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Art Talk – John Santagada + ‘Radioactive Uppercut’

Radioactive Uppercut - LOGO

John Santagada is the radiation filled mind behind ‘Radioactive Uppercut’, an independant art-toy company making waves in the scene. John has worked in the mainstream toy scene for over 9 years now, and has recently delved into the world of independant toys with his 8-Ball resin figure, soon to be released in vinyl.

(Picture below of John Santagada + Radioactive Uppercut’s ‘8-Ball’ figure)

8-Ball Promo Pic

Get to know John and ‘Radioactive Uppercut’ in the interview below…

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

 John Santagada – August 29, 1982

City, State n Country you’re Repping?

 Born and raised in the Bronx, New York!

Describe a memory from three stages of yr life ….basically trying to piece together Mr. Santagada’s pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, women, school, college… ANYTHING man.

* age 10 – pre pubes:

 My grandfather passing away. This was huge! My grandparents were, and continue to be, the most influential people in my life. My grandfather’s passing crushed me big-time.

(Picture below of a drawing by a very young John Santagada – age 7)

John Santagada - childhood drawing age 6 or 7

* age 15 – pube rage:

 Hanging out too much with the wrong people, not caring about school or anybody, all the stuff kids go through. I don’t want to glamourize any of the shady stuff I’ve done, but let’s just say sometimes you have to take it to the limit and fall flat on your face before you can get up and know what direction you’re supposed to go in.

* age 20 – acceptance of pubes:

 From 20 and on life got pretty heavy-duty, but the biggest thing I remember amidst all the heavy-duty stuff was being at an internship down in Texas and having an artistic epiphany. It had a lot to do with all the really talented folks that were in the Toy Design program with me. It’s like step up or get out of the way, ya know. I just decided to kick it into high gear and really start to evolve and strengthen my skills. I came back from that internship and haven’t looked back since!

Personal motto/quote?

 “Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

Favorite band(s)?

(Picture below of a drawing by John)

photo (1)

 Too many to list here, but some of the bands I listen to on a daily basis are: Roky Erickson, Pentagram, Captain Beyond, Monster Magnet, Clutch, Bad Brains, Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Immortal, Dio, Black Sabbath.The list is pretty endless.I have music playing 24/7, I’m a massive metalhead! hahaha

Favorite TV show(s)?

 Don’t watch that much TV, but I love anything Discovery Channel/History Channel and the Walking Dead, of course.

Favorite sport(s) + teams?

 Not really into Sports, but I do try to keep up on the NY teams.

Favorite movie(s)?

(Picture below of some of John’s DVDs)

John Santagada - DVD collection

 The Universal Frankenstein flicks are at the top of the list for sure! But all the Universal Horror movies are classic! Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2, Pan’s Labyrinth, any Hammer Horror (Night Creatures and Curse of the Werewolf are top faves)…. Anything b-movie, slasher and cheesy are all good with me!

Favorite books and comics?

 Comics: Anything from Jack Kirby (you can’t top the King!) Tom Scioli’s American Barbarian, old Tomb of Dracula, Atlas era monster comics.
 Books: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland.I dig pretty much everything from H.P. LoveCraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E Howard and Paulo Coelho. I’m also into a lot of Cryptozoology and Occult books.

(Picture below of a drawing by John)

photo (3)

Specifics on Art

Do you consider what you are making to be ‘art’, ‘design’, re-hashed crap?

 Well most of what I have been doing is Design; whether it’s toy or game design professionally or character design personally.But all that Design is my Art.My artistic expression just seems to take form mostly through character–centered design artwork.

When and why did you first start making ‘art’ (drawings, paintings, sculpture, anything)?

 Don’t really know.I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember, I guess I’m just hard-wired to do it!

Why + when did you decide to go in on the art hustle?

 Since I was real young I just always knew I wanted to make a living doing art. There was really no other option.Art and design are my passion. I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Any formal art training? Or pivotal moment/influence?

 Pivotal influence, besides my grandparents, has to be one of my art teachers from elementary school. He was a super cool cat, wasn’t stuffy and clueless like most other teachers.He gave me a good push and the confidence to engross myself further in my art.

Why the name ‘Radioactive Uppercut’?

 It really just came out of nowhere. I’ve had the name for well over 15 years now.
 The name seemed to just happen, but when I really thought about it, that name defines me, and what I want to be; in regards to my art. I want to bring a radioactive uppercut to all I do. It is intensity, chaos, passion, originality, individuality; all maximized to radioactive levels.THAT is the Radioactive Uppercut!The name itself is a mission statement, kind of a warning to what you can expect with my work.

Company motto?

 “Bear Witness to a True Storm of Creation!”

(Picture below of a drawing by John)

photo (2)

Favorite ‘other’ artist(s)?

 Again, too many too list!I eat art up and have a pretty broad range of influences.Frazetta, Jack Kirby, John Pound, Joe Madureira, Albrecht Durer, Pushead, SpiderZero, Willam Blake, Matthias Grunewald, Rubens, Carravaggio, Alphonse Mucha, James Bama, Bob Larkin, Gil Elvgren, Reynold Brown, Basil Gogos, Esteban Maroto, Big Daddy Roth, Akira Toriyama, Mercer Mayer, Paul Booth, Skinner, Lamour Supreme…. I really could just go on and on!

