Art Talk – Blackie Burns aka ‘Raptor Blood’

Raptor Blood - Logo 005

Blackie Burns AKA Raptor Blood is an Australian photographer and street artist whose work involves that most joyous of activities – exploring. Art installed exploring, photos of areas explored when installing art, photos to record the instillation for posterity…

Aesthetically all the Raptor Blood art is cold. Icy even. From design, to street art, to photos, there is the sense of doom, decay, and industrialisation. Yet these are beautifully cold. They draw the viewer into the world. A visual ice bath invigorating the senses.

(A Raptor Blood photo, of a Raptor Blood paste up, below)

Raptor Blood - Art 005

With a growing reputation, and lots in the works, now is the perfect time to get up to date with Raptor Blood, by reading the Art Talk below…

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