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Ramsey’s Rants – Lucha Doh resin figure by ‘Extra Truckestrial Custom Toys’


…Now kick-back, and bear witness to Ramsey’s Rant about the ‘Lucha Doh’ resin  figure – overseen by Ramsey’s loving father Kevin – below…

Kevin) Aight, check this guy out.

Ramsey): *Said in a tone of shock and awe* Haha, you can switch it! That’s so cooooool!!!

(Picture below of the Lucha Doh resin figure)


K) Yup, you can switch the parts out. Look at all that.

R) Is that a Simpson’s body?

K) Yeah, that’s Homer’s body.

R) Hmmm…. *Followed by the clicking sound of parts being switched out.*

K) That is a Mexican wrestler head. Remember the wrestlers that wear masks?

R) Mmm Hmm. A tiny tiny head.

K) Yeah, that’s another wrestler. He’s called the Big Boss Man. You can also put arms on them.

R) *Once again the clicking sound of parts being switched out.*

K) Hahaha. That’s cool, huh? We’re probably going to need to more toys that do this, huh?

R) Mmm Hmm.

K) *Shows Ramsey the Power Crystal.* That’s what gave him his magical powers to be able to switch arms and heads. That’s his Power Crystal.

R) *slightly confused* His power crystal?

K) Yup, his power crystal. That’s what gives him his special powers. Look at that Skull. Isn’t that cool? It’s nice and shiny.

R) *more part switching* Hehe.

K) Haha. Now he’s a skeleton Homer.

(Picture below of the Lucha Doh in skeleton Homer mode)


R) A three headed.

K) Yup, he’s a three headed monster now isn’t he.

R) Four headed for fun.

K) Yeah, if we had more magnets. And the great thing is that it’s white. So, we can paint it and all it’s parts. Do you want to paint some of his parts someday?

R) Mmm Hmm

K) What do you want to paint?

R) Anythying.

K) Maybe we’ll let you paint that crystal or something.

K) *Shows Ramsey the alien hand* I like that hand. It’s one of my favorites. Look this hand has a little face. Do you see his little face?

R) Oh, yeah. There’s the face right there. That’s weird.

K) Yeah, funny huh?

R) *Holds up power crystal* But, this gave him his powers?

K) Yup, that’s his power crystal that gave him his special powers. We have an extra power crystal in here. *Searches for crystal* It’s a two colored power crystal.

R) Is that the only two?

K) Yup, the only two power crystals.

R) They look like cake!

K) They do kind of look like cake, don’t they.

R) Which head should I use?

K) Ummmmmmmm…. I would use….. Use that wrestler head. Cause that’s how he got his name Lucha Doh. Cause it a luchador. And the Doh part came from Homer.

R) Which two should I use? *Ramsey is seriously getting into playing with the figure at this point*

K) What?…. Hands?

R) Mmm Hmm

K) Let’s do the gun and that hand. What do you think? *Holding up a new combination*

R) *Enthusiastically* Cooooool!

K) Hahaha

K) Tim made that. The guy who made your Easter Island heads.

R) Mmm hmm.

K) Your little tiki guys. (As she calls the Easter Island heads).

R) Mmm Hmm

K) He also sent you some Christmas presents but you can’t open those until Christmas.

R) *said with immense disappointment* Ah man… Wish I could open them now.

K) We’ll open them on Christmas.

R) How bout on Christmas Eve?

K) *giving in* Yeah, we can open them on Christmas Eve.

The Art Whore Summery

Thus far the ‘Lucha Doh’ has gotten the best response from Ramsey. And it makes a whole lotta sense. Why? A word dear to all children’s hearts: Playability.

Hell, even Ramsey’s dad Kevin loves it enough to bypass the rules of Christmas and allow Ramsey to open up more of Tim’s creations on Christmas eve!

And importantly, this time Kevin was so swept up in playing with the Lucha Doh along with Ramsey, that no attempt was made at Star Wars indoctrination. A rare outcome for a Ramsey’s Rant.

Tim of ‘Extra Truckestrial Costom Toys’, you sir are commended.

And Kevin, give Ramsey some paints and help her get painting. A Ramsey Lucha Doh colourway would be amazing!


N.B: to send any work to Ramsey for review, please email Ramsey’s father Kevin –


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