Art Talk – Stian Simensen aka ‘Astrosim’ aka ‘Kvistbaal’

polaroid zombie

Stian Simensen aka ‘Astrosim’ aka ‘Kvistbaal’ is a Norwegian artist gaining a strong and loyal following thanks to his work ethic, varied styles and unique eye.

Stian gained his initial foray into art like many of us – through a childhood exposed to pop culture and music. After stepping back from art for most of his 20’s, he emerged as an artist with an eye for detail, the macabre and that all important sense of narrative.

(Picture below of some digital art by Stian)

Stian Simensen - Digital - 005

With a whole new series of works ready to be debuted under the ‘Kvistbaal’ moniker and new art constantly being revealed, now is the perfect time to get to know Stian by reading the Art Talk below…

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