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Fan Talk – Ramsey ‘The Ranter’ Malone

Ramsey 2013 with Prometheus Alchemist Ramsey Rocks toy 002

Ramsey Malone likes art toys. A lot. A vice her father Kevin is more than happy to indulge – as can be easily evidenced by the above photo of Ramsey holding her namesake one-off piece by ‘Prometheus Alchemist‘.

Ramsey is not only encouraged by her father to accept gifts from strangers, she is also being schooled in the ways of the toy by Kevin.

(Picture below of Ramsey loving her ‘Monsters and Mecha‘ Raar piece)

Ramsey 2013 with toy 004

As a result of her knowledge and cute factor,  we at ‘Art Whore’ have decided to let Ramsey bring her expertise of toys to the people.

So stay tuned for Ramsey’s upcoming review column, Ramsey’s Rants.

Why? Well ‘Art Whore’ knows that it’s always best to hide vicious criticism, behind a small-girl. I mean no one can get mad at a small girl, can they? Plus who better to review Art Toys than a well opinionated child!

So get to know Ramsey the Ranter herself, by reading the interview below… And stay tuned for her upcoming column!

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

Ramsey Julia Elaine Malone. August 28th, 2006

City, State n Country you’re from?

Ironton, Ohio (USA)

Favorite TV show(s)?

Deadtime Stories, Sam & Cat, Smurfs (original), Most things on the Disney Chanel lol

Favorite movie(s)?

Christmas Story

(Picture below of Ramsey approving of a ‘The Mark Ultra‘ resin piece)

Ramsey 2013 with Mark Ultra toy

Favorite books and comics?

Splat the Cat, SpiderMan

Favorite band(s)?

Katy Perry, Jackson 5

Favorite artist(s)?

Imbalanced Chemist (aka Prometheus  Alchemist), Extratruckestrial, Monsters & Mecha (DMS & Neese Plush), Killer Bootlegs, Scraped Resin, The Mark Ultra, DrilOne, The Sucklord, and anyone else with artistic resin skills.

(Picture below of Ramsey holding a ‘Ham FX‘ x ‘Killer Bootlegs‘ collaborative work, Gollum)

Ramsey 2013 with Gollum by Ham FX x Killer Bootlegs toy

Favorite subject at school?

Gym and Reading

Toy Questions

What do you think of your dad’s toy obsession?

They’re cool.

(Picture below of Ramsey and her loving enabler father Kevin)

Kevin n Ramsey

How did you get interested in toys?

Don’t remember. Probably a stuffed animal I liked.

Why do you like toys?

Because they are fun to play with.

What do you think about self described ‘girls toys’ – like Barbie and Bratz – do you play with them or are they silly?

They are ok. But I like Monster High the best.

Ramsey 2013 with Prometheus Alchemist Ramsey Rocks toy

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