Worst aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

 The worst aspect has to be the fakes out there, the downers, the backstabbers, the cats with shady motives, the dudes on ego trips. Let’s just lump the entire game, mainstream toy, designer toy and comic scenes all into one Industry for now.Some people have a genuine passion for the Industry, while others are in it to cut people down to get ahead, or don’t really care about the people around them.I see the Industry as one massive community. If some rise, we all do.There isn’t anything wrong with helping others along their way, cus we are all going in the same direction.A massive group of genuine, creative souls makes a louder noise than just a few money hungry fucks wanting the super bright spotlight pointed only in their direction.It’s about creating a long-term movement, not a passing trend.

Best aspect of the contemporary art-hustle?

 The best aspect has to be the good folks out there and the creativity that shines from them.There is a lot of exciting stuff happening.This year’s Comic Con is a perfect example. The show was jam packed with killer exclusives and insanely awesome new product.
 Good folks pumping out great product; it doesn’t get better than that!

Toy + Art Toy Questions

Is the rise of ‘art’ toys an indication of the changing nature of ‘art’? OR just a bunch of nerds with too much $$$ and time?

 It is certainly the changing nature of art.I’ve discussed this topic with buddies of mine a bunch of times.I think the last 10-20 years have been a shaky time for the Toy Industry. The 90’s couldn’t match the 80s, McFarlane changed the game and basically created the Collectible Toy Industry, as that faded from the favor of massive retailers like TRU Licensing took over very heavily, the Designer Toy scene sprang at that time and started to grow.Technology has played a huge part in the Art Toy scene getting bigger.The Art Toy scene has trumped anything mass market-catering toy companies could ever produce!The scene, right now, is the closest thing to the creative boom of the 80s.It’s a pretty bold statement, but I’ll stand by it! I see it all getting much bigger.There is room for lots of indie artists to make a statement and show the mainstream toy community how it should be done.

Favorite toy/figure? (I’ll allow self promotion)

(Picture below of some of John’s toy collection)

John Santagada - TOY collection

 It’s always tough for me to just pick one favorite of anything! Hahaha! Ur killin me here!
 Favorite toys since I was a kid: Madballs, MOTU, M.U.S.C.L.E., Inhumanoids, Starriors, Roboforce… anything 80s!
 Favorite vinyl toys as an adult: Gargamel’s Deathra, Secret Base’s Obake Dog, Real Head’s Chaos figures…anything from Blobpus, Splurrt, MVH, Butcher Brand, Grody Shogun. Too many to list, we could be here all day!
 Favorite Resin toys as an adult: I love the entire resin scene! For fear of leaving any friends out, just do a friggin search on any toy site and snag some resin toys! There is a TON of great great product out there!

(Picture below of Johns’ interpretation of Trap-Jaw from Masters of the Universe/MOTU)

John Santagada - Trap Jaw drawing

What does your wife/girl/woman/family make of the whole perpetual adolescence/Peter-Pan/man-child aspect of toy art + toy collecting?

 Most people would think it’s crazy! The girlfriends have all dug it. It’s certainly a unique gig when you tell someone about it. My folks still think I’m nuts because I’m into toys! But you see a lot more people into all that now (comics, toys, games). San Diego Comic Con is the perfect example, you see people from all walks of life there, all sharing a piece of that ‘perpetual childhood’ that toys, games and comics bring.
 Real life can suck sometimes. It’s full of disappointments and real harsh stuff, so if you can make a hobby out of your escape from reality, there’s nothing wrong with that! I’m super lucky, a bit of that ‘perpetual childhood’ just happens to be my job.

You have worked within the toy industry for over 9 years – working for such major companies as ‘DC Direct’ and ‘Mezco Toys’ amongst others.

– how and why did you enter the mainstream toy industry?

 Well, it was kind of a fluke.I was sitting in a guidance counselor’s office in senior year of high school and she was asking me about what college I wanted to go to.At the time I really wanted to get into animation.The counselor pulls out a catalog for the Fashion Institute of Technology here in the city, she goes, “They have an Animation major here, they also have Toy Design”. I had always been into toys, so hearing her say that kind of set off a light bulb in my head!
 Towards the end of college, close to graduation time, the Toy Department was helping everyone get placed at jobs (the class was small, we were only like 15 people) and I just knew that at point in my life I didn’t want to end up at a Fisher Price or a more ‘kid’s toy’ style toy company. I was hell bent on working for Mezco.I wa a big fan of their product since the beginning and bugged the chairperson of the department for a long time about it. I found the number to Mez’s office myself and gave it to the chairperson.Her and I called Mez one night when I had a late class, I remember it was a Thursday night around 7 or 8 pm. She helped me set up an interview.I just happened to be the right person at the right time, cus they were looking to bring on a fulltime Designer.
 The rest is history!

