Art Talk – Tom Snaw aka ‘SNAW’ aka ‘SNAWLAX’

SNAW - logo

Tom Snaw aka ‘SNAWLAX’ is a Frank Zappa, MAD magazine loving vandal who has been hitting the streets of Convict Town for years with his unique tags, throws, murals and stickers.

Snaw is not a writer to ever rest on his laurels. He gets up constantly, varies his style at will, and makes a huge effort to stain those hard to reach places.

(Picture below of Snaw getting up in the Sydney CBD)

SNAW - SNAW- Getting Up

Indeed, Snaw sums up his approach to graffiti and getting up as:

I was more inspired by the ‘zorro’ approach to graff.

I like the mystery, i don’t really socialise with other writers i prefer to get in, paint, get a flick, add it to the pile, move on to the next one.”

Now with years of street work to his name, and a recent entry into the ‘legit’ world with his apparel brand, now is the perfect time to get to know ole Snaw by reading the Art Talk interview, below…

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