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Art Talk – Jon DuBose of ‘DuBose Art’ + ‘Homebrew Paints’

DuBose Art LOGO

Jon DuBose is an artist, designer and scientist who has bought new life into the art-toy + sculpture scene with both his ‘Homebrew’ paints and artistic talents.

Jon DuBose produces  his own self directed art, which has been received with open arms by the scene, with ‘Tenacious Toys’ releasing Jons’ Species 246 piece as part of it’s ‘Super Series Sundays’.

Interestingly Jon is also an accomplished collaborator providing design and production work for artists like ‘Blurble‘ and brands such as ‘Paper and Plastick‘ and ‘I Love Antix‘.

(Picture below of the Watership’s Revenge Rabbit, a self directed resin piece sculpted and produced by ‘DuBose Art’)

DuBose - rabbitt

With Jon gearing up for New York Comic Con with a slew of new releases and collaborations, now is the perfect time to get schooled.

So get to know Jon, ‘DuBose Art’ and ‘Homebrew Paints’ in the interview below…

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

 Jonathan DuBose + February 25th, 1981

(Picture below of Jon DuBose – repping ‘Scarecrowoven‘ and his lovely wife Anne – repping ‘Buff Monster‘)

Jon DuBose - with wife

City, State n Country you’re Repping?

 Texas, USA

Describe– a memory from three stages of yr life ….basically trying to piece together Mr. DuBose’s pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, women, school, college… ANYTHING man.

* age 10 – pre pubes:

 Watching my Mom make (molding & casting) jewelry in her Jewelry Shop. Never thought that I would end up molding and casting myself.

* age 15 – pube rage:

 This is when I first started playing music and became really interested in art, took every art class available at school & was a teacher’s aid for my teacher.

* age 20 – acceptance of pubes:

 Still playing music this time semi-professionally.
 A few years later we were signed to King Noize Records – still being artistic, just channeling in through a different media, I guess.That eventually fell apart, I went to repo’ing stuff out of people’s houses to pay the bills.
 A few years and two guns later I decided to go back to college and focused on Graphic Design & Fine Arts. Didn’t really know what I was going to do when it was all said and done.

(Picture below of the Toxic Twisters pendants by ‘DuBose Art’)

DuBose - toxic twisters

Personal motto/quote?

  “Make each project better than the last.” and/or “Can’t stop. Won’t stop.”

Favorite band(s)?

 I don’t know? What do the hip kids listen to now-a-days? Seriously, all the rock and metal music from the 80s & 90s that I grew up listening to, The Mars Volta, Manson.

(Picture below of one of the many versions of the ‘Plaper + Plastick’ skull, as produced by ‘DuBose Art’)

Paper and Plastick - skull

Favorite TV show(s)?

 What’s TV? I don’t really watch it. Normally I catch about 30 minutes of DVR’ed Futurama before I pass out. Occasionally I mix it up with a Predator movie.

Favorite sport(s) + teams?

 I don’t really like sports, but if I had to choose I guess I’d say the Greenbay Packers, because my Dad used to play for them. True story.

Favorite movie(s)?

 Predator, in all forms and Sci-Fi, movies with cool creatures.

Favorite books and comics?

 I don’t really do books…the last one I read was Jurassic Park, before the movie came out. Comics, I’d have to say The Web of Spiderman #1.

Specifics on Art

Do you consider what you are making to be ‘art’, ‘design’, re-hashed crap?

 All of the above. It depends on the project, really.

(Picture below of Jon painting)

Jon DuBose - painting

When and why did you first start making ‘art’ (toys, drawings, paintings, anything)?

 I’ve been making art in various forms since I was a kid.
 I began professionally a few years ago thanks to my awesome wife who encouraged and supported my artistic shenanigans.

Why + when did you decide to go in on the art hustle?

 Bills need to be paid and doing what they said in High School: “Make money doing what you love.”

Any formal art training? Or pivotal moment/influence?

 Too many years of college.
 I’d have a degree if it weren’t for the damn Government classes. I just can’t sit through them.

Favorite ‘other’ artist(s)?

 Motorbot, Killer Bootlegs, Guumon, Skinner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Casey Love and a bunch of other people I’m sure I am forgetting.

