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Art Talk – Andrew J Heffron of ‘Lab Monkey Number 9’

Andrew J Heffron is a Canadian artist, designer, prop maker, special effects wizard and toy creator who first came to ‘Art Whore’s attention thanks to his ‘Lab Monkey Number 9’ persona.

As ‘LMN9’ Andrew creates beautifully crafted resin toys. Under his own name however, is were Andrew’s other talents appear – working with world renowned toy company ‘Spin Master’, designing props for international TV shows, and releasing highly decorative sculptural works.

Indeed, as Andrew states, he has art in his very bones!

I’ve been a creative creature since I was very little. I need to create or I break! I get all squirrelly and grumpy if I don’t  lol

It’s just in my heart and soul to make.

I can’t stop.

(A photo below of Andrew workinging on a large sculpture)

So, as Andrew exists as a constantly bubbling cauldron of artistic endevour – now is the perfect time to get to know the man, and his many varied creations, by reading the Art Talk Interview below…

Basics/Getting to Know

Name + D.O.B?

Andrew John Heffron
17 Feb. 1968

City, State n Country you currently call home?

I’ve been living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the last 31 years.

(Photos below of some Heartoy resin art pieces by ‘LMN9’)

City, State n Country you’re from?

From age 0-3 I was living in a ground floor apartment in a rough part of Toronto. I had a plastic pipe that I kept in my toy box. I would bring it with me when I went out to play with the city kids! I used to eat the chicken wings that tenants higher up, would throw off their balcony!
I was fast and my poor Mum would try to be faster.
At age 4 (my sister was 2) my Dad welded up a camper for his truck in the parking lot and we traveled across Canada to Alaska and back. We ended up settling in a tiny town called Pottageville. It’s an hour or so north of Toronto. Back then, it was the middle of nowhere. Still kind of is haha.
We had a small bird and rabbit farm. Feeding the rabbits was one of my after school chores.

Describe a memory from some stages of your life ….basically trying to piece together some pivotal moments. Concerts, art, action-figures, romance, school, crime… ANYTHING really!

* age 5 – beginnings:

I was totally convinced that I was Native American. Had a whole outfit and a teepee. At age six I performed a “killing of a deer” ritual for all my school in full costume. Had my  bows and arrows and everything! Haha
I had a pretty big imagination.
I would draw all the time. Mostly animals and medieval Knights.

(Photo below of Andrew age 3 in 1971 – “Me and my city friends that threw my tractor in the ravine.“)

* age 10 – continuations:

My best friend, Kenny Kell had all the good toys haha. I was either in the forest talking to animals or watching tv and playing with Kenny’s awesome action figures! I remember his older brother taking us to see our first movie, Star Wars! He had a pile of SW toys. Also Shogun Warriors, Micronauts and Stretch Armstrong! We destroyed that thing!
But as far as my own toys went, Mego 8” Spider-Man was my main toy. I would build these elaborate abandoned warehouses out of cardboard boxes and whatever I could find. Trap doors and nets for the bad guys. I took some Mego knock off cowboy and turned him into Kraven the Hunter. I made him a little outfit from my Mum’s fabric scraps.

(Photo below of Andrew and his cousin Martin in 1978 – when Andrew was 10)

* age 15 – getting serious:

Growing up on a farm, nothing seemed to be thrown out. If something broke, it was turned into something else.
My parents were both really creative in their own ways. I remember my Dad bought two of the same cars. Him and his friends pulled them all apart and made one car out of the parts! It really changed how I viewed every day objects.
My Dad was a welder, electrician and an inventor type. If he needed something, he just made it. My Mum was a school teacher, avid gardener, illustrator/painter. There was a time when she would sew all her own clothes!
I was born with a clef lip which had been sewn together at age one. So up to this point I looked a little weird. I had three crests on my upper lip instead of the normal two. I was well on my way, with being different and all the things that come with that. At age 14 my Mum got me into Sick Kids Hospital for plastic surgery. The doctor did an incredible job. Fixed my lip so it looked more normal. Also my left nostril was missing some cartilage so they took it from behind my ear and added it inside my nose!
Got into Punk rock music as a teenager. Changed everything. Gave me an outlet for my weirdness and creativity.
Moved out of my Mom’s place at 18 and moved to Toronto to live with my Dad. Finished up my grade 12 education at a nearby city high school.

