Art Talk – Erick Mahendra a.k.a Harian Harimau


Erick Mahendra aka Harian Harimau is part of the tight-night Indonesian art scene – along with fellow ‘Art Whore’ interview subject Yahya Dwi Kurniawan aka ‘Yahyatune’ and other Art Whore Approved artists such as Gumilar Lukisani aka @gindringwaste, Reza Ray aka @rezarayfajar and Ican Harem.

The current Indonesian scene involves players who are often more than traditional artists, being clothing designers, photographers, musicians and general all round multi faceted creatives. Erick is part of this trend, being an artist, clothing designer and musician – creating works at a furious pace.

(A recent picture of Erick, below)


With so much happening in the tight nit Indonesian scene, and Erick being an integral part, now is the perfect time to get that knowledge by reading the Art Talk below…

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