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Ramsey’s Rants – ‘Void Man’ by The Mark Ultra x Scarecrowoven


Ramsey ‘The Ranter’ Malone is the perfect art toy reviewer. She works for free, is impervious to any potential haters and provides her opinions immediately.

Ramsey’s comments stem from the childhood id we all know and remember – overflowing with enthusiasm, and powered by the crashing highs and debilitating lows of that joyous joyous sugar.

So sit back and bear witness to Art Whore’s new column, Ramsey’s Rants – overseen by Ramsey’s loving father Kevin – below…

  • Artist(s) – The Mark Ultra + Scarecrowoven
  • Name – ‘Void Man’
  • Year – 2013
Ramsey) Whoooah… What’s this?

Kevin) Name’s ‘Void Man’.

(Picture below of ‘Void Man’ by The Mark Ultra x Scarecrowoven)


R) What does void mean?

K) Void means ‘empty’ or ‘space’.

R) So he has space?! But he’s all alone?

K) Yeah like he’s all alone or in outer space.

R) He’s not alone any more!

K) He’s with all the other toys isn’t he.

R) laughter….

K) So what do you think about it?

R) I like it.

(Picture below of a close-up of the ‘Void Man’ figure itself)


K) What do you think of the little guy, the figure?

R) Coooool…

K) He is cool isn’t he.

Do you like the paint of the black……

R) *interrupting* AND the white – look at that!

K) Do you like how it looks like he got lightning bolts n stuff on his chest and head?

R) yeaaaaahhhhhhh.

K) What do you think about the packaging? What do you think of the art?

R) Why are you asking me weird questions?

K) Cause were gonna do toy interviews!

R) Yeahhhhh…. My foot is tired!

K) What’s wrong with your foot?

R) It hurts!

K) *trying to get Ramsey back on track* The guy did a good job drawing it (the card art) didn’t he! It looks pretty cool.

R) *in agreement* Hm Hm.

K) Would you own it and play with it?

R) *enthusiastically* Uhhhhhh Huuhhhhh! He would… Rule the earth!

K) Yeah I think he would rule the earth and probably outer space.

Look, he even has a little drawing on the back!

(Picture below of the card-back to ‘Void Man’, including a  self portrait by Mike Kirchoff aka The Mark Ultra)


R) What’s that drawing of?

K) It’s the guy who made it! He drew a little cartoon of himself.

R) *very enthusiastically* He has a moustache!

K) Yes he has a moustache.

R) I didn’t know that!

The Art Whore Summery

So. Ramsey likes ‘Void Man’. A lot. The package, design and paint job all gaining solid approval.

Importantly, Ramsey approves of Mike AKA The Mark Ultra’s personal grooming choices and self depiction skills on the card-back.

Hell, Ramsey thinks ‘Void Man’ is so bad-ass that he would rule the universe given half a chance!

Sadly though, ‘Void Man’ lost her attention a bit due to pressing foot pain issues that led to her questioning why she got into the review game in the first place.


N.B: to send any work to Ramsey for review, please email Ramsey’s father Kevin-

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