(Photo below of Andrew before High School back in 1984)

*age 20 – young adult:

Went to art college through out my 20s.
Did a 4 year program in Sculpture at  OCAD. I did the first two years fresh from high school. It was too soon for me. So I traveled across Canada to Vancouver and back. The Berlin Wall came down while I was out there. Went back to college and really got into it. Got all my sculpting skills, mold making basics, vacuum forming, and even resin casting. Back then it was Polyester Resin which was kind of brittle but it was still pretty cool.
My first resin creation was a transparent green crucifix filled with dead crickets!
I spent all my time either welding up weird sculptures out of found objects or casting odd things in the plastics dept.
My sculptures at the time consisted of metal, bone, leather, toys/resin and my hair!
I would grow my Mohawks and then coat them in epoxy resin. Wear it around for a week then chop them off and add them to my sculptures! My best friend Greg Jowel, was gluing metal nails into my Mohawk for me, late one night in the plastic dept. It just so happened that the very uptight safety inspector was doing a tour of our new ventilation system! Lots of fun times in art school.

(Photos below of some of Andrew’s early sculptural works – done in the early 1990’s)

At age 29 ( Nov. 1997) my girlfriend at the time and I went to Antigua, Guatemala. We decided to go on a day trip with 13 other tourists to watch the active volcano, Pacaya. It was a hard trek up the rolling volcanic rock, but we all made it to the top. The Sulphur cloud cleared and I realized that I was about a foot away from the edge of the large volcano hole!
While we were all taking pictures of ourselves, the volcano erupted. Beautiful red orange lava shot up into the sky. The fun mood quickly turned to people screaming and jumping off! It was coming down fast, sharp and hot. The rocks tore my knapsack right off my back. Everyone was pelted with the volcanic rock and suffered different injures. I got hit from behind so I ended up with an almost ruptured spleen and 3 vertebrae fractured. Everyone starting ripping up t-shirts and wrapping their injuries. A school bus load of tourists were watching from the proper distance. A big guy named Heysus came over to help us. A tiny old Mexican man using a machete as a cane and his little dog were our guides down the dark volcano forest hill. It took 4 hours for my girlfriend and Heysus to carry me down to the waiting buses. Haha so messed up.
Long story short I spent the next week in a Guatemala hospital and then flown home. 3 months later my bones healed.

(Photo below of Andrew aged 25 in 1993 – “Waiting on set with my friend, Johnny (Andrew Cash video).“)

*age 30 – fully formed:

Out of college I went into television and commercial industry.
First TV Show was “Once Upon A Hamster” (AKA ‘Takes of the Riverbank’ – Ed.) with my friend Jody Turner. Live action talking animal show! I grew up watching it, so I was pretty excited to be on the 90s version.
From there I moved on to YTV, a children’s television station here in Toronto. Worked with the On Air Dept. doing some really fun Station Identifications. Most memorable are the “weird safe” IDs. Things so odd that they needed to be locked up! Rocket Powered Leech, World’s Largest Toe and a pair of  Goat Under Pants, being some of the ones I made with a small team of friends.
Ansonn Bryant, Jody Turner and I pulled off many jobs back then, in character building record time! Long days with little sleep. Always running on adrenaline and the fear of not making the deadline.
I became known as a hero prop maker, specialty builder, miniature maker and sculptor. Did my fair share of rock videos, commercials and print ads. Also got into making large styrofoam sculptures for a display company.  I got really good with a chainsaw! Made a whole bunch of animals for the Toronto Metro Zoo splash park. Some video game characters too for the E3 video game convention. Sculpted up the world’s largest bobble head of Chuck Woolery. Even worked on a Captain Morgan sculpture.
They were  fun and crazy times. Harsh deadlines. Learned how to work fast and hard.

(Photos below of some of Andrew’s prop and TV work)

*age 35 – adult continuations:

Married and had two little kids by this point. Beautiful boy and girl.
Having kids changed everything.
From year 2000-2010 (age 32-42) My main art was making one off custom toy mash ups that my wife at the time, would photograph.
We sold lots of 4 x 6 framed photos of these partial narrative toy scenarios. It was so much fun. We made around 50 different ones over the ten year period.

