Art Whore

Art Talk – Kathleen Voigt aka Seriously Silly K of ‘Seriously Silly Girls’


Ms. Kathleen Voigt is a self trained German born artist currently residing in Florida, USA.

Kathleen, working under the name Seriously Silly K has been producing sculptural jewellery works for many years and has recently begun creating sculptural resin works *cough* art toys *cough* as well.

Importantly, all of Kathleen’s work is highly technical, beautiful and imbued with a sense of mirth.

(Picture below of a hand-painted Sinner resin, by Kathleen)

Sinner NYCC

Sinner NYCC - back

…with a busy 2014 ahead, now is the perfect time to get schooled on Kathleen Voigt aka ‘Seriously Silly K’ by reading the interview below…

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

Kathleen Voigt + You never ask a Lady about her Age 😉

City, State n Country you’re Repping?

I’m from Germany, but located in Florida USA since 2009.

(Pictures below of a one-off hand painted and sculpted resin Owl, from an ongoing series of Owls by Kathleen)


Owl - back

Describe a memory from three stages of yr life ….basically trying to piece together Ms. Silly K’s pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, school, college… ANYTHING ma’am.

* age 10 – pre pubes:

Playing with Barbies. My favorite one was the Pamela Anderson Baywatch Barbie and her Flipper.
Also both Kens kept molesting my Dolls on a regular Basis.

* age 15 – pube rage:

Pretty much a dork with A Grades. My Mom can tell you all about my hormonal temper tantrums though.

* age 20 – acceptance of pubes:

Finished my 3 Year apprenticeship as insurance sales woman and lived independently in my own apartment in Hamburg.

Personal motto/quote?

Always look on the silly side of life  (^_^)

(Picture below of a raw sculpt of a dog and it’s well loved chew-toy, by Kathleen)

Dog - one leg

Favorite band(s)?

Hmmm…my taste in music has changed over the years.
Of course i used to be Metal and Goth orientated during my teenage years.
But i’ve also always have been into and enjoying to this day the 80’s, Synth Pop and  Reggae.
What i never grew out of is Depeche Mode.

Favorite TV show(s)?

  • American Horror Story (all 3 seasons have been blowing me away)
  • The Walking Dead
  • Ufo and Conspiracy Docus (Ancient Aliens, Unsealed – Alien Files, Monsters and Mysteries in America and so on)
  • Universe related Shows (Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, How the Universe works, Futurescape)

Favorite sport(s) + teams?


(Picture below of a music loving panda, sculpted and painted by Kathleen)

Music Loving Panda

Favorite movie(s)?

  • The Fifth Element…Grew up with that Movie and it never gets old!
  • The Harry Potter Films
  • Old Boy ( Original Korean Version)
  • The Last Unicorn
  • SinCity
  • Pans Labyrinth

Favorite books and comics?

Honigmond‘ from Gabriel Barylli

General Questions

Company motto?

“…Where Smiles and Giggles happen.”

(Picture below of Kathleen and her dog Meaty)

Kathleen and dog

Dogs Vs. Cats – who wins, and why?

Now that is a good Question!!
It really depends on the type of Canine and Feline, who duel each other.
Imagine a Chihuahua fighting a Cat…The outcome is clearly Cat: 1 , Dog: 0
No in all seriousness now, I’m definitely a dog person. And when i say dogs, i mean real dogs…no tiny, fragile foot honks.
I own a Rescue Pitbull. Even though, he is damaged from his previous life, Meaty is loyal, loving, protective, plus you can squeeze and spoon the poop out of him. He HATES Cats though and it wouldn’t end well for the Feline.
All the positive aspects, i mentioned about dogs, they simply don’t apply to cats. While dogs respect you as their owner, a human is for a cat more like hired staff. They make you their bitch 😉

‘Seriously Silly K’ Art Questions

Favorite ‘other’ artist(s)?

Salvador Dali has been a big inspiration my whole life.
But oh man, I’ve come across so many crazy good Artists over the past 7 Months alone on Instagram… So where do i start?! Let’s see…
John Santagada (‘RadioactiveUppercut’) draws these crazy, colorful trippy monsters and creatures, i can’t get enough of.
Daniel Fleres – the creator of the “Swanicorn” – has a very playful, cute style! I’m proud to own a couple of his Drawings.
Jonathan Dubose (‘DuboseArt’) mastered the Art of Resin Casting. Have you seen his newest clear and color mixed marbled Resin Creations?
And Ofeloner is another one with such a unique Style, who keeps knocking tattoo related designs with a twist out of the park.
Topheroy‘ is fantastic at airbrushing rainbows on art toys! that color scheme is my favorite!
The List of Artists could go on and on like this, but these are  just a few Names, that come right away to my mind. There are many more, i truly admire!!!!

