Art Talk – Rel Pham aka ‘Terhor’

Rel Pham aka ‘Terhor’ is an Australian artist who has been making major waves in the local scene for a few years now. His work a unique mix of pop art, dada, graffiti and digital culture.

Gaining his start in the world of graff and street art Rel has since pivoted into predominately making fine art. On top of this, ‘Terhor’ recently teamed up with fellow Australian art star Zeke’s Lunchbox, Voltron style to form the new entity TeeZee. With TeeZee both Rel and Zeke remain separate, yet joined. Teaming up for murals, group shows and commercial releases such as apparel.

(Some digital art by Rel, below)

With Terhor’s style having recently evolved once again – per it’s usual 2 year or so cycle – now is the perfect time to get to know the future cyborg and his art, by reading the Art Talk below…

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