Art Talk – Russell Taysom

Russell Taysom - LOGO - 003

Russell Taysom is a UK born and based artist and musician creating hyper colored, textural, technical and humorous art. His unique style has seen him work with US rapper ‘Rif Raff’, Art Whore Approved brand ‘Trippy Pins’, UK label ‘Fluffer Records’, ole ‘Tittybats’ and countless others.

Recently Russell has also begun dabbling in sculpting, with one of his art toy creations – Malibu Mutant Barbie – being featured at ‘Streets of Beige’. A move Art Whore will keenly be keeping eyes on!

(Picture below of the Mutant Barbie figure by Russell)

Russell Taysom - Art Toy - Malibu Mutant Barbie - 001

With LOTS in the works with Russell as always, now is the perfect time to get to know the man and his art by reading the Art Talk below…

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