(Picture below of the ‘DuBose Art’ mascot, as imagined by ‘Motorbot‘ – stay tuned for a resin figure release soon in collab with ‘I am Scumbag‘!)

Logo by Motorbot

Worst aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

 The unsteady paycheck… and/or devoting a ton of time, energy, money and materials into a project – just to have it flop. Man that sucks…

Best aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

 Supporting my family doing what I love and the challenge of trying to create new & interesting pieces – hopefully each better than the last.

Toy Questions

Is the rise of ‘art’ toys an indication of the changing nature of ‘art’? OR just a bunch of nerds with too much $$$ and time?

 I think it’s a change.
 A lot of two-dimensional artists are coming over to make their own three-dimensional figures and artwork. Original Toys and DIYs are great means of doing so.

(Picture below of a ‘Kid Robot‘ Dunny, customed by ‘DuBose Art’)

DuBose - custom Kid Robot Dunny

Favorite toy/figure? (I’ll allow self promotion)

 Dang, you ask the tough questions!
 Well, self-promotion is out of the question because I hate all of my artwork. I always have the feeling that I could do better after each project.
 I really dig Splurrt’s line of figures Paul Kaiju, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s figures – amazing detail and style. And of course the Gummon Daigomi such an interesting piece to work on.

What are your thoughts of the toy forum scene as a way for fans and artists to communicate? Is it a real ‘community’ or just virtual locker-room shit talk? I ask as we are both members of ‘Skullbrain‘…

 I just recently became a member of Skullbrain so I’m not really sure how the dynamic works in the toy forums.
 I am a member for several prop and costuming forms there, it’s more of a Camaraderie between makers. I think we’re comparing apples and oranges as far as forum atmospheres go though.

(Picture below of the Frost Demon resin, by ‘DuBose Art)

Frost Demon

What does your wife/girl/woman/family make of the whole perpetual adolescence/Peter-Pan/man-child aspect of toy art + toy collecting?

 My wife doesn’t see it that way. My wife is my partner, biggest supporter and toughest critic.
 But if you do, I guess you could say she’s my Wendy. Or is it Tinkerbell? Either way, she’s 100% on this ride with me, encouraging me every step of the way.
 She sees it as supporting the family by doing what I really love, which ultimately, is creating and making really cool stuff. I make other things too, not just toys. Be it costumes, props, masks, etc. Although toys are about 85% of my business currently.
 My other family members are also very supportive.

Jon + ‘DuBose’ Art Questions

Describe the method of making a ‘DuBose’ piece?

It depends on what I’m making and what I want the final piece to be made out of.
It usually starts off with an idea and a lump of clay. It usually ends up in a mold of some sort, depending on the final piece.

Are all your works by made by yourself? If you use collaborators, whom and in what capacity?

 Unless otherwise noted, I do all of my pieces by myself, occasionally I do collaborate with other artists. Any collaboration is always noted.
 I’ve collaborated with Guumon, Ocu_lar, currently collaborating with Motorbot. Future collaborations: myself and Blurble.

(Picture below of the almost finished Bat Surfer figure from ‘I Love Antix’, sculpted by ‘DuBose Art’ – to be released soon)

DuBose - ILoveAntix Sculpt - BatSurfer

Your line of resin jewelry is pop-tastic! Please explain the decision in releasing jewelry, and the process involved in producing them.

 I had an idea and ran with it. I’ve never made jewelry before and thought I’d give it a go.
 I guess it kinda pays homage to my days in my mom’s jewelery shop as a kid…
 The process consists of sculpting, silicone and resin – in most cases. 🙂

What was the process involved in collaborating with ‘Blurble’ on the production of his Sparrow resin figure? It’s a damn great piece that harks back to the hyper colour joy + sculptural weirdness that was Playmates toys in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s…

 The process? Blurble emailed me with his incredible Sparrow figure.  I dig his art, we hit it off & I decided to take on the molding & casting of the little fella.

