Art Talk – Corinne Halbert

Corinne Halbert - Hate Baby - Issue 1 Cover

Corinne Halbert is an American artist hailing from Chicago who first came to Art Whore’s attention thanks to her ‘Hate Baby’ comic. ‘Hate Baby’ has been published at a steady pace sine 2009 slowly building an ever increasing readership and fan base.

Corinne’s art traverses many styles and mediums – from paintings, to stickers, prints, zines and comics – with themes of violence, sex, perversion, the body and humor found throughout. Creepy meets cute.

Interestingly, Corinne hails outre legend Mike Diana as a pivotal influence – with Corinne stating:

Seeing Mike Diana’s comics for the first time made me realize you can really say whatever you want with your art. I had at times felt like maybe my stuff was too dark or disturbing for anyone to like it.

It was a really awesome feeling to look at drawings that were so incredibly awesome and so fucked up, it helped me to feel ok with the things that I was drawing.

(Picture of Corinne below)

Corinne Halbert - Corinne 002

With Corinne constantly pushing her art at a furious pace, and her first solo show just behind her, now is the perfect time to get to know Corinne and her art, by reading the Art Talk interview below…

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