Art Talk – Jonathan McBurnie aka ‘King of Nails’

Jonathan McBurnie aka ‘King of Nails’ is an Australian artist and writer who first came to our attention thanks to an introduction by fellow artist and our dear friend Ella Condon. We were immediately drawn to both Jonathan himself and his work as both are a perfect mix of high brow and pop-as-fuck.

Jonathan works with classic fine art tropes such as the landscape, the female nude and the portrait. Juxtaposed against the ephemera of popular culture – Objects such as children’s toys, fast cars and giant blow up animals. People such as Bob Dylan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackson Pollock and Ned Kelly. Fictional characters such as The Phantom and Batman. Everyday language and text forms such as signs, and pamphlets – to name but a few recurring tropes.

Put simply? All of Jonathan’s work is high technical, full of beautiful and varied linework, immediately eye catching and pulsating with eros. We just can’t get enough!

(Photo of Jonathan McBurnie below)

With Jonathan about to have his first career survey show in November this year, and making the initial steps into the designer toy world, now is the perfect time to get to know the man and his art, by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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