Art Talk – Rafael Pantoja aka ‘Frank Mysterio Jr’

Rafael Pantoja aka ‘Frank Mysterio Jr’ is a Mexican artist with a global following thanks to his magnificent art and designer toys. Whilst Frank can work in any style known to man he is best known for his Pre Hispanic (Aztec, Mayan etc) inspired lines and psychedelic use of colour.

With his art toy work, Frank has followed the standard path, starting with customs on other artist’s toys, and then working his way up to his own creations. Initially all made in Japan. Recently Frank has turned innovator and begun producing art toys DIY style in his home country of Mexico – such as the Primitivo figure above.

(A photo of Rafael below)

With Frank a pioneer in the world of designer toys, and continuing to spread his art all over the world, now is the perfect time to get to know the man, by reading the Art Talk interview, below…

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#AWTR – Frank Mysterio – ‘Primitivo’ soft vinyl – One Off

  • Produced By = Frank Mysterio (Mexico)
  • Figure Name = ‘Primitivo’ aka ‘Primitive Monster’
  • Custom By = Frank Mysterio (one off custom)
  • Release Details = Frank Mysterio – ‘Primitivo’ aka ‘Primitive Monster’ soft vinyl – One Off (Custom request by Art Whore from February 2017)
  • Material = Soft Vinyl (made in Mexico)
  • Country of Production = Mexico
  • Height = 23 cm
  • Depth = 7 cm
  • Width = 15 cm (arm to arm)
  • No of Parts = 4 (head, body + 2 arms)
  • Released = February 2017
  • Sculpt Debut = February 2017
  • Price = US$ 70
  • Genre = Sofvi

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