Art Talk – Ross Radiation of ‘Radiation Art’

Ross Radiation - Wallpaper 001

Australian artist Ross Radiation’s work is evocative of the pop art and comic book greats, yet imbued with it’s own aesthetic: hyper color, bold lines, ooze, seemingly drunk / drugged out eyes and immensely powerful women.

Ross gained his initial artistic foothold via his work in the 1990’s Australian underground comic scene – a time of beer, bongs, flannel, rock n roll and no internet. During this time Ross worked and befriended fellow Australian luminaries such as Glenn ‘Glenno’ Smith, Anton Emdin, Stu Stratu and Louise Graber.

Today Ross works as an artist and freelancer in both traditional and digital art to a loyal and ever growing legion of fans and admirers.

(A recent picture of Ross, below)

Ross Radiation - Portrait

A man constantly working, growing and pushing his art, now is the perfect opportunity to get to know Ross and his art, by reading the highly informative Art Talk, below…

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