(Photo below of Andrew aged 31)

* age 40 – meanderings:

At age 40 something clicked and I made a major life change. Became vegan and quit alcohol and coffee. Cleaned up my act. Became straight edge.
Also I had been freelancing for a big toy company, Spin Master – 3D printing,CGI and CNC machines kind of ended the prop making business for me, so slowly  I made the shift to the toy company.
It’s been really fun working with many different people at Spin Master. Toy designers, Social media dept., Photo shoots for packaging, Commercials and Toy conventions around the world!

(Photos below of some designs by Andrew for ‘Spin Master’)

*age 45 – middle age creeping:

Got back into making toy sculpture one offs, but this time I decided to make them at a larger size for alternative galleries. Most of them were roughly one foot by one foot. So big for toys. They ended up being big prototypes in a way for the future.
This was when I made the original Darthopion, Mr.T-Rex, Daredevil and Quasigizmodo large sculptures.

(Photos below of some of Andrew’s large sculptural works)

I discovered all these other artists on the internet making art toys. Made a bunch of my own and did Fanexpo 2014. First art toy run was my version of Robert Cop. Used the Iron Shiek’s head. Now one of my  best toy friends, @theangrybeast (instagram) bought one of the first Robert Cops back then!
My good friend, Steve Manale  @dontletsart (instagram) did all kinds of art and packaging designs back then for me – including designer blood splatter stickers!
2015 got on Instagram in April that year after meeting @8bitmike (instagram) at the march comiccon.
IG changed my life.
So many toy artists all in one place from all over the world. It was a very humbling experience. I upped my game and got right into making full molded resin art toys. Haven’t looked back ever since.

*age 50 – midde age freak out:

Yes, it’s something I think about. It’s coming up fast!
Making toys keeps you young, so I’m not too worried about it.

(A recent photo of Andrew below)

Personal motto?

“Community is so important.”
I never really understood its value in the past. It’s so important to me now, to have a place to share, learn and grow.
I really like the idea of being able help each other out as a community. I try and give back as much as I can with mold making and pressure pot questions.
Also It’s very inspiring to see everyone’s work progress on Instagram.

Art Questions

Why the name ‘Lab Monkey Number 9’?

He’s a character I made up years ago. I was always making up these crazy characters. I imagined him being created in a laboratory by a mad scientist with spare parts he found lying around. The top of his head is always lopped off with a nest of cables and wires sticking out. He has a cyborg eye and bionic left arm.
The idea was that monkeys 0-8 were quite experimental and didn’t quite make it to being lab assistants.
I’m hoping to make all the numbered monkeys one day. So far Number 8 has been created. He’s just a head attached to a life support machine!
Also my Chinese sign is the monkey. I can be very mischievous haha.

(Image below of the ‘LMN9’)

When and why did you first start making art of any type!?

I’ve been a creative creature since I was very little. I need to create or I break! I get all squirrelly and grumpy if I don’t  lol
It’s just in my heart and soul to make.
I can’t stop.

Any pivotal artistic moment(s) / influence(s)?

When I discovered Giger years ago, he had an impact. So many artists affect you.
Finding out about Ashley Wood was a big one for me.
Jason Freeny  is incredible!
Healeymade is one of the top resin toy makers for sure.
Guillermo Del Toro show at the AGO was breath taking.
Stephane Halleux is amazing!
Mark Rydan, Joseph Harmon, Mike Magnola, and of course, The King, Jack Kirby!!

Do you consider what you are making to be art, ‘design, re-hashed crap?

I’ve always thought of it as art.
It’s never been a question that I ask myself.

Worst aspect of the contemporary art hustle?

The lack of alternative galleries.

Best aspect of the contemporary art hustle?

Being able to post what you’re making to an audience of peers.
Showing some of the process so people outside of the scene can understand you. Having people get excited and be able to relate to something that you made.
The high from making art and being creative.
Being able to see 1,000s of other artist’s work and have direct communication them.

Favorite other artist(s)?