(Picture below of Johns’ art direction for a DC Direct Green Lantern figure)


– what did you take away from your years within the mainstream toy industry?

 Since leaving DC Direct, I’ve done a fair amount of toy design work for mainstream toy companies (none that I can really talk about until the products get revealed) so I’ve kept one foot there and another in the indie Designer Toy scene. I’ve also been designing a ton of mobile video games.
 The work ethic and style of direction/design I have, I have definitely carried over into my freelance work.All the years of experience workin fulltime at both DC and Mezco certainly come in handy. Every experience over the last 9+ years are invaluable and are tools you take with you across any platform, into any type of work.
 The biggest thing, whether in games or toys, or freelance or fulltime: Be genuine, help others, bust your ass and work hard, keep learning and evolve. You put those things deep into your soul and you are set!

– FAVOURITE toy you worked on, and why?

 This is a tough question, man!It’s like asking who your favorite child is! At DC and Mezco combined I must have worked on over 400 individual items, so it’s super hard to pick a favorite!
 There are a lot of favorites and that mostly comes from a smooth flow between the sculptor and i. on the project.When the rapport is right, the lines of communication are totally open and egos totally out the door then even a lame character or project can be a home run, ya know.

– MOST HATED toy you worked on, and why?

 Ha! ‘Most hated’ is a tough one too, but when you’ve worked on so much, you’re bound to slip up once in a while.I think the projects that suffer from schedule constraints or from having “too many cooks in the kitchen” or from the talent not being focused or on the same page with you as an Art Director, those are the ones that may be lackluster compared to others.I don’t want to call out any specific project, but there are 2 or 3 projects that make me cringe a bit when I think of them! Haha!

(Picture below of a custom Living Dead Doll by John, from 2007)

John Santagada - custom toy from 2007

You are currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to release a soft-vinyl/sofubi of your ‘Radioactive Rumblers’ line to life, starting with the 8-Ball figure.

– why the decision to use Kickstarter?

 I have seen other projects succeed on there and figured I’d give it a try. I wouldn’t be able to fund the project all on my own so it just seemed a super logical route to take.

– BEST aspect of Kickstarter?

 The best part of Kickstarter is the site itself! It’s a platform for artists that would otherwise never be able to bring their ideas to life. I love the site, I’ve backed a big handful of projects on there, the site excites the geek in me, ya know. You discover some awesome underground indie projects pop up.

– WORST aspect of Kickstarter?

 For me, the worst part of it are the people that post up campaigns that HAVE the means to do it on their own, but just don’t want to take the risk to come out of pocket.I mean, you have some big shot names on there raising big money for their projects and you KNOW they have the loot to just do it without Kickstarter. Leave the site for the people that actually need (and truly appreciate) the massive assist that the site is!

Your aforementioned 8-Ball figure – originally released in resin – is a great sculpt and figure.

(Picture below of 8-Ball, by ‘Radioactive Uppercut’)

8-Ball - toy in the round

– what was the inspiration behind the figure?

 Well, the first designs for what would become the Radioactive Rumblers line were done back in 2004-2005. I was really into the fight scale figures being produced by Secret Base and loved the nods back to old 80’s toys like the Madballs head poppers. Seeing those figures was like a kick in the pants, it totally had me reliving all the stuff I loved as a kid, Madballs especially. I had always wanted to do a Madballs/GPK type line and mix all the monster movie characters and art I loved.

(Picture below of an unpained 8-Ball)

8-Ball figure unpainted Pic

– what was the process involved in producing the figure – from initial sketches, through to Mr. Joshua Sutton’s sculpting, to resin production, to the current desire to release it in soft vinyl/sofubi?

 The first few characters I designed were heavily influenced by Secret base and those got scrapped as I moved forward. I kept doodling out characters until I had a clear image of the concept in my head. 8-Ball was the first design I was happy with, he was designed very early on.He is a total homage to Madballs; being one part Oculus Orbus and one part Hornhead. The design came out on it’s own, I thought the look of him was really strong after sitting with it for a bit. I only did one drawing of him, but that one had the perfect cross between homage and something original, I didn’t want him to look 100% like a rip-off, ya know.
 The initial design for 8-Ball has slightly different proportions than the final sculpt. The decision to tweak out the proportion is just about the only directive I passed along to Josh with the character sketch. I basically told him the vibe I wanted and he converted my art from there.It all went super quick. I’ve known Josh since I first started at Mezco so our rapport is pretty good. We have a real smooth flow when working together. I think I only saw two stages of the sculpt, the first rough and the final piece; I knew what Josh was going to give me and was confident enough to just let him run wild til the end.
 8-Ball is only a first figure in a much larger tapestry I am trying to weave with the Radioactive Rumblers, so the decision was pretty much set in stone that I needed to go into sofubi for the production of the figures.6+ years later, I’ve waited out licensing deal I had with a toy company that went nowhere, and now I am here trying to rock and roll it on my own; with a little help from my friends of course!
 The process designing other characters is pretty straightforward; I just sit and let out all these lil monsters into sketchbook after sketchbook. I try not to think and just let it flow, let the subconscious kind of take over.There are over 100 other designs waiting to see the light of day, as well as some other fun surprises!