(Picture below of some bagged Sinner’s by Kathleen, with header art by John Santagada of ‘Radioactive Uppercut’)

Sinner - Bagged with Header

Worst aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

I don’t really know, how to answer this question as i have problems with the word hustle.
I’m NOT a hustler, baby…maybe that’s the worst part 😉

Best aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

…there we are again…

Do you consider what you are making to be ‘art’, ‘design’, re-hashed crap?

I am very passionate and dedicated to the things, i create.
What i make is not only Art, but  each piece is also a part of me, coming from my mind, being realized by my hands with love, attention to the detail and sometimes pared with frustration.

(Picture below of the ‘HFD’ AKA ‘Hela Fass Doo‘ mascot, by Kathleen)

HFD mascot

When and why did you first start making ‘art’ (toys, drawings, paintings, anything)?

The artsy side lays in my family.
My Father, whom i don’t have any contact to anymore for many years now, is a very talented oil painter and wood carver in his spare time.
My brother definitely inherited the bigger talent from him, but sadly lets his gift wither away. I was only blessed to a portion of that talent, but with practice worked my way up and I hope to improve more with time 🙂
In school I enjoyed the obligatory “artclass” once a week for 1 hour the most during my school years. It wasn’t really an art education though and i could never afford nice art supplies and materials; So i made the best out of what i had with cheap paints, brushes and paper.
When i was 19, my father surprised me with ‘Faber Castell’ colored pencils, an easel, oil paints and a couple canvases, which i enjoyed from time to time as a hobby when i wasn’t working. But not really excessively.
Years later, at the end of 2009, i started customizing my first Vinyl Toy and have improved much since then 🙂

Any formal art training? Or pivotal moment/influence?

I don’t have any art education and am sadly 100 % self taught.
Being self taught means, you make so many more mistakes along the road and improve, develop your skills slower than those, who are able to get the right support, supplies, materials and education.

(Picture below of a toadstool ring, by Kathleen)

Mushroom Ring

Why + when did you decide to go in on the art hustle?

I’ve been working for insurances for 8 years since i was a teenager. I was really fed up with my type of work as it didn’t make me happy to go to a huge office everyday, working with 80 % hormone raging women, being everyday on the phone, answering questions, complaint letters and what not. The corporate world is simply not where i see my future.
And even though this artsy business means living on a super low income with no social benefits, at least I am doing, what i love, while I am still relatively young. We’ll see, if it goes well long term…

Describe the method of making a ‘Seriously Silly K’ piece? (dot point all o.k.)

…see question: Do you consider what you are making to be ‘art’, ‘design’, re-hashed crap?

Toy Questions

What are your thoughts on ‘The Sucklord’, and his role in the art-toy scene? (I ask as he is the ‘ur’ toy-bootlegger and your nemesis)

Even though, I’m not particularly a fan of his work and wonder, how he gets away all the time with bootlegging without being sued.
I must leave it to him for being obviously a good businessman, who also lives out his character as the sucklord. So he must be doing something right.

Is the rise of ‘art’ toys an indication of the changing nature of ‘art’? OR just a bunch of nerds with too much $$$ and time?

I wouldn’t say that there is a change in Art itself, but so many more possibilities for artists of making art with using designer toys as 3-D canvases for example.
And not everyone in the toy community does have a lot of money.
It’s a hobby, a passion for most of us. I collect, too. Designer toys give people the opportunity to buy a piece of art from various artists to a relatively affordable price.

(Picture below of some mushrooms pendants, by Kathleen)

Kathleen - Mushroom Pendants

What are your thoughts on the current rise of mass-production in the resin-art world, and the move away from hand made pieces? The 2012 Designer Con Suck-con figures as an example…

Haven’t heard of the Suck-con figures. nor do i know, how many were produced. Also, at what number does “mass-production” start?
But if the demand on your art toys is higher than you are able to produce by hand yourself, then i would understand, that you go the next step and have a manufacturer do it for you.
Resin could be the new Vinyl…Who knows?

Do you think once an artist has re-used a piece of pop-culture, it becomes harem for another artist to use it/spoof too? …I am thinking of ‘The Sucklord’ + ‘Boba Fett’; ‘The Mark Ultra’ + the hangman mask head etc.

Well, if one guy gets away with bootlegging and is being successful at it, others might takes their chances, too and try their luck.
I for myself prefer originality in art or at least a style, that sets you apart from others.

