Art Whore

Ramsey’s Rants – ‘Azul’ by Irish Mofo, DLL Customs, MDCN and Sidekick Labs


  • Artist(s) – Irish Mofo, Dll Customs, MDCN and Sidekick Labs (Released by ‘Galactic Jerkbags‘)
  • Name – ‘Azul’
  • Year – 2013

…So kick-back, and bear witness to Ramsey’s Rant about ‘Azul’ – overseen by Ramsey’s loving father Kevin – below…

K) Check this out! *shows Ramsey ‘Azul’*

(Picture below of ‘Azul’)


R) How come you can’t see his horns?

K) Caus it wraps around his body.

R) Why else?

K) Uhhhhhh I don’t know… Maybe they just didn’t include it in the toy, like they did on the back card.

K) He’s a character from Star Wars 2, his name’s Bib.

R) Bib?

K) Yeah, Bib!

R) *laughter* How do you know?

K) Caus I’ve watched all the Star Wars

R) *know-it-all-tone* I know!!

K) And they made the packaging…

(Picture below of the ‘Azul’ card-back)


R) *interrupting* He was sixty dollars!

K) No, it wasn’t sixty dollars! That’s the signature of the Sucklord. He signed it “Sucklord 66”. He’s the guy that made all those toys over there *points to his Sucklord collection*

R) Hmmmm…

K) And a couple of others signed it too! Irish Mofo, who is the guy who painted the toy, and then Tom. He’s the guy who made this cool card-back.

K) AND it’s all in Spanish!

R) What does it say?

K) His name, ‘Azul’. Which means ‘blue’ in Spanish.

R) Why is it Spanish?

K) Caus they wanted to make it like a bootleg Spanish toy.

R) *laughter*

K) And it says ‘Blue Demon Messenger’, that’s his name.

R) *sounding slightly scared* What does that mean?

K) It’s what they wanted to call him!

R) *points at card-back* What does THAT say?

K) ‘Senores De Juegetes’… I can’t remember what that means. We’ll have to look it up.

R) *laughter*

K) Do you know who that little mouse is? *points to card-back*

R) Uhhhhh Mario?

K) No! He’s not from Mario. He’s an old cartoon…

R) Hmmmm…

K) He’s Speedy Gonzales!

R) *excited* SPEEEDYYY!!!

K) Yeah! He’s an old cartoon that daddy used to watch.

R) He’s named after Speedy!

K) *going along with Ramsey’s egg before chicken thought process* Yeah, he’s named after our pet tortoi….

R) *interrupting* TURTLE!

K) Yeah!

R) I’m happy he’s not a snapping turtle!

(Picture below of a detail of the ‘Azul’ figure)


K) *attempting to get Ramsey back on track with her review* What do you think then? Do you like this one?

R) Yeah!

K) It’s your favorite color too!

R) MmmmmHmmmm!

The Art Whore Summery

Whilst US Customs MAY think ‘Azul’ nothing more than a reject unfit for legal sale, Ramsey loves it. The figure and card art all gaining solid approval.

Hell the piece is pretty much all blue, and that’s her favorite color.

PLUS the toy is educational! Ramsey got exposed to a quick Spanish lesson and some pop-culture cartoon history.

Down side? Ramsey has now been exposed to the fact that her father has a slight infatuation with Star Wars and he may also be spending shocking amounts of money on toys.


N.B: to send any work to Ramsey for review, please email Ramsey’s father Kevin –

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