What are your thoughts on Peter Goral and ‘Killer Bootlegs’? I ask as Peter is a relatively new gun in the game, who is becoming a big player in the scene, and I know you collaborated with him on a release of his ‘Frankenfett’ figure.

(Picture below of the Killer Bootlegs x Radioactive Uppercut, Frankenfett V2)

Radioactive Uppercut x Killer Bootlegs - Frankenfett V2 fig

 Pete is a super talented dude. I think we’ve only seen the beginning of what he has to offer the bootleg toy scene. He is ambitious, man, and not afraid to be real bold with his product; and it always pays off! His castings are always clean, His mash-ups are seamless in final form and his clear resin figures are some of the best out there. He is one to watch if one is not watching him already!

What was it like working on the art for the ‘Tree Garr’ resin figure by BigMan Toys?

(Picture below of John’s art fot the Tree Garr figure)

Radioactive Uppercut x BigMan Toys - Tree Garr art

 It was a total blast!I was really digging the TreeGarr figure when Lee was first promoting it before it’s release. It was a massive trip when he asked me to provide art for the headers. The style of the figure has a lot of elements I love. That crazy gnarly, organic detail, and that design is just killer!Lee’s a real good dude with some serious skills.He’s another guy that we have only seen the surface of his talent and what he has to offer.His work is always super ambitious, you have to love that!

John Santagada Art Questions

Describe the method of making a typical Santagada/’Radioactive Uppercut’ piece? (dot point all o.k.)

– your sculptural work

– your paintings + drawings

(Picture below of a zombie by John)


 Most of the time with my personal art there is no method, it has a very ‘automatic writing’ type of vibe when I sit to draw. It’s chaos and speed, coupled with just letting the art flow without really thinking about it.
 If I’m doing artwork for a client, there is some planning that goes into it, but the key to it all is speed and spontaneity, that’s when the best designs come out!
 When I’m Art Directing a project and working with a sculptor or painter I plan the hell out of that and cover all the bases, but try to leave as much room for the talent as possible to bring themselves to the table. You get the best work when you give the contractor some freedom on a project.

Are all your works by made by yourself? If you use collaborators; whom and in what capacity?

 All the 2D art is me, the toy projects I have shown and that are/will be in the works will be handled by professionals hahaha!I am by no means a sculptor so I leave that job in the hands of the incredibly talented sculptors I am super fortunate to know!

(Picture below of some sketches by John)

John Santagada - sketches

Do you use digital technology in your work at all? If so how, and what has it added to your practice?

 I really love traditional art most, so I’ve always tried to keep my art pretty simple and if I were going digital with a traditional piece I would use it very sparingly. So it’s either all digital or all traditional, but I have been experimenting with mixing the two a bit further so we shall see how that all evolves.
 The key is to use technology as a tool, not a crutch.Some artists become dependent on it. They may be creating some beautiful, slick painted digital works, but give them a pencil and they become a deer in headlights! I much prefer traditional mediums; I love seeing tool marks in a sculpture, scratchy pen or pencil lines in a drawing and brush strokes in a painting.

Does your self-directed work all exist in its own ‘universe’? (Yes; I am basically asking if you see your characters all interacting in your head.) IF so, what do they get up to?

 There are several universes going on in my head all at the same time. I’ve worked in toys so long I tend to break some ideas up by look, almost into a category. So each idea that may have a different look would fit into it’s own universe.
 My plan is to create countless worlds for people, not just one. There will be a little something for everyone!
 For example, the Radioactive Rumblers project is it’s own universe. How deep that universe goes, we don’t know yet, but it’s a self-contained universe.The look is distinct and the personality behind the stories and characters will be different from other projects I have planned. Within the Rumblers universe, there will be some variety, but I’ll reveal all that when the time comes.
 I can’t talk too much about what I have in mind, but there are several other projects across several different platforms that I want to get to.

The Future

Any collaborations on the horizon?

 Well, after the first run of 8-Ball figures I want to do some micro runs in new decos as well as some collabs with a few artists. Not going to reveal too much just yet, but on the collabs I want to do new decos and also include new resin heads by the artist I’m collabing with. So it would be like a full production 8-Ball in new deco plus a new resin interchangeable head. Still pretty early on, the success of the Kickstarter will dictate how far I go….but I have a ton of cool things in mind.

Any major projects you want to hype man?

 I have to hype the 8-Ball Kickstarter campaign up now, of course! We have a month left and are pretty close to reaching the funding goal!
 There will be another batch of custom resin one-offs coming to the campaign page on August 6th, so everybody should definitely keep their eyes peeled for that!
 I am beyond stoked at the 2nd batch of artists that will be contributing to the project.Motorbot and Dubose Art are back for a 2nd round and are joined by some super talented folk:SeriouslySillyK, Tim Stephson, Monster Island, Manny X, Blurble One, Tony Simione and Johan Ulrich.There will also be a ‘radioactive’ clear tinted orange resin 8-Ball and a custom from Josh Sutton (who sculpted the figure).
 The red painted version of 8-Ball you see on the campaign page will ONLY be available there, so it’s sure to be a limited release that will NOT happen again in those colors!
 Here’s the link to the campaign:

 I have a few more things happening this Fall, so stay tuned to my Facebook and Instagram for the latest news on all that.  Some super exciting stuff is coming!

