Article – Shane Bugbee Discusses His Two Portland Art Shows Happening on October 5th 2018

Shane Bugbee is an American artist, writer, publisher, curator, journalist, salesman, manager and even for a brief period – successful soda-pop purveyor. Indeed in our varied and sordid career running Art Whore, Shane is the closest we have come to finding the very aspect of ART encompassed in human form. Art is Shane, and Shane is art.

Recently Shane moved to Oregon and has quickly embedded himself in the State’s culture scene, and this coming October 5th in the city of Portland, Oregon; Shane is holding two art shows – to present to the world the fruits of his many years of artistic creation, celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday, and to showcase to the world artists that Shane loves. Pure ego, meets selfless scene builder. Pure Shane. Pure ART.

(The flyers for both of Shane’s October 5th shows, below)

Both shows will feature art, music, performances, food and other surprises and are not to be missed experiences! To that end we sat down with Shane to find out more about the upcoming shows, as well as to discuss what Shane loves about the great city of Portland, and the local artists he admires.

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Art Talk – Shane Bugbee

Shane Bugbee - 2013 GOOD

Mr. Shane Bugbee is an underground legend. Born in 1968, he established ‘Mike Hunt’ publishing in the late 1980’s and has been an artist, publisher, writer, photographer, historian, searcher and, in his mother-in-law’s terms, “flimflam man” ever since.

Indeed Shane is a man whose whole reason for existence is creation. Both his own, and propagating others;  releasing or representing underground luminaries such as Mike Diana, Anton  LaVey, Ragnar Redbeard, John Wayne Gacy, Dana Plato and many many more.

(Picture below of the logo of Shane’s publishing company – ‘Mike Hunt Publishing’)


Shane’s motto is “Creative Class Trumps Ruling Class“. A motto and sense of faith in the artist to be admired and indeed propagated.

So get to know Shane Bugbee – a man at the heart of the underground since the 1980’s – by reading the Art Talk below…

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