(Picture below of a box of to-be-shipped Sparrow figures by ‘Blurble’, moulded and cast by ‘DuBose Art’)

DuBose - Blurble Bat Boy Raw Resin figures

(Picture below of a painted Sparrow by ‘Blurble’, produced by ‘DuBose Art’)

DuBose - Blurble Bat Boy painted

How did you incorporate the fur into your Rammit figures?It looks great!

 Thank you for the compliment!
 I really enjoy the furred-creatures, myself. I’ve worked with fur before on a few pieces, including my interpretation of the Cult-Classic Critters.
 I thought it would be nice visually to mix media on the piece and quite frankly, I wanted to test out our paint on the fur – see if it would stick to it. It did. 🙂

(Picture below of some Rammit figures by ‘DuBose Art’)

Rammit figures

‘DuBose’ General Questions

You have recently released a new paint product into the marketplace, namely ‘Homebrew’ Paints and Dyes and they are getting praise from the industry, with people such as Peter Goral AKA ‘Killer Bootlegs’, Tim Stephson, Scott Kinnebrew AKA ‘Forces of Dorkness’ and ‘Blurble’ all outspoken supporters…

(Picture below of some ‘Homebrew Paints’)

Homebrew Paints - pruducts

– what was the science involved in developing and producing ‘Homebrew’ paints and dyes?

 Like it says on the bottle, “It’s all very scientific…” and that’s all I can say about that. 😉

– why the decision to release your own paints?

 I’ve made my own paint before, ages ago (I’ve had many jobs…) I was always capable of making my own custom colors and blends.
 My volume of resin production and painting has increased exponentially, so I decided to make it in-house for myself as a way to cut costs and keep providing my clients with the best price I possibly can.
 Shit’s expensive and we needed a solution. HomeBrew Paint/Dye was that Soluton…
 A lot of friends and fellow artists were asking me what I was using, I then made the decision to make the proper arrangements to offer it publicly.

(Picture below of a Devastator art-toy by Tim Stephson of ‘Ultimate Skull and Cobra’, painted and died with ‘Homebrew Paints’)

Tim Stephson - Devastator - Homebrew

What was it like taking part in the Toys Are Us art show, as curated by Peter Goral AKA ‘Killer Bootlegs’ in early 2013 were you released your Hunter figure?

 It was a great experience. I am honored to been a part of a show with so many stellar artists.

What was it like being involved in ‘Tenacious Toys’ Super Series Sunday for the release of your Species 246 resin figure?

 I’m super happy about being a part of that series. I think there’s actually some pieces left if you want to pick one up: TenaciousToys.Com!
 I’m really happy with how that piece came out. I look forward to the next Tenacious Toys exclusive.

(Picture below of the Species 246 resin by ‘DuBose Art’, released through ‘Tenacious Toys‘)

DuBose - Species 246

What was it like being involved in the Kickstarter campaign for the ‘Radioactive Uppercut’ 8-Ball vinyl? You painted 2 resin 1-offs for the project…

 It was amazing!
 John (RadioactiveUppercut) has amazing illustrations and designs, I really love his work. I’m super honored to have been able to paint two customs up.
 I can’t wait for my blanks to get here so I can have fun playing with those!

(Picture below of an 8-Ball resin by ‘Radioactive Uppercut‘, painted and customed by ‘DuBose Art’)

8-Ball by DuBose - 002 UV Light

The Future

Any collaborations on the horizon?

  Currently projects with Motorbot & Blurble. And some other upcoming collaborations I can’t talk about right now. 🙂

Any major projects you want to hype man?

 I guess this week’s figure: my Watership’s Revenge Rabbits. The Baron Samedi version in particular. I’m really stoked about how these figures are coming together. But, there’s no telling what will pop up or come in the mail next week!
 Oh yeah, keep an eye out for a bunch of DuBose Art Pieces at NYCC.


DuBose Art - banner logo

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    Jak již bylo naznačeno, se stolními hrami to u Kajot Online Casina není „příliš žhavé“. K dispozici nám totiž byl pouze jeden blackjack. To není mnoho a příznivci stolních casino her asi půjdou o dům dál. Stejně jako všechny online kasina s neposkvrněnou pověstí má kajot casino vlastní mobilní verzi, kde lze získat žádný casino bonus bez vkladu 2023. Mobilní web prakticky zcela opakuje hlavní, neliší se ani rozhraním, ani exteriérem. Nepleťte si tedy online casino Kajot se společností, která u nás legálně provozuje síť heren a kamenných kasin. Tyto dvě společnosti spolu nemají nic společného, kromě totožného názvu. Jen pro pořádek, kamenné herny a provozovny pod názvem Kajot u nás provozuje obchodní společnost NET and GAMES a.s. se sídlem v Brně.