Favorite toy/figure? (I’ll allow self promotion)

Oh i don’t have only one favorite toy.
Among other Pieces, I own, I love my handful of “Skelves” by Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters, “Darb” by Nathan Jurevicius, “Coot” by Wilfred Wood and the “Rainbow Skull-Head” from Secret Base.

What does your wife/girl/woman/family make of the whole perpetual adolescence/Peter Pan/man-child aspect of toy art + toy collecting?

My man is actually who introduced me to Art Toys. We both share that passion and love collecting and decorating our home with them.
Life is serious enough at times and you should never lose the child in yourself 🙂
My mom and brother enjoy to see my resin creations and custom toys. They are proud of me in some way.

What was it like working with Nasty Neil of ‘Wasted Talent’ on the Moose Head Marijuana Medallion you two recently collaborated on?

It was a super positive experience! there was no pressure, we communicated well and the result was quite representable, I’d say 🙂 I just wish, I’d live closer to other artists, so the shipping forth and back would fall away.

(Picture below of the Moose Head Marijuana Medallion by ‘Seriously Silly K’ x ‘Wasted Talent‘)

Nast Neil x Kathleen

The Future

Any collaborations on the horizon?

There are a couple of peeps, I have been in contact with to collaborate, yes 🙂 Just gotta make time for it.

Any major projects you want to hype ma’am?

Not really at this point. I have a couple things planned for this year, but there’s nothing show-able right now as i first need to stock up on art supplies. And shit is quite expensive.
Thanks for having me, Josh!!!!


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    2. コードが選択したキーに変換する CoinBest、群馬県沼田市とNFTアートを返礼品にしたガバメントクラウドファンディングを実施決定 参考になったボタンでポイントGET! 【受付時間】 コードネーム”ファルコン” 地階 食堂街 11時 ~ 21時 それはどのような時ですか?あなたのローカルタイムゾーンに時間を調整してもよろしいですか?あなたは、任意のソフトウェアをインストールすることなく、このツールによって時間を調整することができます。 ルーレット券利用期限日 : ※一部ご利用いただけないフロア・売場・商品・イベントがございます。 2. コードが選択したキーに変換する コードネーム(黄昏) ご利用時に「おサイフケータイで」とお伝えください。アプリを起動させる必要はありません。 Joy Casinoの入金ボーナスは通常20ドルですが、当サイトから登録すると50ドルがもらえます。 ぜひこの機会に口座開設をしてみてはいかがでしょうか。 店舗・設置店を探す 当日オートチェックインとは・・・ パチスロ コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ3 C.C.&Kallen ver. SAISONカードデジタルの新規入会で2,000円分のギフトカードがもらえるキャンペーンがスタート。ギフトカードと併用できるクーポンコード「SUC2210」は、誰でも使うことができるので、是非この機会にクーポンを使ってかしこくお買い物してみては♪

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    また私はポーカーを収入の一部として考えておらず、現状ではあくまでゲームだという認識でプレイしているので、今いるレートをクラッシュしたと確信してからレートアップする事にしました。 007カジノロワイヤルでのポーカーのシーンは、非常にハイステークスなゲームだったため、いかにも上流階級のポーカーといった印象で、ポーカーに対するイメージを上げたのではないだろうか。 カジノやオンカジで遊んでいると「ポーカーのレート」について少しわかりにくいことがあります… ポーカーの学習方法 コメントの投稿 集中力やメンタルの問題から、ポーカースターズで勝てない人には、ポーカーに必要な知識と姿勢を身につけるとよいでしょう。 ライブポーカーだと経験者しかいない場合もあるため、ライブポーカーで勝てない方はオンラインポーカーをプレイしてみるのも良いでしょう。オンラインポーカーは1番低いレートでプレイすれば、数千円で十分なバンクロールが用意できます。 もちろんこれらのスキルはライブポーカーだけでなく、オンラインのマイクロレートにも当てはまることです。 この手法をラスベガスのカジノ等でやると、収支はマイナスになると考えられる(…と思うがもしかしたらノリのいいおっさんがコールしてくれるかもしれない)が、ことポーカーソウルにおいては通用する(してしまう)し、おそらくまともにプレイするより圧倒的に効率よく銅貨が稼げるということを申し上げたい(つまりポーカーソウルにおける「最高のプレイのひとつ」ということになる)。

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    There is a green pocket numbered 0 (zero). In American roulette, there is a second green pocket marked 00. Pocket number order on the roulette wheel adheres to the following clockwise sequence in most casinos: There are over a dozen casinos in Las Vegas that offer roulette. Not all of them are live, and most are electronic roulette games with much worse odds than the live games. Other than the “Big Four”, the other casinos will take all of your money on red and black bets on 0. If roulette is the game of choice, these four establishments in Las Vegas are where you need to be betting money. Here you’ll find the best Roulette Casino sites to pick for your online games, the best bonuses deals, and the top apps to play mobile Roulette.