Of the people I follow on Instagram, I would say 95% of them are artists or collectors.
I’m slowly collecting art from all my favorites.
These are the IG artists that I own a piece(s) of art from so far:
@theangrybeast, @8bitmiketoys, @modulicious, @toxicfumestoys, @squiggly_mcpickins, @naomiknaff, @darth_salesman, @liege_toys, @blughost_productions, @greatbeard_sculptures, @skullsnbrokenhearts, @underworldcustoms, @trashbury, @lumpyheadstudios, @turbopistola, @dontletsart, @extratruckestrial, @dca_toys, @mrpacos_bootlegs, @truslithers, @chompton_ , @nerfect, @voodoo1913, @barelyhumanart, @moon_armada, @spacetrog, @cdmetisart, @kosrobot, @sicsicsicart, @feond_base, @guerrero_masilla, @resinagem, @motleymiscreations, @kalaka_toys, @pandapropaganda, @figurefetish, @betterdaystoys, @mega85bootlegs, @dontcryinthemorning, @damarxtoys, @leeeeeetoystudio, @broke1, @the_becka,, @madcraftyshay, @therealbabysinclair (Sprit Ditch Toys), @babyteefff, @degeneratescholar, @totalyrainbow_dot_com, @coma21, @leecifer, @thatdamnjdo, @patricknleon (PLN Toys), @kosmostoys, @timebandits, @junkfed, @joseph_harmon, @prentler, @draculazer, @lulubell_toys, @killerbootlegs, @awesometoy, @thegalaxypeople, @sucklord, @gregmishka, @paulkaiju, @alexgarantart + @dollar_slice_bootlegs.
Whilst we know you through your art toy work – care to share with those at home the details of your other creative endevours… if any?!
I make toy jewelry on the side with my assistant and close friend Maia aka @squiggly_mcpickins (instagram)
@lab.monkey.lab.rat (instagram)  is our jewelry colab.
@modulicious (instagram) and I are just starting to work out a raygun colab. 1:1 scale Rayguns with interchangeable parts with each other’s resin space weapons.
Also I make high quality resin repro weapons as well for knock off toy collectors. Small toy weapons are always the first thing to get lost!

Designer Toy Questions

Describe the process of producing your toys? – from original sculpt, molding, production, to finally holding that sweet sweet finished product in your hands… (dot point all o.k.)

– Toy ideas come two different ways for me. First is when I get a visual in my head, then    I find parts that work and sculpt the rest. Second is two toys sitting next to each other and the finished image flashes in my head. You build up from the idea inspiring toys.
– Finding and gathering the parts is the best part of the process.
– Cut the parts free with a cut off wheel on a dremel or by using a small hand saw. Sometimes you just need to boil and pop the pieces free.
– Make quick silicone dump molds of the found parts. Cast them in resin. Sand out all the factory seems and plastic injection marks.
– Assemble what you now have. Figure out where the magnets are going.
– Sculpt up the new parts and modify the found parts.
– Lightly prime all the parts. Fix all the imperfections with red fill. Sand and do final prime.
– Draw a pencil line on all the parts to show the halfway point.
– Wall up the parts halfway with plasticine in a foamcore box. Pour first side of silicone.
– After it cures, flip it and remove plasticine. Clean parts up, spray release on and pour second half of the silicone. I also use Vaseline as mold barrier.
– I use a vacuum chamber to degas the silicone and do a high pour into the mold box.
– Open all the molds and cut additional runners needed.
– Do test casts of the new molds.
– I have 3 Pressure Pots now for casting. All the same brand so I can swap parts out.
– Figure out my colourway ideas.
– Modify the molds and cast all the parts needed for the run.
– Cut off the runners and trim off the flashing of the fresh resin parts.
– Glue in the magnets with c.a.
– Paint details on parts if needed.
– Assemble art toy
– Draw up the packaging art and ink it. Scan art.
– Colour and create the art in Photoshop.
– Print out header card at the printers. Package the toy.
– Oh yes, take pictures through the whole process so you have something to show on Instagram.
– Figure out your price after making the first one. Figure out weight and shipping costs.

(Photos below showing the process behind one of Andrew’s amazing resin creations)

Digital Vs Hand sculpting – what wins and why?

For me, hands on is the way.
I don’t want to stare at a computer to sculpt, but that’s just me. Hands on sculpting is such an awesome organic pastime, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. You just zen out and get into it. Time just flies by.
I usually sculpt with Apoxie Sculpt and medium Chavant modeling plasteline. Sometimes I use the hard version.
I really enjoy the collage sculpting way also. You use found parts or “donor parts” from many figures. When it works out, it can turn out completely  different than the pile of toys you took apart to make it.
I enjoy both ways.
Bootleg collage and also straight up sculpt.
Or both at the same time works really well too. Some donor / some sculpted.

Are art-toys for the kids?