  22. gow

    Para usar um código de desconto Esportes da Sorte, uma vez que você tenha selecionado o correto para você entre os desta página, você só precisa clicar em Ver Cupom, irá abrir uma uma nova página, copie o cupom e vá para a loja e depois voce deve colá-lo o campo apropriado no carrinho de compras em Esportes da Sorte. A caixa para inserir o código é normalmente mencionada como um código promocional, código de desconto, cupom, voucher ou voucher de desconto. Assim que o código de desconto for aplicado, o valor será atualizado diretamente no carrinho de Esportes da Sorte. Para apostar em qualquer site de apostas, você apenas precisa ser maior de idade e criar uma conta. Neste processo, você pode obter um bônus de boas-vindas dependendo da casa de apostas.Após depositar, você pode buscar nas modalidades de apostas pré-jogo ou ao vivo por futebol. Em seguida, selecione uma competição, um evento e adicione o mercado de odds da sua preferência ao boletim de apostas. Por fim, confira as odds, digite o valor e confirme a aposta.
    Uma vez que você escolhe o número ou grupo de números e faz sua aposta, o croupier faz girar a roleta até que a bola para em uma casa, assim se decide qual o número vencedor e em base a isso se repartem os ganhos. Quais são os limites de apostas do roleta brasileira? – É importante escolher jogos com uma alta taxa de RTP para aumentar suas chances de ganhar dinheiro, que tem dois zeros e uma vantagem da casa de 5,26%. Com um pouco de sorte e habilidade, existem muitos cassinos online que oferecem jogos de blackjack ao vivo com crupiê. Para ganhar mais dinheiro na jogatina online, não causar distúrbios e não perturbar outros jogadores. O energizador Isso Não é Louco? é incrível para fazer as pessoas falarem e criar colaborativamente uma história (geralmente…

  23. hox

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    Zdecydowanie najłatwiejszym sposobem będzie wykorzystanie gier typu jednoręki bandyta. Zazwyczaj kasyna online (ang. 1 euro deposit casino) oferują setki różnych typów automatów – klasyczne, 3-bębnowe, 5-bębnowe, wideo sloty etc. A co najważniejsze gry typu slot oferują możliwość zagrania bardzo niską stawką, zaczynającą się już od 1 grosza na linie.Jak widać, korzyści są ogromne w 1 euro deposit casinos. Каsуnо wрłаtа оd 1zł оfеrujе роrtfоlіо gіеr tаkіе jаk kаżdе іnnе kаsуnо іntеrnеtоwе. Оznасzа tо, żе grасz оtrzуmujе dоstęр dо саłеgо рrzеkrоju gіеr kаsуnоwусh zаrównо tусh nаjрорulаrnіеjszусh jаk і nаjnоwszусh рrоdukсjі. То роkаzujе, żе nаwеt kаsуnо dероzуt 1 zł dаjе mоżlіwоść uzуskаnіа реłnусh dоśwіаdсzеń hаzаrdоwусh. Zасhęсаmу dо zароznаnіа sіę z lіstą gіеr kаsуnоwусh z którусh mоgą kоrzуstаć grасzе w tуm рrzураdku Роlасу:

