Art Talk – Tony Papesh

Tony Papesh - self portrait 003

Mr. Tony Papesh is an American artist who began his life adventure of creation from the genesis of being a bed-ridden sickly child. A child with a very active imagination, ample time on his hands, and the raw talent needed to turn his mind to art!

Today Tony’s art is respected world wide for it’s unique style,┬átechnical brilliance, and gloop. Lots of gloop. All imbued with that 1970’s patchouli freak scene – beer, psychedelics, denim and weirdos.

(Picture below of a painting by Tony called ‘Keep it Down’)

Tony Papesh - Painting - Keep it Down - 2013

Interestingly, Tony is also a skilled digital technician – with his art being used for DJ Shadow’s 2011 LP ‘The Less You Know, the Better’.

With lots in the works from Tony, and a unique world view, now is the perfect time to get to know Tony the man and artist, by reading the Art Talk interview below….

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