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Art Talk – Henros aka Henross

Henros - Selfie

Henry aka ‘Henros’ is an Australian Photographer, Explorer and artist part of the rising UrbEx aka Urban Exploration scene (photographers, graffitti artists, street artists and more).

He explains his passion and reason for creation,

This is simple to me, everyone wants to be known even after they die and I find making a mark is expressing yourself to everyone in society, showing the public what you do & what you believe in.

Expression is extremely important, everyone is becoming a slave to today’s laws and crazy policies, expression has to be exercised to remain sane and to do the things that you believe in, expression relies heavily on making a mark in my opinion.

(Photo by ‘Henros’, below)

Henros - UrBex 005

Henros has only recently turned his full devotion to photography, after years spent in the street art and graffiti worlds. And with a major buzz surrounding ‘Henros’ and the whole UrbEx scene in general, now is the perfect time to get schooled, by reading the Art Talk interview, below…

Basics/Getting to Know 

Name + D.O.B?

Sometime in 1997.

City, State n Country you’re from?

Sydney, Australia.

(Picture by ‘Henros’, below)

Henros - UrBex 004

Describe a memory from three stages of your life basically trying to piece together your pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, girls, school, crime… ANYTHING man.

* age 5 – beginnings:

Going to Watsons Bay for picnics was always something that I remembered from around that age.

* age 10 – continuations:

Me and a close mate (he’s locked up now I think) trekked half an hour to blockbuster and managed to rent Superbad 😀

* age 15 – getting serious:

Around the time I really went hard in bombing trains, also the year I had court for doing the very same, I continued but just wasn’t worth it so I turned to urbex photography late that year.

(Picture below of a few tags by ‘Henros’ in the wild)

Henros - Tag

Personal motto?

Do what makes you happy, fuck what others think and look at life from a different perspective.

Favorite band(s)?

Anyone that knows me well will know I basically only listen to High Focus which is a UK hip-hop record company, the have the best UK artist’s all in one big crew.
My favorite’s would be Dirty Dike, BVA, Four owls, Stig of the dump, Datkid & Fliptrix, as well as old style UK artists like braintax and jehst.

Favorite TV show(s)?

The inbetweeners & Skins (seasons 1-3).
Sid’s a sickcunt.

Favorite sport(s) + teams?

Use to be heaps good at Waterpolo before sickness got the best of me but Rugby League would be my favourite sport & the Roosters as my fav team.

(Picture by ‘Henros’, below)

Henros - UrBex 006

Favorite movie(s)?

Pineapple Express, Lords of Dogtown, Kickass 1/2 & Superbad.

Favorite books and comics?

Not much of a reader but I digged the Cherub series when I was younger.

Urban Exploration Questions

What does an average day out exploring involve?

Every explorer knows that every day is different but roughly things like roofs and trains are a must do, then there’s bigger things like tunnels or exploring an abandoned place which should be suggested with a days notice or something.

Favorite other explorers and why?

My homie @tiskael is really a big role model for me; he’s easily one of nicest people I’ve met and yeah just a really wise and humble guy.
There are all the veterans like @twentyfourseven, which have really shaped urbex and its scene throughout Sydney; they made it what it is today.
Also some of my favorites are @lukieus @risky_flicks as well as gold coasters @aych20 and @nikonloveski and the homie all the way from Russia @rdream1 and his crew.

Worst aspect of urban exploration?

All the fucking toys, there are just so many 12 year olds with $2000 cameras trying to be urbex in Sydney and its just cringing, its gotten to the point where cops have gotten wind of the “Exploring movement” that’s plagued Sydney.
A bunch of people got done in the tunnels at Bondi Junction and the media release clearly said “Anyone choosing to trespass on railway property as a shortcut or to EXPLORE blah blah” but its getting to the point that police know just as much as the people inside the tunnel.
Also ridgees are being targeting too because of to many little kids raiding them to the point where there’s undo cops chilling in every back car while there running waiting for the kooks to pop the door right in front of them.

Best aspect of urban exploration?

Meeting new people, finding new spots and just having a good day shooting with no troubles.
Do you consider your actions and photography as ‘art’, ‘design’, performance art, vandalism, re-hashed crap?
Personally I think it all depends on what I’m shooting, if I’m doing graff photograph then vandalism yet other stuff like tunnels is more art like, the shots that come out of the exploring in them give a more arty outlook in it.
All the rest is just re-hashed and random shit that we come across.