They could be haha
Some are too adult for them of course, but some for sure.
I would love to get some kids into sculpting plasticine. Then finish up the process so they have some resin to paint up.
Kids love looking at silicone molds and placing the parts back in. You can see the gears turning.
When I was little my Uncle Peter bought me my first model  kit with all the glue and paint needed. It was pretty special. You remember those moments as an adult.

Is the rise of art toys an indication of the changing nature of art? OR just a bunch of nerds with too much money and time?

Yes, the definition of  art is expanding to include this kind of art form. More and more people are getting into sculpture in general, which I think is fantastic. Collectors are proudly displaying their action figures, art toys and sofubis on shelves and glass cases worldwide.
I’ve always seen action figures as sculpture.

Thoughts on the current state of the Canadian Art Toy Scene?

I’m not sure about Canada, but we’re getting organized here in Toronto. We’ve been using the hashtag #toyronto on Instagram, which will soon also  be a website showcasing us as an art toy collective thanks to @modulicious.
Plans are also in the works for a Toyronto booth at Toronto Fan Expo 2018.
The Toyronto art collective so far includes:

What role did toys play in your childhood?

Toys played a huge role. Acting out scenarios, imagining the impossible.
A pure creative activity that just can’t be beat.

What are the top 3 toys you own?

(Please include photos or drawings of them!)

Top 3! Geez I have so many. I’m going to go with the 3 toys that guard my vitamin shelf.
Valcan-1 of the toy line UFO Commander 7 (diecast), Jeeg 6.5” version made by Takara with chest missile (diecast), and Callisto, Major Matt Mason’s friend from Jupiter (bendie toy) Mattel 1968. I had him in my toy box as a kid. I recently bought him again at a vintage toy show.
So many memories.

(Photo below of Andrew’s 3 favorite toys)

You have made a name for yourself in the resin toy world – will we ever get to see a soft vinyl or factory made release toy from you?

I’m not planning on having an injection factory molded toy. Not for me. It confuses the resin scene and dilutes the market.
Soft vinyltoys/Sofubi are different though. They’re in their own category. I would love to have a sofubi toy out there one day.

What impact do you think 3D sculpting and printing is having, and will have, on the art toy scene?

Yes true. It’s slowly happening in the IG art toy scene.
For me, there’s still the problem with those pesky sedimentary  printing lines. They drive me mental. Haha I hate seeing them in finished art.
I think when the printing gets better, there will be a lot more 3d printed art. Some of the 3d sculpting I’ve seen is really good, some not so good. It all comes back to the sculpting skills.
So far the resin tricks can’t be beat yet. Swirls, whisping, marbling, double casting, glitter effects and resin dripping.

If people wanted to collaborate, work with you or just buy some art – how should they get in touch?

To buy art, the best way is to just send me a DM on instagram.
I have a few colabs on the go, so I’m full up right now but maybe later on in the year.
I also need to make sure I have some time left over to do my art.

Odds n Ends

Please describe your experiences growing up in Canada?

Canada’s awesome!
Growing up next to a forest on a farm, gave me a nice grounded childhood. We would disappear into the woods after school and return for supper when it got dark.
Moving to the city later on was just at the right time. So glad I did a year of high school in Toronto. So completely different with all the alternative groups. I hung out with the punks, goths and heavy metal dudes. The mods were our sworn enemies. Such pricks. Luckily there were no skinheads at this high school. I picked out the biggest punk to be my friend. He kept me safe in the cafeteria. Got all my urban living in. Best of both worlds.

(Photo below of Andrew in 1976 age 8 – “Regular day on the farm: tin foil knife and feather branch arrows.“)

Please describe what you think the Canadian Psyche/Zeitgeist is today?

So many different kinds of Canadians! The provinces are so different from each other.
On the whole I think we’re pretty nice, thoughtful, peaceful people. I’d like to think so.
Toronto has a bad reputation for the people being cold and business minded. But at the same time Toronto has so many cultures living and getting along with each other. You don’t need to go very far out of the city to notice things changing.
Hamilton is quickly becoming an alternative for artists. Many have moved there for the cheaper rent and thriving art scene.
Montreal has always been a wonderful art city.
Toronto can be tough to sell in. It can be very conservative here. With New York being somewhat close, a lot of artists show there as an alternative.

Who was your 1st crush and why?

