Art Talk – Louie Chavez of ‘Nuke Beach’

Louie Chavez - Portrait of Louie - 004
Louie Chavez is an American multidisciplinary artist who recently turned his impressive array of skills to the art toy¬†game under the banner ‘Nuke Beach’.

Louie has thus far released 2 large scale, entirely self-produced resin works to much acclaim, with many many more creations in the ‘Nuke Beach’ pipeline.

(Picture below of some ‘Nuke Beach’ resin freaks.)

Nuke Beach - Resin Gang - 001

With Series 2 of ‘Nuke Beach’ in the works, and a slew of other figures ready for release, now is the perfect time to get to know Louie, his art and ‘Nuke Beach’, by reading the ‘Art Talk’ below:

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