(Below are a series of Urban Exploration photos, taken by ‘Henros’ in the Sydney CDB)

Henros - St James Tunnel + Lake 003


Henros - St James Tunnel + Lake 004

Henros - St James Tunnel + Lake 001

Henros - St James Tunnel + Lake 002

When and why did you first exploring?

Before I started properly shooting urbex I graffed, I use to bomb trains with a fair few people and did runups too but after getting done I just gave it up, I continued while I was waiting for court but it just wasn’t worth it.
I always like photography and I just slowly transitioned from graff to urbex.
Although exploring is my biggest hobby I really do miss graff and the pure rush you get from it.

Any pivotal exploring moment/influence?

I don’t have many things that I’ve done which has really moved me into a different direction although the train surfing over the bridge gave me a lot of coverage, which drove me to start going harder in my work.

What are the best and worst parts of living and being an urban explorer in Sydney, Australia aka ConvictTown?

Just the amount of kooks that do it and ruin a lot of aspects in it, as well as the vast amounts of cops that are always lurking train stations and the city.

How, in your opinion, has the rise of platforms such as Instagram impacted the life of an emerging explorer, and the scene in general?

A lot of the growth in urbex throughout Australia has come from social apps like Instagram, it’s really the only safe place to post flicks, but saying that a lot of the kids found urbex from that which lead in my opinion to the massive amounts of kids trying to do it too.

You have commented about graffiti that,

It might not mean much to the fools inside glued to their phones apart from vandalism yet to people that actually understand it’s beautiful, something different and unique and something that shows someone’s drive to fuck the authority and make a mark on society, graff can be done by anyone it’s just a matter of determination and the drive to get the fuck up and make a name for yourself.

I’d like to explore some of your points here in more detail…

* What do you think the general public’s perception of urban exploring and graffiti is?

I’m going to be straight out with it, in my opinion its vandalism and destruction of the governments property but there’s a lot more to it, graffiti seems to be an eyesore to some yet a lot of people would rather see a colorful, stylish and clean panel to brighten up their day then the boring old bland trains everyone sees.
Graffiti is seen as a problem more than a form of art.
I think urbex is looked at more of a crime then a form of photography and self expression, it’s very misunderstood especially to police, its just trespassing to them, not capturing aspects of Sydney which may never be seen again.

(Pictures below of ‘Henros’ out n about)

Henros in Action - Pic by unknown

Henros in Action - Pic by Chydney

Henros in Action - Pic by unknown 002

Henros in Action - Pic by unknown 004

Henros in Action - Pic by unknown 003

* What importance does “making a mark on society” have for you, and why?

This is simple to me, everyone wants to be known even after they die and I find making a mark is expressing yourself to everyone in society, showing the public what you do & what you belief in.
Expression is extremely important, everyone is becoming a slave to today’s laws and crazy policies, expression has to be exercised to remain sane and to do the things that you believe in, expression relies heavily on making a mark in my opinion.

* What does “making a name” mean to you, and why?

Making a name for yourself is going beyond the boundaries, doing something that hasn’t been done before in order to be known, making a mark is putting what you believe out there, enough to create discussion and contact.
Often things that have not been done before can make a person well known and give them a name and reputation as well as respect.

You were involved in the recent train surf over the SydneyHarbourBridge

* What on earth is wrong with you guys 😉 ?

Yeah we’re idiots but we’re just kids having fun, no matter what anyone else thinks.*

(Some pictures of the event, below)

Henros - 9 News - Train Over Bridge

Henros - 9 News - Train Over Bridge 004

Henros - 9 News - Train Over Bridge 003

Henros - 9 News - Train Over Bridge 002

Are you willing to explain the what, were, when and how?

Basically me, @tiskael @dhbl_ & @slaunted_ and myself just hit up a roof in Milsons point, we headed to the station were the idea of a back on (ride on the back) should be done to go out with a bang seeing as it was @dhbl’s last day before heading back to Brisbane.
We went to Wynyard and within 1 minute of arriving there a tango arrived and shit went down, @tiskael taking flicks and me and @slaunted filming.
I filmed the train coming through and was pretty stoked to see him on the back.
We ran out of the station but were pretty anxious cause we had no idea what happened seeing as he didn’t have a phone, I got a message of him that he was all good and we met up and yeah was a pretty fun day.

* What did it feel like having footage you had taken used on 9 News?

