human at any other time in history.
This is why I don’t want the government in my life…I don’t want a safety net.
What can I get done when it’s all on my shoulders?…I can do anything that I push myself to do.
I wake up every morning and I thank God that I’m alive and in the USA. That’s all I need, I’ll do the rest myself!

Who was your 1st crush and why?

Batgirl Yvonne Craig: I was just a little bitty boy but I would tell her that I loved her when she came on TV.
WHY…are you serious?!?!

(Photo below of Yvonne Craig as Batgirl – Chance’s first crush!)

Does sex change everything?

Sex does change most of your life.
I assume that you are talking puberty. It changes your outlook on most things but I think that when you get a bit older (in your 20’s) you settle back down.
It’s really different for everybody I guess.

Which cartoon character would you most like to see in a tribute sex toy, and why?

I know that people will think I’m a prude but I hate the thought of any of my beloved childhood cartoons being sex toys.
I have a sex toy…it’s between my legs…and that’s all I need.

Who would win in a fight and why: Godzilla Vs. John Wayne  ?

John Wayne would make quick work of Godzilla; he was fearless, tough as nails, very crafty and mean as hell.
I don’t know how but he would find a way!

Please describe your latest dream in detail…

I used to have crazy dreams every night and now I rarely dream.
I think it’s because my imagination and completely moved into my conscious day. I do have daydreams but it’s usually about “my world” although sometimes I’ll see something on the news like that couple who tortured their 13 kids and I’ll have daydreams of killing them. Sounds rough but I believe people like that just need to be snuffed out and dumped in the ocean. NO, I’m not a psycho, I just believe in payback!

Drugs – waste of time or gateway to the universe?

Drugs are the scourge of our society.
95% of every crime that I worked in 12 years of law enforcement stemmed from drugs. I’ve seen so many people ruined by them.
I have severe arthritis and fybromyalgia and I refuse to take pain killers for it. I take motrin and use mental strength and that’s it.
I know that there’s a lot of people that smoke marijuana and I personally think that most of them just use it as a crutch but to each their own.
I don’t believe in it but I’m a free country guy so if the people want it then let em vote it legal and they can have at it.
I realize that I’ve just rambled on and this probably isn’t what you wanted but I’ve never written about myself. I guess just chop it down till it sounds ok and is short enough. I’m already thinking of all this stuff I’ve done that I didn’t even write about but I guess this gives you an insight to who I am. I’ll send a bunch of pics that I found and you can use any of them on instagram or facebook. Just let me know what else you would like me to do. Sorry but I didn’t correct or re-read this. I hope it’s not just a big mess. It’s all the truth though, I don’t lie unless it’s to make somebody feel better.

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