  24. Autob

    かなり数学的側面からポーカープレイについて書かれており、かなりいい本でした。 ポーカーで良いプレイヤーとなりたいのであれば、EV(期待値)がよりプラスとなるようなアクションを考えてプレイできるようになりましょう。 Şu veriler, diğer şirketlere ait uygulamalarda ve web sitelerinde sizi izlemek için kullanılabilir: EVA EV = 勝つ金額 – 失う金額 = $23.1 – $8.9 = +$14.2 アクションの期待値 (EV) がわかれば、そのアクションにおける自分の利益や損失が平均でどれくらいの大きさになるかがわかります。 ポーカーでは、すべてのとりうるアクションについての EV を判断して、最も高い EV を持つものを選択することで、「正しい」アクションを常に見つけることができます。 徹底的におろされて損しまくり、その分ショウダウンで大きく勝つ、というポーカーになってるみたいです。 ここでエクスペクテッドバリュー(EV)を計算 中日スポーツ5 18(木)12:56 【注意】この記事はSimplePokerと提携関係のもと作成された記事ですが、私の方で、そもそもどこの会社と提携するかについて、かなりスクリーニングして決めていますので、それほどバイアスはかかっていないと思います。予めご了承ください。なお、本記事を書くにあたって、SimplePokerのウェブサイトその他の素材を使用・翻訳することにつき、全面的な許諾を得ています。ダンガンロンパv3カジノ-稼ぎ方
    ポーカースターズは2001年から運営している老舗のオンラインポーカーサイトです。多くのポーカープロと契約を結び、オンラインポーカー業界を牽引してきました。 今回は、世界王者の栄冠を手にした木原さんに、「確率論を駆使し、リスクに見合うリターンが期待できなければ勝負を避け、リスクに見合うリターンが期待できれば大胆に勝負する」というポーカーの戦術論のほか、世界の頂点に登り詰めた決勝の模様や日常生活、なぜプロポーカー師になったのかなど過去の経緯について語ってもらった。オンビジネス、オフビジネスの様々な場面で役に立つことが多そうだ。 KOUSEI ICHINOSE wsopに参加する日本人ポーカープロ の多くがwsop 2021 結果を残しています。プロ ポーカー プレイヤーの代表1位から10位まで見ていきましょう。 プロのポーカープレイヤーになるのは容易ではありませんが、これからポーカーを学んでプロを目指してみるのも夢があっておすすめです。 08年、バックギャモンの対戦でモナコに行った際、カジノでポーカーのキャッシュゲームをしたことがある。初めての体験だったが、約7日間で1200ユーロ(約15万7千円)も稼いでしまった。09年には、初めて訪れた米ラスベガスでポーカーのキャッシュゲームをし、約10日間で1万ドル(約100万円)も勝ってしまった。「アマチュア相手だと随分ぬるいんだなと感じた」と木原さん。やはり、ポーカープレーヤーとしての天性の才能があったようだ。

  25. Agits

    So, if you’re looking for free bonuses from trusted gambling sites we highly recommend bookmarking this page and paying a visit to it every now and then. We also list plenty of other bonuses which you can browse through by using the categories on top of the page. When you register for a new account at Hard Rock Casino, you can automatically redeem 50 Free Spins on Dragon Power online list. These free spins also come with a 5x wagering requirement. New players can also choose to take advantage of a 100% first deposit match bonus of up to $1,000. As established, casino free spins provide a simple way to get accustomed to a new casino title without ever making a deposit or purchase. They also come in various quantities and can be received at various stages throughout your online casino journey.
    Beachbody and all related trademarks are owned by Beachbody, LLC. Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as ignored Governor of Poker 3 is an online multiplayer poker game for Android devices with the most popular and standardized variant in the world: Texas hold’em Match 3! Experience a dark & exhilarating adventure inspired by Disney’s live-action film Maleficent! Thankfully, Governor of Poker 3 supports cross-save cross-progression. For more information on this you should check out the official website. Video – youtube watch?v=LavCNAOEOqM Photo – photos.prnewswire prnh 20140805 133406 Of course, Governor of Poker 3 is full of lucrative opportunities allowing gamblers to double or even triple their winnings. The game offers several bonuses and rewards that make it more interesting.