It came as a real surprised at the start but after I watch the report and all that it turned out not to bad, bit of cash wouldn’t of hurt 😉

* Why…?

@dhbl_ wanted to go out with a bang for his final day of his Sydney trip, he delivered and there was a lot of controversy but it was still so worth it, footage turned out great and he was pretty happy not getting into any strife even after such a big media storm.

Odds n Ends

What role did toys play in your childhood?

Wasn’t much for toys, more outside kicking the footy with the older brothers.

Who was your 1st crush and why?

I liked a few girls but my first proper crush was with a chick named Cassie, she was amazing but I’m not going to go into detail.

Does sex change everything?

Depends what the circumstances are, but in my opinion girls and boys can do the same thing, if you disagree your just closed minded and need to look at people from a different perspective.

Please describe your latest dream in detail…

Two people raided my home, knocked one out with a cricket bat when he charged me then had a chat with the other after I found out he was a kid from my school?
Really weird lol.

Have you ever tried psychedelics of any sort? And what was the experience like?

Only drug I’ve ever had is weed although ill probably experiment with some sort of heavier drug in the future.

(Picture by ‘Henros’ below)

Henros - Smoke

What does ‘lad’ culture mean to you and why?

Lad culture means to me kids who dress ratty and act like a rat in todays civilization, often involved in crime, drugs and violence.

If you are willing + able please sketch + describe the classic ‘lad’.

A lad is someone that lurks train stations, ratty suburbs, skate parks as well as shopping centers, often they will confront you asking for a cigarette or a spare dollar, often species become aggressive if you exchange looks for more than one second.
They rock tn’s/air maxies and Canterbury shorts and usually have some type of mullet/ratty as well as there trusty bumbag, with a swear coming out every second word and spitting every 5 seconds too.
Terrible people.

Who would win in a fight and why: a punk as all hell kid from the Coast Vs. an inner-city-lad?

I’ve had plenty of experiences with lads and majority are fucking bitches, easily the punk, they’re some of the toughest in my opinion.

(Picture below by ‘Henros’ of ‘Tubby Toy‘ in action)

Henros - TubbyToy

You are currently studying at an undisclosed high school in Sydney:

* how has formal study impacted your photography and exploring thus far?

Not much for study to be honest, shooting comes before school.

* What are your thoughts on Australian High School life in 2014?

I hate school its terrible for me, hate a lot of people and the work is killing me there but I’ve only got a year left.

* What are the best and worst parts of going to a private school?

The best would be my mates and how they all paint so were always fucking around and stuff.
Although something that I hate is the close mindless of people there, everyone has to be perfect, when there’s someone who challenges that it’s seen as such a bad thing from peers at school.

You commented on one of your photos:

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, as well as the Mum’s who have had to do both roles, they’re the real hero’s. Rest in paradise Dad, not as second goes by without missing you.

* What impact did your father have on you?

He was a legend, top bloke, was sick as a dog and still was everything I could ask for, he shaped my hobbies, beliefs and my outlook on life, always have and always will love/miss him <3

* What impact has your mother had on your life and development?

She basically did all the hard work, she works very hard to keep 3 boys (17,19,21) she’s amazing and deals with all my shit and still loves me, she’s my best mate and although sometimes its hard she’s still the a fucking legend and the best mum I could ask for.

(Picture below of the interior of ‘Pro Art‘ in Sydney, by ‘Henros’)

Henros - Pro Art Sydney

* What does your mom think of your exploring…. activities?

She hadn’t caught wind of everything I was doing till I got a text in school saying, “delete that video henros”.
Prior to this I uploaded a 3min video of train bombing and exploring shit which she somehow saw, she knows I do stuff but still lets me go out although she does always say, “Please don’t climb on any buildings etc.”.
It’s hard to do a lot of stuff because if I get done again my activities might be finished which is why I have to be as careful as possible.

The Future

Any major projects you want to hype man?

At the moment all my work will be going into my HSC for art and photography so I’m just collecting footage for the film, I’m making, this film will be released to everyone when I submit it to my final work its going to be good but there’s still a lot I need to film, apart from that jus usual work and exploring will be ongoing, also massive shout out the all the homies that have taken me out and taken me places as well as the rad kents I’ve met throughout the years, and massive thanks to @artwhorecult for this opportunity to have an Art Talk.


