Art Talk – Derek James Carter aka ‘DOER’


Mr Derek James Carter or ‘DOER’ is an artist who grew from his roots in the graffiti world of Sydney, Australia in the 1980’s, to become the highly respected multi disciplined artist he is today. The whole time remaining true to his roots whilst being unafraid to learn, grow and branch out, both artistically and collaboratively.

For ‘DOER’:

“Art is basically a journey, you can call it what you want it is very subjective and sometimes I feel it is spiritual and other times just a lot of work but it is my life path and that is how it is.”

(A recent picture below of Derek in the wild)

DOER - Painting - Pic by Cori - 001

So get to know Derek and get schooled on graffiti history by reading the Art Talk below…

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