(Picture below of a rough sketch of 8-Ball, by John)

8-Ball - pre sculpt sketch


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    The news of a drug test can make any stoner anxious. Even if you have only taken a few puffs recently with your friends, you still have a good reason to worry about the upcoming drug test.
    You might decide to abstain from drugs, but your system could still have signs of weed for a few days. So, can you detox in time so you do not end up losing your job? There are several myths and terrible advice you will find on the internet. But, there are also genuine detoxification methods that actually work.
    Millions of employees are trying to learn how to pass a drug test for weed. Both private and government jobs may require employees to be clean from drugs. Sometimes, a drug test is a requirement to comply with state or federal laws, and other times it is the nature of the job that the employer can only hire those who are sober.
    Related Stories
    Best Liver Detox Supplements: Top 4 Liver Cleanse Pills for Liver Health
    Whether you are looking for a new job or have been asked to take a post-employment drug test, you must start by learning about the different drug tests used by employers. Here is how to pass a drug test for weed.
    At a Glance: Top 4 Best THC Detox Methods
    Detox Drinks – Overall Best Detox Method To Detect Weed
    Detox Pills – Most Convenient Method To Pass Drug Tests
    Hair Shampoos – Effective Weed Detoxification for Hair Follicles
    Mouthwash – Best THC Detox Method to Flush Out Toxins from Mouth
    #1. Detox Drinks – Overall Best Detox Method To Detect Weed
    Most people use detox drinks to avoid testing positive for a random drug test, pre- or post-employment. If you have plenty of time before the test, there are other options like quitting smoking, substituting urine, etc. But if you only have hours to spare, detox drinks are your only viable option.
    These work by stimulating the body’s natural detoxification process. A detox drink may help create a window in which you will test clean. Your drug test may come up negative for any trace of weed even if you just smoked it hours before.
    These are the best when you want to flush weed out of your system pretty fast in case of a random drug test. Your boss probably will not inform you about the drug test until it is too late to prepare a plan to get clean.
    However, you cannot use just any detox drink, as some may strip urine of the indicators that testers use to identify that a sample is genuine. Labs typically reject a urine sample if it does not have the proper color, correct temperature, and necessary creatinine level.
    In addition to a detox drink, you must increase your fluid intake and consume only light meals until the test. Also, urinate frequently to flush out the toxic substances on the day of the drug test. You must avoid alcoholic beverages and any over-the-counter drugs during this period.
    => Click here to visit the official website of Detox Drinks
    #2. Detox Pills – Most Convenient Method To Pass Drug Tests
    You are quite fortunate if you have a few days before the drug test to follow a detox program. Detox pills are taken as a part of a detox program, and these may help permanently eliminate any remains of THC from your body.
    These pills make it easier to get results faster and get clean for an impending drug test.
    How Does a Detox Program Work?
    In addition to taking detox tablets for several days, you can also follow a healthy meal plan that includes fresh veggies and fruits for the best results. Consumption and frequency will depend on the amount of toxin in your body. If you have been ingesting or eating weed, you will need a longer detoxification plan to get it out of your system.
    If you know about the drug test a few days in advance, using detox pills as part of your detox program should be your best strategy for passing.
    => Click here to visit the official website of Detox Pills
    #3. Hair Shampoos for Follicle Test – Effective Weed Detoxification For Hair Follicles
    You cannot discount the possibility of a drug test using a hair follicle. It is always best to be prepared than risk losing your job. Fortunately, there are shampoos that help remove hair contaminants, so the drug test may not find traces of weed in your hair.
    Most of those giving a drug test ignore the possibility of a hair test, and remnants of weed can stay in your hair follicles for up to 90 days. This can be a cause of concern if you are only relying on a detox drink to pass the urine drug test. When they request a hair sample, you find yourself unprepared.
    The best way to use a toxin cleansing shampoo would be to start three to ten days in advance and use it along with your usual shampoo and conditioner. If you do not have enough days before the test, you can take several showers a day for proper cleansing of your scalp. You must make sure the shampoo stays lathered in your hair for about 15 minutes before you wash it.
    A minimum of 15 washes is recommended before taking the test to ensure you will come out clean.
    => Click here to visit the official website of Detox Shampoo
    #4. Mouthwash for a Swab Test – Best THC Detox Method To Flush Out Toxins From Mouth
    Saliva tests often hit you when you are totally unprepared, and a mouthwash can be a handy solution. A variety of jobs may require you to give saliva tests pre- or post-employment, at any sudden moment. When other detox methods may not work, a mouthwash comes to your rescue.
    => Click here to visit the official website of Mouthwash
    #5. Home Remedies
    Home remedies for detoxification work best when you have several days to flush THC out of your system. However, if you have to beat a drug test coming up in the next few days, same-day detox drinks are your best bet.
    People choose home solutions for THC detox in various circumstances, and they are an affordable and convenient way to cleanse your body.
    Natural home remedies might not work fast enough to ensure negative results on your drug test. But ,several people use these for health benefits and to take a step in the direction of getting over their drug addictions. Here are the best home remedies to help flush out weed from your body.
    Lemon Juice