Henros - Train

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    Other research looking at cannabis and ADHD medication in combination have found some benefits from using the combination. One small survey of 59 patients found that cannabis use was associated with a reduction in ADHD medication, reduced ADHD symptoms and reduced anxiety. 11 All information provided on United Patients Group’s Website is provided for information purposes only and should not replace the opinion of a certified medical professional. But, as with all substances, it isn’t all cotton candy and cake. There are significant, long-term health risks that come from recreational use of Adderall and marijuana. If anything, long-term Adderall abuse itself can cause devastating, life-threatening effects like seizures, depression, and coma. Marijuana can also make people take more Adderall, which heightens their risk of incurring those negative effects.

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    The worst part? Casinos often advertise that their “average payouts” are as high as 95 percent. But beware: That number applies only to certain machines, and the casinos don’t rush to tell you which ones. You really need to read or ask about the fine print before playing. You can also check the information on the machine to see if it lists its payouts. (Don’t expect this information to be front and center.) Coyote Cash is a video slot. The game uses 25 fixed pay lines. It’s a 5-reel slot. Free spins, free re-spins, and the Wild feature are the critical Coyote Cash features. It’s available for Demo Play. That means that while slots may be the easiest way to win money at a casino, they’re also the least likely to pay out big jackpots. Blackjack and roulette are two other popular high RTP casino games.

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    Are you ready to play poker on the move? Then start playing PokerStars Mobile Poker, and get in the game anywhere, anytime. Notice a bug? Let us know here. – Earn rewards points every time you play any real money online casino games WENDGAMES Here in this article, we will list down different ways to Download Stars Casino by PokerStars on PC in a step by step guide. So before jumping into it, let’s see the technical specifications of Stars Casino by PokerStars. Mod Fast, Download Fast To sign up for a new account, open the PokerStars software and select the ‘New to PokerStars? Sign up’ option. There are several simple steps to create your Stars Account. You will need to enter a valid email address, and create a username. When you have agreed to our General Terms press ‘Finish’.
    If you’re regularly encountering the same poor player(s), it behooves you to take note and look for this person at the tables. As we’ve said countless times, poker is a game of imperfection information to be sure, but knowing you’ve got one fish on the hook is better than trying your luck in an ocean of unknowns. However, each poker room and casino may have their own specific rules on what is acceptable at the table and what is not. For example, what may be acceptable at The Bellagio in Las Vegas may not be acceptable at The Grosvenor in Swansea. It’s always good to familiarize yourself with the house rules before you start playing. The UK is set for a scorcher as temperatures soar to highs of 34C. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled to fully utilise the functionality of this website.

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    At 888casino NJ, all real money gambling games are guaranteed safe & fair. We are fully licensed and authorized to offer real money gambling games courtesy of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), and eCOGRA Safe & Fair. This is your assurance that all games are fair, safe and transparent. We also voluntarily submit all our games to independent testing with auditors, to ensure that our RNGs (Random Number Generators) are functioning optimally. The outcomes of all real money online casino games are completely random. 888casino NJ does not in any way, shape, or form influence the outcomes of games. It’s just like playing slots, card games or table games in Atlantic City, or Las Vegas – we are the real deal. While with free slot machines you can hone your skills and perfect your strategy, there is one big drawback: you can’t win any money! Real money slot machines can sometimes offer life-changing sums of money to players, and even the smaller winnings can intensify the excitement. If you’re unsure whether you’d like to try real money slot machines or stick with playing free casino slot games, we’ve detailed the benefits of both in the table below:
    Copyright © 2023 VIP Gambling Tours. All rights reserved. Return to top They also make use of mobile systems such as Android and iOS to check for mobile and app compatibility. The remaining balance is then drawn out to test the cashing out process. We pay the utmost attention to double-checking all the details about online casino offers, rules, and limitations. We don’t hesitate to test or contact online casino directly if we need to clarify the information. VIP membership requires depositing some amount of money depending on the casino of interest. Some casinos require huge one-time deposits while others allow installments. The VIP Lounge is available only for guests staying inside\nthe bookable room types. Non-transferable and management reserves all rights. We have reunited the most popular table games in our Live Casino section. As a member of Lucky VIP, you can play on the many variants of online roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker! Discover examples such as Live Lightning Roulette, Live Blackjack Party, and Live Speed Baccarat. We can also give you access to Evolution’s special Live Crazy Time and Live Dream Catcher.