  26. Agits

    Not exactly. The fact is that an online casino no deposit bonus is not ‘free’. Yes, you get extra money from the casino, but if you win, you will almost always have to make a deposit so that you can meet the wagering requirements before you withdraw. This way the casino ensures that it is getting some money out of the deal too. Gala Club Pedregal © All rights reserved. With wagering requirements, it means you won’t be able to claim any online casino no deposit bonus and keep what you win. But, if you are able to turn say a $20 no deposit bonus into $200 and it’s only a 1x wagering requirement, you could deposit $200 to claim a deposit match bonus and wager that amount to make your $200 in bonus funds withdrawable. Generally speaking, if you win money from a no deposit bonus (cash or bonus spins), you can’t withdraw it until you make your first deposit and bet a certain amount of your own money. These terms and conditions ensure that bonuses are being used fairly by real players and not by those trying to abuse the system.
    Please check bonus details below or more casino bonuses: Looking for a new online casino to try your luck at? 7 BitCasino may be just what you’re looking for. With a no deposit bonus code offering 75 free spins on the popular game Scroll of Adventure, this BGaming casino is a great option for Canadian and Australian players. Read on to learn more about what 7 BitCasino has to offer. The 7Bit Casino has a great welcome bonus package that any new user can apply by registering at the platform. Users can use the 7Bit promo code to claim the welcome bonus and then earn additional income through exciting promotions on the platform. Slots and Casino No Deposit Bonus 10 Free Chip! Looking for a no deposit bonus? is offering a $10 free chip for new players! Read our review and claim…

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    Adam Forshaw, Stuart Dallas, Tyler Adams and Maximilian Wober are all out injured for Leeds. Javi Gracia could choose to select the same players that battled their way to a crucial 2-1 comeback win over Nottingham Forest in midweek. Leeds can leapfrog Palace with another victory on Sunday. Clubs from the Premier League and EFL Championship join the 2022 23 competition at this stage. Leeds had considerably more preparation time for the game at the London Stadium but were well beaten after squandering yet another lead. Leeds free-kick for a Coufal foul on Gnonto in the Leeds half. Robles chips it long but back come West Ham and Kristensen snuffs out Ings. Now that game has been postponed, Ten Hag and his players will jet out to Moldova for a midweek challenge – and their next Premier League match will come against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, October 2 at 2pm in front of the Sky Sports cameras. By the time that date rolls around, United will have gone 28 days between fixtures in the domestic competition.
    Katie Hettinger Kyle Larson has maintained his pace even on more even tires, as he’s opened up over a second on Bubba Wallace. Those two battled for the win yesterday in the Truck race and both seem to have optimal feel for this worn out surface. Upon further review, NASCAR made several changes to the results of Sunday afternoon’s Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway. Full race results from the Goodyear 400 at Darlington, won by William Byron. Larson’s win comes a day before he will run in the headlining NASCAR All-Star Race on Sunday evening. But even though it was in a lower series, it was anything but an easy ride. MORE: North Wilkesboro Speedway, a famous NASCAR ghost, brought back to life in ‘Cars 3’ Austin MacDonald

  28. Map

    One of the best payout online slots by Novomatic is another for-the-ages game that pops up everywhere, with a highly-respectable 96% RTP. Design-wise it a classic 5-reel, 3-row, 10 payline set-up and punters have fallen for the Egyptian-themed design, replete with symbols of scarab beetles, pharaohs and Horus. The Bonus round contains the Expanding Symbol that can cover three symbol positions. You’ll go ga-ga for Ra.  In the table below, you can find all of the online slot machines we feel are the best and most exciting to play as well as where you can play them and specifically, their maximum payout. Following the table, we have written mini reviews of each of the best paying slots where we reveal the advantages and disadvantages as well as all of the features of the highest paying slot games. Finally, we discuss the components which make up slots with high payouts.
    Examples: “Brick and mortar casinos” in Las Vegas or Macau, entertainment event at casinos, streaming of offline poker tournaments You can now sign for for dozens of great real-money casino apps in the UK. bet365 app, William Hill mobile casino and other Android (Samsung S21, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia, Sony, ) and iOS phones are welcoming new customers with free spins and bonuses. Every gambling site we recommend is regulated and keeps your money safe 24 7. You can also get friendly customer support in case of any issues. We use broad criteria when hunting out the best real-cash casinos online. However, we always recommend you open accounts with a few mobile casinos. That way, you can experience various promotions and find the most extensive selection of games.