    This is one of the classic recipes used for detoxification. Take 8 to 16 ounces of water in a cup, and then squeeze half of a lemon into it. This drink may help flush your system out and prepare you for a drug test or simply help live a healthy life.
    Besides being an effective detox, it is easier to drink more water when you add lemon to it. Frequent urination by drinking more water may help flush out more THC toxins from your body.
    Cranberry Juice
    This is a great natural detox drink to help you pass your drug test. You can drink cranberry juice with plenty of water or with an electrolytic drink so you can urinate often and flush out your system. To retain the right color of your urine, you can take this juice with B-vitamin pills.
    Another natural drink to help get rid of weed in your system is coffee. It is a natural diuretic, so you will feel the urge to pee more often and therefore flush everything out. But, remember to take B-vitamin pills a few days before the test, as this will ensure your urine sample will not be rejected by the lab.
    #6. Apple Cider Vinegar – Perfect Beverage for Your Detox Program
    Apple cider vinegar is a beverage worth adding to your detox program. It is known for multiple health benefits including weight control and boosting immunity.
    Consuming it as a part of your detox should help eliminate toxins while also supporting your overall health. But, make sure that you use raw, unfiltered, ACV, which has “the mother” in it. “The mother” is made of acetic acid, bacteria, and cellulose. It is necessary to get the desired effects from apple cider vinegar.
    But, do not consume too much of this beverage with the hope of quick results. Two tablespoons per day taken with water should be adequate for your detox plan. Overconsumption of ACV can weaken your tooth enamel and also cause nausea.
    How Long Will THC Remain in Your Body?
    The time needed to rid the body of THC will vary from person to person, and it will depend on the following factors:
    People with a high metabolism will find that marijuana exits them faster and they will be prepared for the drug test soon after they discontinue its use. Metabolism depends on age, physical activity, and some health conditions.
    Body Mass (BMI)
    Those who are overweight will find that it takes longer for them to eliminate THC from their system. THC metabolites are stored in the fat cells, so people with higher body fat take longer to get rid of marijuana from their body.
    Amount of Consumption
    Heavy drug users will have a greater concentration of THC in their system and will need longer to flush out their system of weed remnants.
    Women have a slower metabolic rate due to higher levels of body fat. Therefore, traces of weed last longer in a woman’s body compared to that of a man. If you are a woman, the sooner you begin your THC detox, the better chances you will have of retaining your job.
    Smoking vs. Vaping vs. Edibles
    The time duration for THC staying in your body will also depend on what form you take it. Detection time for smoking marijuana use is the shortest, and traces of weed will leave your body sooner if you are a smoker. However, ingesting or eating marijuana will cause THC levels to stay higher for a longer time.
    Commonly Used Drug Tests
    Even when the effects of smoking or consuming marijuana are gone, chemical remnants called metabolites are still present in your body. These can be detected in a drug test from saliva, blood, urine, hair, and fingernails.
    Urine Test
    There is a high chance that your employer will ask you to take the urine test for drugs. It is one of the cheapest and most convenient drug tests and is therefore the most common drug test used by employers.
    Moderate drug users may fail a urine test one to three weeks after their last consumption, and a heavy user can test positive for 30 to 45 days. Even if you only smoke weed once or twice a week, results can still show up positive for up to three days.
    When you reach the lab for the drug test, you will be asked to leave your belongings in another room. They will instruct you to go to the bathroom to collect your urine sample in a specimen cup.
    A sample collected from home will not be accepted. If it is collected hours before, it will not be the right temperature. So, if you are thinking about swapping urine, it will probably not work. However, people use synthetic urine to fake drug test results.
    Blood Test
    Blood tests have a pretty small window to detect THC in your system. But, it is detectable in the bloodstream within seconds of use. So, roadside urine tests for drivers might use blood samples to look for traces of marijuana in the body.
    It will also depend on the dose and how long it will stay in the system. This test is appropriate in those situations when the suspect is still under the influence of drugs. If a person has a high metabolism, it will be eliminated from the body pretty soon. Heavy smokers can test positive for a longer duration compared to those that take just a few puffs occasionally.
    Hair Test
    For daily users, hair tests can detect weed for up to 90 days. Trace amounts of weed reach the hair follicles via small blood vessels and can therefore be detected. However, these tests are difficult to perform and can be unreliable at times.
    This is why hair tests are rare. They may also take up to a week for the traces of THC to show up. However, if you are looking for a new job, start your detox as soon as possible, as a hair test can pick up the use of weed even after a few months of the last use.
    Saliva Test
    Saliva tests or mouth swabs tests are more common with traffic law enforcement to test if a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence. This is because saliva tests are accurate only for recent use and cannot detect THC used some time ago.
    These tests are sometimes used as an alternative to urine drug tests, and the reason is that these are easier to administer and can be supervised while you collect the samples. Mouth swab tests are growing in popularity because they cannot be tampered with.
    Which Drug Test Should I Expect?
