Art Talk 2 – Lance aka ‘Renone’ of ‘Renone Labs’ and ‘Rotten’

Lance aka ‘Renone’ of ‘Renone Labs’ is an American artist, designer, publisher, scene builder, and all round creative mensch who work has been blowing our minds for many years now. His most recent project is ‘Rotten’ – a gang of artists and misfits who create toys, stickers, art, apparel and more.

(Photo below of a toy version of Lance’s well known Minion character)

Seeing as though it has been over four years since we last spoke with Lance, we decided to hit him up for a catch up interview to get up to speed with all his current projects, work with ‘Rotten’, thoughts on the art toy game, his artistic process, and a whole lot more.

Read it all, below….

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Art Talk – Lance aka ‘Renone’ of ‘Renone Labs’

Renone Labs - Logo

Lance aka ‘Renone’ of ‘Renone Labs’ is  a one man American design and art factory who has collaborated with too many artists to mention, all the while building up his own practice. A dedication that has led to the man being held in immensely high regard by the industry and fans alike.

(Picture below of the ‘Renone Labs’ Minion, in resin form)

Renone x F.O.D - logo resin

Those at home may know ‘Renone’ best for his stickers and his reputation as a vandal. He has recently been getting his feet wet with his dive into the resin sculpture world with his resin pizza, minion and more.

Lance’s love for the scene has also seen him venture into publishing, with the release of his first book, ‘Artists of Instagram’ – featuring ‘Arrex‘, ‘Killer Bootlegs‘, ‘Motorbot‘, ‘Extratruckestrial‘ and ‘Astrosim‘.

With a huge reputation behind him, and lots of new ventures in the works, now is a perfect time to get to know Lance aka ‘Renone’ by reading the Art Talk below…

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