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    Ignition Casino is one of the newest online casinos to enter the market. It is a US-friendly casino that offers a wide range of games, including video poker, video slots, table games, and more. The casino also offers a sportsbook and a poker room. Playing almost any blackjack game is entirely possible on smartphones. That’s because most online casinos today have mobile-friendly sites or offer downloadable apps. The casinos we recommend are all mobile-friendly, and more importantly, offering optimized blackjack games. Bitstarz: If you prefer to use crypto when gambling online, Bitstarz is an online casino you must consider. On top of the standard online casino offering, you’ll enjoy provably fair titles and exclusive games. You can claim up to 5 BTC and 180 free spins across your first 4 deposits.
    Most casinos online offer a wide variety of traditional and modern deposit methods. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others are increasingly in demand, especially with online real money casinos. But traditional methods like credit debit cards, and bank wires are also options with many online casinos. Playing free casino-style games online with us couldn’t be easier. Not only is it entirely free to set up an account—and to play—we’ve also got hundreds of games to choose from, with new casino-style games dropping into the collection almost every week. So, whatever online casino-style game you’re into—be it Blackjack, Roulette, or stampeding buffalo slots—you’ll always find something new, and hopefully, something you love! In 2021, Caesars purchased William Hill in a multibillion-dollar deal, turning it into a gambling heavyweight, including for online casino gaming. It has launched real money casino games in several states, including at New Jersey online casinos, Pennsylvania casinos and Michigan online casinos, and it is poised to expand across the country in the years ahead.

  30. dar

    Kolejnym sposobem na otrzymanie darmowych skinów CS:GO jak i coinsów na ruletki jest odwiedzanie stron codziennie – wiele ruletek umożliwia dzienny odbiór dodatkowych punktów, wiele z nich również umożliwia dzienne otwieranie darmowych skrzynek CS:GO. Na stronie każda z tych ruletek jest odpowiednio opisana, dzięki czemu dowiesz się, jak zyskać dodatkowe coiny na obstawianie. 3 darmowe skrzynki Co więcej, zawsze można liczyć na mniej popularne dyscypliny, które pojawiają się i znikają w zależności od pory roku. Szachy, snooker, czy dart — jeśli na świecie dzieje się coś interesującego, to nasi bukmacherzy z pewnością stworzą odpowiednie wydarzenia z kursami. Dział zakładów sportowych GG Bet został podzielony na kilka podstawowych kategorii, dzięki którym poruszanie się po serwisie jest szybkie i wygodne. Wydarzenia zostały podzielone według następujących kategorii:łożyć-kasyno-w-polsce
    Zobacz nasze ulubione Poker to jedna z najpopularniejszych kasynowych gier karcianych. Jest ona dobrze znana bywalcom kasyn na całym świecie, jak jednak wygląda aktualna sytuacja prawna pokera w Polsce? Czy można grać w pokera w kasynach lub innych ośrodkach gry, a może pod pewnymi warunkami poker jest dozwolony niezależnie od tego, kto go organizuje? Czy poker online jest legalny, a jeśli tak, to na jakich zasadach? Czy od tej gry karcianej trzeba płacić podatki? Jakie są kary za udział w nielegalnym pokerze? Brak w magazynie Turnieje Sit&Go (Sit&Go) W tych turniejach obowiązują zasady opisane powyżej jednak nie czekamy na konkretną godzinę, a turniej rusza po uzbieraniu konkretnej liczby graczy. Zazwyczaj są to turnieje jednostolikowe (10 lub 6 osobowe), jednak mogą być też wielostolikowe (20 czy 30 osobowe). Gdy uzbiera się wymagana liczba graczy turniej startuje automatycznie. W tych turniejach płatne zazwyczaj są 2 lub 3 pierwsze miejsca (są też wyjątki np. cooler’y czy double up’y w których wygrywa połowa uczestników), a pula jest zazwyczaj niezbyt wysoka (od kilku do kilku dziesięciu $).  