    There is no sure way of knowing what kind of drug test your employer will administer. The urine test is the most common method due to its low cost and convenience. But, government agencies and larger companies still stick to the blood test.
    The hair testing method is still on the rise, as it can detect drug use even months in the past. Some government agencies have also started using hair tests to detect drug use up to a few months back. In contrast, saliva tests are more common for roadside testing.
    Other Solutions When Detox Is Not an Option
    At-Home Drug Tests
    You might not have time for a detox program, but you can at least use a drug test kit to see if there is any THC left in your system. If the drug test is scheduled too soon for you to detox, a urine testing kit will help you determine the presence of THC or cannabis in your system.
    It will detect the metabolites found in your urine, and it takes just about five minutes to give the result.
    You can interpret the test results by noticing the lines on the kit. Two lines means that the result is negative. If you see a single line on the control region, this means you are positive and traces of weed are still present in your body. In this case, you must start taking detox drinks immediately.
    No lines would mean that you need to take a re-test, and you will need to use a new kit in this case. Seeing no lines implies that there has been an error during the testing procedure.
    Cheat the Drug Test with Fake Pee
    If there is nothing else you can do and the drug test is staring right at you, maybe you should consider faking it. Yes, it is probably the right time to ask someone to lend their uncontaminated pee to you so you can pass the test.
    However, if that sounds too gross and not feasible, the other option is to use a synthetic urine kit. This might also sound disgusting, but when your career is on the line, synthetic urine might be the only chance to beat the test.
    However, you cannot rely on this since you never know when you will be asked to produce fresh urine samples. The right temperature is also important, or your sample could be rejected.
    How Long Should I Abstain from Weed to Pass the Test?
    As mentioned above, each type of test can detect THC for different periods of time. But, if you have yet to apply for a job and are thinking of preparing for the test by abstaining from weed consumption, you should start it at least 30 days prior to taking the test.
    A detox plan may help you eliminate weed faster, but if you are solely relying on abstaining, you should allow at least a month to rid your system of THC. A chronic stoner might struggle with this, but this is the best way to put your system in the clear zone naturally.
    Regular smokers will need a minimum abstinence of 30 days, but occasional smokers can prepare themselves for drug tests by staying away from drug screens for just ten days. But, the only way to be completely sure that you have rid yourself of weed is to use a self-test kit to gauge your progress.
    What to Expect During the Drug Test
    The drug test is commonly set up at your workplace or in a medical clinic. You will be given all the instructions on how to take the test. A single-stall bathroom is the preferred site for a urine test, and someone of the same gender might monitor while you provide the sample.
    The technician might take additional precautions to ensure the sample is not tampered with. Some precautions you can expect them to take include:
    Removing soap from the site
    Carrying out a site inspection prior to sample collection
    Measuring the temperature of the urine sample
    Putting blue dye in the tank or toilet bowl
    Securing sources of water in the bathroom
    FAQs: How To Pass A Drug Test For Weed
    Q1. Which is the best detox method for a drug test?
    The best way to prepare yourself for a drug test is to follow a detox program that includes multiple methods to flush out traces of the drug from your body. Start drinking plenty of water and take detox drinks or pills to quickly eliminate THC from your system. Also, the more often you pee, the faster this will work.
    Following a healthy routine and diet plan may also aid the detoxification process. The sooner you start a detox program, the earlier you can be prepared and assured of testing negative. If you are unsure how to pass a drug test for weed, you should consider consuming a potent detox drink to flush out toxins from your system.
    Q2. How is THC stored in the body?
    You might wonder how the traces of THC can still be present in your body long after the effects of weed are gone. The THC hides in your fat cells and takes a long time to be metabolized. THC may take even longer to be eliminated in overweight people.
    Over 80 types of metabolites are formed from THC, and these are stored in the fat until eliminated through feces and urine.
    Q3. How fast do detox pills work?
    While some pills can get you cleaned in an hour and would create a window of up to six hours where you will test negative for THC, a complete detox program involving these pills should continue for about ten days to completely flush out the traces of the drug.
    Most detox pills claim to permanently cleanse your system in seven days. Some pills, however, claim to create a small window of a few hours before your test will come up negative. You can take these pills within one to two hours to have the desired effect.
    Q4. Does alcohol detox THC?
    It might sound convenient to you, but it can make things worse. Alcohol will, in fact, boost THC levels in your body. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink alcohol while you are detoxing.
    Instead, you should go with proven detox methods like lemon juice, detox pills, healthy diet, abstinence, etc., rather than experiment with other things that might increase THC in your body and make it harder to pass the drug test.
    Q5. How does the THC leave your body?
    When THC has been successfully metabolized and passed into the bloodstream, it is transported to the bowels, kidneys, and skin to leave your body. 60% of it will leave as feces, while the rest will leave as urine and sweat.
    Metabolism of THC begins in the liver and is converted into metabolites (11-OH-THC, and THCCOOH). The same enzyme that works on alcohol is used in this process. Whether you ingest or inhale THC, your metabolism works the same way.