First hometown crush was Jackie Gaston. One of the few alternative girls in Pottageville.
We would hang out in her basement bedroom and listen to cool records. The best!
My high school Girlfriend was Shielgh Scattergood. Really sweet girl. Her father was a race car driver.
She would be as cool as a cucumber while I would be freaking out inside by his insane driving down the country roads.
My first TV crush was Erin Gray on “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”. Col. Wilma Deering. Those space outfits!
I also have an extreme weakness for girls dressed as Ewoks.

(Photo below of Erin Gray – one of Andrew’s first crushes.)

Does sex change everything?

Haha yes!
The best thing to do, is to hold on to that crush moment and see how long you can make it last for.

Which cartoon character would you most like to see in a tribute sex toy, and why?
(Please sketch a prototype of your design.)

The Super Wonder Gallery  here in Toronto, has this themed art event called “The Super Naughty Show” About a 100 artists all make erotic art for a double night party. So I created “The Incredible Bulk”, “Blue Balls Bunny” and “Pink Pussy”!!
Lots of people really get into the event and dress up or… undress! At one of the shows the curator handed out rainbow penis shaped popsicles right at the peak of the party! Timing was everything.

(Images below of some of Andrew’s art from the ‘Super Naughty Show’)

Who would win in a fight and why: Pink Eyes from ‘Fucked Up’ Vs. 50 Cent ?
(Please draw the battle in all it’s violent beauty!)

Hmm ah.. I don’t know about those guys. Haha
Maybe I’ll do Mr.T-Rex fighting King Kong as a Lab Monkey!

(Images below of the battle in all it’s glory!)

Please describe your latest dream in detail…

Well.. thanks to my assistant, Maia Friedlander, I now have what she calls “Slothmares” Haha She showed me this horrifying (to me) youtube video of a sloth ever so slowly inching  across the highway. It just really freaked me out with his weird long arms and how creepy and slow it was all happening. So ya Slothmares now. I’ll be trying to get away from a killer sloth and of course I’m in some kind of quicksand going slower than him. Panicking as he’s ever so slowly catching up…
As far as dreams I have generally two kinds. Crazy adventures or I’m building something that doesn’t make any sense. The other night I dreamt up, Breadtek. It’s this flat bread that you cut up into shapes and place it on any object, which instantly makes it into a working machine of some sort! Lol Or one night I invented this type of clothing called Wearable Washables. You just never have to take your clothes off and they self clean with friendly bacteria or something.
The inventing/building dreams can be exhausting. I usually wake up tired from all the virtual work I’ve done! Haha

Of everything you have done what would you most like to be remembered for and why?

Hmm well I make fan based art toys and original character based art toys. I would love one of my original ideas to be the one.
With fan based ideas, the viewer is already halfway in, which can be really beneficial. The power of nostalgia is incredible strong. I go back and forth so I can really see the difference in the reactions. I enjoy doing both for different reasons but the original path is a much harder one, so they end up meaning more to you on a personal level.
With fan based art toys, it’s nice too because you can reach a lot more people. You instantly have something in common with them and it’s much faster to relate. That’s why fan based art toys do so well at comicons and original ideas are harder to relate to, at those bigger events.
I find the Instagram platform can be really helpful for original based ideas. You can give them context and make a connection through showing the process. Gives them the light and time they need to grow.
I would love my “Heartoy” series to be the one that I’m remembered for. It’s definitely my best selling original idea so far. I made the first one in 2016 for Valentine’s day. Then I made a new robot version “Heartoy2” in 2017. I’m hoping to keep releasing a new version each year.

Drugs – waste of time or gateway to the universe?

No alcohol, drugs or coffee for me. I’ve done enough for a lifetime. Haha
My body is a temple.
I’ll be clean until the end.
Straight edge Vegan.

The Future

Any collaborations on the horizon?

Yes! I have a fun one coming up with @chompton (instagram) I’m going to sculpt a LM9 version of his cute vegan robot mascot.
Also one with @truslithers (instagram) He’s sculpted up these cool/gross monster eggs.
And another with @blughost_productions (instagram) He’s sculpted up a beautiful  sea serpent for his Bobafett toy to ride. Comes with a saddle and everything.

Any major projects you want to hype?

I’ve been making my art toy “Mr. T-Rex” for months now! I think I’m up 25 of them so far for customers. It’s 14 parts to cast and trim for each Mr. T_Rex, so I’m into the hundreds of parts. My biggest run to date as far as part count.
Hoping to take a bit of a break from them and get into the colabs. Also Heartoy3 will be coming out soon!


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