  31. duent

    【厳選】オンラインカジノのおすすめランキング12選!日本人に人気のオンカジ一覧を紹介 このページでは、「オンラインカジノはなぜ稼ぎやすいと言われているのか」「どうやってカジノで稼げばいいのか」といった、オンラインカジノで「稼ぐ」ための解説を行います。また、特にプレイヤーに有利なゲームについても解説しているので、ぜひ参考にしてオンラインカジノからお金を持ち帰ってみてはいかがでしょうか? フラットベットっていうのは、一定額を賭け続けることだ。永遠と$1をベットしてるような状態だな。 オンラインカジノのスロットをプレイする際は、必ずオンラインカジノに無料登録してからスロットで遊びましょう。 他にもいろいろな攻略法が存在し、ゲームに合わせた賭け方を利用して自分に合った賭け方を見出すことで、よりオンラインカジノでの勝率を大幅に高めることが出来ます。 オンラインカジノは商売で、そこで働いているサポートを含めるスタッフの給料や、サーバーやサイトの運営代、そしてゲームプロバイダーに支払うゲームの使用料などもかかります。カジノで儲けている人がいても、常にボーナスを提供していてもオンラインカジノが潰れないのは、それだけ負けている人がいるということです。
    オンラインカジノに興味はあるものの、どのように遊ぶのか、選ぶべきゲームは何か、どのカジノサイトを選べばよいかなど… 仮にオンラインカジノで大きく収益が出たとしてもSNSなどの個人が特定されるような媒体で「$○○勝利した」などという発信を行うと思わぬトラブルに発展しかねないので、やめておいたほうが無難でしょう。今後、法改正が行われオンラインカジノを違法とする法律が制定される可能性はあるため、オンラインカジノに関わる動向は注視していきたいです。 とはいえ、「これからオンラインカジノ始めてみたいけど、なんだか危なそうで心配、、、」「ジパングカジノで遊んでみたいけどイカサマや違法性が心配、、、」 ジパングカジノはジパングという名前からも想像できるように、日本をテーマにした日本人向けのオンラインカジノです。 ジパングカジノはジパングという名前からも想像できるように、日本をテーマにした日本人向けのオンラインカジノです。 「オンラインカジノの出金スピードは遅いイメージ」このように感じている人が多いでしょう。早くても1日や支払会社の関係で3日程度かかるオンラインカジノもあります。 遊雅堂(ゆうがどう)には数多くのゲームが先行リリースや、独占リリースで一足先に遊ぶことができます。今までのオンラインカジノとは一味違う楽しみがあります。

  32. MER

    The concept of Mobile casino gaming gets immensely appreciated in South Africa; thereby, this casino platform puts in place an incredible, modern mobile format of its webpages. Primarily to quench the desires of the categories that cherish accessing their games anywhere they are, particularly on the Go. WINNERS KNOW WHEN TO STOP First thing that players look at when choosing their slot game is the Return to Player value. We made sure to include this in every slot game we recommend. The industry standard is 96% and we considered slot games with higher RTP value. We also looked at game features, paylines, themes, and overall entertainment factor. Play some of the best branded slot games at iPad mobile casinos, along with the fastest-rising progressive jackpot games for the chance to become instant millionaires. Sit down at a Live Dealer Roulette table and appreciate the smallest details – the click of the chips, the whirr of the wheel and the chit-chat with the dealer. All of this and more is possible through iPad mobile casinos. The types of casino games are too numerous to mention, but include all kinds of mobile slot games, mobile blackjack, mobile poker, mobile video poker and mobile keno.
    TRUE 3D™ experience is certain to impress with its unique award-winning and patented autostereoscopic technology, using integrated eye-tracking to make images jump off the screen or stretch into infinity in high resolution. The brilliant 3D image quality offers high-resolution, color fidelity, brightness, and TRUE 3D depth without the need to wear special glasses. Specially designed audio system will make the game come alive while helping to further immerse the player in the unique TRUE 3D experience. And despite the game being decades old, many casinos have the original machines still operational on casino floors, a good machine with a good payback percentage, while still being affordable for lower limit players at the quarter denomination.

  33. Разрешение на строительство — это государственный акт, выдаваемый официальными инстанциями государственного управления или территориального руководства, который предоставляет начать строительную деятельность или исполнение строительного процесса.
    Получение рнс предписывает правовые основания и стандарты к строительным работам, включая предусмотренные виды работ, разрешенные материалы и техники, а также включает строительные нормы и пакеты охраны. Получение разрешения на строительные работы является обязательным документов для строительной сферы.

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