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    Pennsylvania gambling proponents had wanted online poker to be legal long before it finally happened. Fortunately, the legislation was well worth waiting for. Poker players in this state have been able to play poker online ever since PokerStars opened its virtual doors in 2019. Other online poker USA operators are also expected to follow suit in the not-too-distant future, including 888poker and PartyPoker. Virtually all poker rooms offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo for cash games and some tournaments, so we gave additional points to online poker sites that offered additional poker variants. Licensed Sites – You must check carefully each online poker site you play at holds a valid online gambling license, make sure that the poker site is licensed by a leading gambling jurisdiction as this adds another level of safety and peace of mind to all of your online poker play.
    About The Author:Tadas Peckaitis is a professional poker player, published author and poker coach. He writes for a range of online publications and helps other poker players to excel. He can be followed on Twitter and Facebook. Zoom Apps enable a seamless experience for using other programs in Zoom. The idea is to use them to boost meeting productivity with apps for file sharing, project management, whiteboarding, and so on. Zoom Apps inspire collaboration and foster engagement by enabling meeting participants to execute in real-time, and get more out of meetings. Zynga, the very popular game maker of Farmville, Words with Friends, Empires and Allies, Cityville, CastleVille, Indiana Jones and MafiaWars, first created a Texas Hold’em game that has become the most popular free-to-play poker game in the world. The four-year-old game boasts over 30 million players, over 7 million playing daily, who interact and play online poker in a fun and friendly environment. Zynga has broadened the appeal and access by adding iPhone, Android, Yahoo!, and Google+ playing options to the original Facebook access to play their poker game.

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    Player Any Ace (1st Two Cards) – Either or both player cards are an Ace. By continuing to use the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies in order to provide you the best possible experience. Learn more Following these tips will allow the gambler to feel comfortable during the game, while saving the deposit. Blackjack card game is a great gambling pastime with simple rules. With some experience and the use of strategies it can bring not only moral satisfaction, but also a stable income. TriLux Super3When playing TriLux, you may also put a wager on the TriLux Super3 box. If your first 2 cards and the Dealer’s first card make 3 of a Kind (all cards are the same rank) this bet will pay 90 1. If these cards make a Straight Flush (3 cards in sequence and of the same suit) you win 180 1 and if they make 3 of a Kind and all are the same suit you will win 270 1!
    There are several apps available for you to play poker online with your friends. I’ll be taking a look at some of the apps below;PokerStarsYou have probably heard of PokerStars. Anyone involved with the poker world would have heard of it one way or another. PokerStars is easily one of the largest, if not the largest, poker operators in the world. The operators have been known to sponsor several poker tourneys.PokerStars mobile app is sensational. The interface is user-friendly, works flawlessly across different devices and platforms, and also has seamless touchscreen commands. To host a proper poker night, you’ll need around 35-50 chips per person. Make sure you have plenty on hand before inviting your guests over. But if you want to up the ante, you can make some custom DIY poker chips for a totally unique experience. Customize them to match your poker night theme, or include the date of your unforgettable poker night bash. They also double as some fun party favors for your guests. They make the perfect souvenir to remember a spectacular night of bluffs, big risks, and fun with friends. 

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    I, Zombie is 5-reel and 25-pay lines slot. When you open the I, Zombie real money online slot, you will experience thrills and goosebumps down your spine. The slot incorporates Free Spin multipliers and expanding symbols to ensure maximum engagement. Still not sure which free online slot to play? Check out our overview of the most popular free slots below, where you can find out the slot’s software provider, the RTP, the number of reels, and the number of paylines. The bonus slots are appealing to online slots fans and thus attract thousands of online bettors daily. Whether or not a slot game features a bonus round is usually a deciding factor for many when players when selecting online slots game to play regularly. This is because the amount of enjoyment and the rewards derived from bonus slots games are compounded, as bonus slots offer substantial winnings as well as free spins to winning players.
    We are the leading supplier of custom and non-custom poker chips, poker cases, poker tables, and gaming related accessories. GARDENING COMMUNITY US Playing Card Co. Wynn Las Vegas Jumbo Index Bee Red Cards Sometime in the 1960s these cards became the standard playing card in the casino industry – a position they still hold to this day. The stock and finish is excellent and it has recently become popular to request “Bee stock” when printing non-Bee cards for the magician market. These are the favored cards of gambling experts Richard Turner and Steve Forte. You’ll never run out of cards at your next Poker Night with the Bicycle Rider Poker Deck 3 Pack! Play Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, or any other card game. Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination.

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