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    Also see our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely. The most regulated crypto platform with 27 million users as of mid 2022 is eToro, which also has copytrading – which is similar to a crypto trading signals service in that the trader you choose to copy trade will buy and sell crypto on your behalf (with the funds safely escrowed by the exchange) and your portfolio weighting will mirror theirs. In the liquidity mining scam, victims move cryptocurrency from their wallets to the liquidity mining platform and see the purported returns on a falsified dashboard. Believing their investments to be a success, victims purchase additional cryptocurrency. Scammers ultimately move all stored cryptocurrency and investments made to a scammer-controlled wallet.
    Over 2018, the entire crypto market plunged into what is now known as the “crypto winter” – a yearlong bear market. It wasn’t until December 2020, when bitcoin returned to test the previous all-time high, that it eventually surpassed that historical level and rose a further 239% over the next 119 days to a new all-time high of $64,799. In the aftermath of these announcements, there has been a persistent rush to withdraw funds, significantly influencing the depreciation of Bitcoin’s (BTC) price on Binance Australia. According to our current Bitcoin price prediction, the value of Bitcoin is predicted to drop by -6.33% and reach $ 25,110 by June 10, 2023. According to our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 53 (Neutral). Bitcoin recorded 13 30 (43%) green days with 2.25% price volatility over the last 30 days. Based on our Bitcoin forecast, it’s now a bad time to buy Bitcoin.

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    Copyright © The LiveScore Group 2020-2021. All rights reserved. We also run Seasonal Campaigns and random promotions all the time, so you can see why it’s easy to enjoy our online casino with no deposit! To keep up-to-date with all our promotions, follow our Facebook page for more info. Starting April 14, the UKGC is prohibiting credit card gambling in motion. As a result, it will be unlawful for UK-based companies, such as the best online casinos in the world, to process them. Players are still able to play at offshore casinos despite this ban. The live casino offering on an online casino site is now becoming a must for firms as customers want access to the atmosphere and social aspect of a physical casino but with the convenience that comes through accessing it via a website.
    Not necessarily better, but new casinos do have desirable bonuses to get the attention of potential new clients. Some of the gifts come with challenges to reach requirements; however, the more significant part of the new users don’t mind the effort for the benefits you receive. In the past, most online casinos had a downloadable version of their software and an instant play version to be accessed in a browser. With the advance of mobile phones and tablets, this distinction has been rendered obsolete and it’s hard to find a casino that still offers software to be downloaded to a player’s computer. New casino bonuses play a significant role in any new online casino. Not only do they help attract more players to test the casino’s service, but they also help keep players for a more extended time. As a result, British players are most likely to choose those new casinos that offer generous welcome offers, deposit bonuses, and free spins without a deposit.

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    A gambling website that offers a dedicated mobile app or mobile gaming is called a mobile casino site and also hands out deposit and non-deposit bonuses to visiting punters. Casinos might also want to charm you with a dedicated no-bonus casino offer when playing via your mobile. However, to be able to view or claim such bonuses, you would need to check if any mobile promotions are available for you. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download a dedicated mobile casino app, along with how to check and claim mobile casino no-deposit bonuses, after all, we all cherish a mobile no-casino bonus promotion. $20 No Deposit for Jackpot Capital Plus UK no deposit bonus codes are promotional offers provided by online casinos to UK players that do not require a deposit to activate. These bonus codes can include free spins, free play credits, or even cash bonuses that can be used to play games for real money.

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    In a never-ending race to attract more players, US online casinos constantly try to top each other by rewarding newcomers with bigger and better deals. The best deal is the no deposit bonus, which basically allows you to start playing on a casino site or app for free. When a new player makes his first deposit he doubles his her money. They match a percentage of the total of the deposit that was made. Example: a match offer of 100% of up to $100, you’ll get $100 when you deposit $100. Your account will now contain $200 to play with. To cash out the winnings from the $100 you will be required to play through a specific amount of wagering requirements such as 50x in order for you to be able to cash out. When playing with Bonus Credit winnings from Casino games, the wagering contribution taken from the remaining bonus wagering will be the contribution % of the Casino game that the winnings came from, regardless of which game in being played. For example, if you win £10 on Roulette, then play with that £10 in a Slots game, the wagering contribution for the slots play will be 10% (the Casino game Wagering Contribution).

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