    11-OH-THC is predominantly excreted through faeces while THCCOOH is mostly passed through urine.
    Q6. Will exercise help my detox program?
    THC is stored in lipid tissues, so when you exercise and burn fat, it helps the detox process in your body. Exercise promotes the release of toxins from fats. Once these find their way into your kidneys, they are filtered out and sent to the bladder, where the THC metabolites are excreted through urine.
    Sweating also helps remove toxins, and it makes exercise an effective way to aid your detox program. So, working out while following a detox program may help increase your chance of testing negative for THC when the date of the drug test arrives.
    Q7. What is a 10-panel drug test?
    A 10-panel drug test is administered in professions that entail dangerous work or when the employee is responsible for the safety of others. The test typically looks for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, PCP, amphetamines, propoxyphene, and Quaaludes. The people who are typically asked to take this test are:
    Medical professionals
    State, federal, or local government employees
    Law enforcement officials
    A 5-day detox program is recommended to prepare for a 10-panel drug test. You can use detox pills and drinks to speed up the process, and a healthy diet and routine would also contribute to flushing out THC from your system.
    Q8. What happens if the test turns out to be inconclusive or invalid?
    It is not uncommon for the test to turn out inconclusive. This could be due to several reasons. If you have been using a home detox drink, it may cause the urine to be stripped of important indicators that the testers look for. An error in the testing procedure can also be responsible for the test results being inconclusive.
    You will be asked to take a retest if the report of a drug test comes inconclusive or if it is considered invalid due to the sample not being in the correct state.
    If you are following a detox program that includes taking a detox drink, take B-vitamin pills so the urine sample is of the right color and does not make the test technician suspicious. Also, the urine should be the right temperature or the technician will ask you to produce another fresh sample.
    Q9. How do you prepare for a hair test?
    Imagine purchasing synthetic urine for your upcoming drug test and finding out that it will be your hair that will give away the weed that you smoked just a few days back. There is a way to prevent that. You can use a hair detox shampoo that will cleanse your hair follicles deeply to eliminate traces of THC.
    It is always best to cover every front rather than risk your job for that occasional puff of weed. Including a hair detox shampoo in your detox program will further improve your chances of passing the drug test. But, you will need several washes for the drug traces to fade away from your scalp.
    If you have limited time until the drug test, you can take multiple showers every day to speed up the cleansing process. You can continue using your normal shampoo along with a special detox shampoo.
    Q10. Can you rely on detox methods to pass a drug test?
    Detoxing is a process that might take some time. The longer you have, the better your chances are to come clean for drugs. Not everyone gets enough time to follow through the detox process completely. There are a variety of ways to speed up your detox process. Some take more time, while others may help create a small window where you will test negative.
    A natural cleanse will help eliminate THC from your system, but it takes more than a month to work.
    Detox pills may produce quick and effective results, but you will need at least a week for this method to flush out THC from your body.
    Detox drinks are the fastest way to temporarily remove THC and are best if you have the test on the same day.
    If detoxing is not an option, synthetic urine can help you avoid testing positive. But, it can be detected and is therefore quite risky.
    If you have plenty of time to detox at home, there are a number of home remedies to try like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc.
    Q11. What will happen if I test positive on a drug test?
    Starting a detox program a few days before taking the drug test will reduce your chance of testing positive for THC. You can also get yourself a urine test kit to make sure the detox process is working for you. However, if you do not have sufficient time and if fake urine is not an option, you might test positive for drugs.
    There will probably be a re-test to confirm the results, and if you test positive again, you might be given a chance to explain your reasons for taking the drug. It should be an acceptable medical reason for you to avoid losing your job. The review officer will then share this with your employer.
    If the drug test is a part of the screening process for hiring, you will probably lose the opportunity and join the pool of unemployed. But, if you have been a long-term employee, there is a possibility that they might give you a chance to get clean from drugs and retake the test after some time.
    Conclusion: Safe Ways To Pass A Weed Drug Test In 2022:
    A drug test can catch you by surprise, especially if you have recently been using weed. The duration of THC staying in the body varies from person to person, and it is hard to predict if the drug test will find traces of weed in your body.
    If you are unsure, you can also take the self-drug test to find out for sure. If you want to start a THC detox program to flush out THC from your system, there are several ways you can do so.
    You never know what kind of drug test you might be asked to take. Some tests can detect drug use that was quite recent, while other tests work better at finding traces left by drug use many months back. Complete detoxification is your best bet if you have a few days to follow the program.
    But, there are also detox drinks that can give you instant results and create a small window where your urine sample will reveal no traces of THC. So, if your employer has just informed you of an imminent drug test, it is better to start detoxing than stress about it.

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